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**SNOW DATE** HAPPY HOUR: Spring Gate Vineyard 1/28

Ring in 2015 with the first Happy Hour of the year on Jan. 21 28 at Spring Gate Vineyard.

This event also serves as the Grand Opening Party for the new tasting room, which takes over the entire first floor of the barn!

spring gate vineyard Happy Hour #sbhh
Spring Gate Vineyard
5790 DevonshireRoad, Harrisburg
Wednesday, Jan. 21 28
5:30-8 p.m.
RSVP appreciated but not mandatory.


This event is FREE and open to the PUBLIC. See you there!

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RECAP: Hershey Bears taken to overtime

The Hershey Bears were coming into Saturday night’s game against the Binghamton Senators looking for their fourth straight win with a chance to stay  the top dogs in the Eastern Division going into the All-Star break, and the win couldn’t have come in a more fitting way.

Connor Carrick, one of three Bears going to the All-Star game in Utica on Monday, put an exclamation point on the halfway point of the season by getting the game-winning goal in overtime.

hershey bears

After three chippy periods of play, where the Bears controlled the puck for the majority of the game, the teams were tied at two. Both goalies were able to make key saves and the penalty kills for both teams came up huge when they needed it.

This was the second straight overtime game between the two teams, but the Bears were just a bit better in this one and were able to pull it out 3-2.

The Bears took the opening faceoff and controlled the pace of play for the majority of the first period. They had a flurry of chances including a power play halfway through the period, but they weren’t able to break through and eventually were playing from behind.

Just shortly after killing the penalty Binghamton had their first chance. The puck dribbled out from behind the Hershey net right to Buddy Robinson, who was able deke his way around Bears’ goalie Peter Grabauer and slide it passed for the opening goal.

Hershey thought they scored the equalizer when the puck trickled behind Peter Mannino but the play was blown dead, much to the chagrin of the Bears faithful.


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4 Recipes for Craft Beer Comfort Food

As I write this, snow is falling outside, and I have no interest in leaving the house at all. When the weather is frightful, and you’re starting to feel like a homebody, comfort food is inevitable. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than cuddling up with a home cooked meal. Cooking with craft beer (and I do mean drinking some in the process) is easy and fun.

Ready for your new favorite dish? Check out these craft beer comfort food ideas.

Milk Stout Brownies

Yep, we’re going to dive right in with the ultimate comfort food: chocolate. Stout brownie, cupcake, and cookie recipes exist all over the internet, most featuring Guinness. Ditch that Irish Dry Stout for a chocolate or milk stout instead. They add a better depth of flavor to your recipe. I recommend using Left Hand Milk Stout, Lancaster Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout, or Southern Tier Choklat. This recipe features a bonus feature – Cointreau whipped cream to go on top. This should have you feeling the warm and fuzzies in no time.

Short Rib Black Bean Beer Chili

Photo Credit: The Beeroness

Photo Credit: The Beeroness

On a cold winter day I can’t imagine anything better than a nice warm cup of chili with a dallop of sour cream on top. Superbowl Sunday is approaching as well, and chili is always a great football crowd pleaser. Chili isn’t hard to make, in fact most of the process involves sitting around and waiting. How convenient, you’ve got football to watch (or basketball at my house), housework to finish, and emails to send. Most chili recipes can also be easily adapted to your crockpot as well. For this recipe, I recommend a nice coffee stout such as Pizza Boy Brewing Sunny Side Up, Elysian Split Shot, or Troegs Java Head.

English Porter Chicken Tikka Masala

Photo Credit: The Beer Bitty

Photo Credit: The Beer Bitty

This recipe is going to take a little more effort than the rest, but it will be well worth it in the end. Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite Indian dish, and I’m amped to try this recipe myself. I usually buy pre-made tikka masala sauce to save time, but one of these days I’m going to take my time and make it at home myself. Yes, you’re going to have to do some prep work and marinating in advance, but it will be well worth it when you’re pairing it with an IPA. The recipe calls for an English Porter – I say all porters will do as long as they don’t have added flavor like coffee. I recommend using Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, or Sierra Nevada Porter.

Beer Mac n Cheese

beer mac n cheese

Would a comfort food compilation be credible without macaroni and cheese? I think not. My girl Janine was the first to turn me on to IPA mac n cheese a few years ago and I couldn’t believe how much more flavor it adds. I’m not a huge fan of the bread crumbs on top, and prefer my mac n cheese to be very creamy. This recipe calls for Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale specifically, but feel free to use your favorite. I’m thinking Free Will Brewing Citra Pale Ale, Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale, or Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale will all work well.

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Weekend Roundup 1/22

Tuesday night ended up being the big party night of the week for us — of course it was the Inaugural “Celebration,” and we had a surprisingly good time cutting a rug with people from across the state.

Thanks to Julia Hatmaker for the photo!

Thanks to Julia Hatmaker for the photo!

Of course, last night’s HAPPY HOUR was postponed due to snow. We’ll be back at Spring Gate  Vineyard NEXT Wednesday, Jan. 28. Hope to see you there!

Today I’m off to Lancaster for some research, then tonight a Harrisburg Marathon Board Meeting, then we’ll cooling it ’til a secret chef’s table event on Saturday night.

Of course, in the morning, I’ll be on air with Bruce Bond from 9 a.m. ’til noon to start the day.

Sunday, I almost zero plans. One plan was canceled, but another took its place, so I’ll be hanging with the Brewers of PA on Sunday evening.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend? 


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5 Spring Races to Sign-Up for Now

Training through winter isn’t always the easiest. It’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s icy, it’s windy, I hate the treadmill, and so on.


However, one of the best ways to motivate myself to keep training through the winter is to sign-up for races. I know I want to do well, and I know I need to train to do so, so it usually gets my butt out the door.

Locally, we have a ton of great races, but here are five — from a 5K to a marathon — in the first half of 2015 that should motivate you to sign-up , fork over some cash and get yourself trained and to the starting line.

Chambersburg Half Marathon, Chambersburg, March 7

This is one of the few local-ish half marathons in the spring. Unfortunately, I am out of town that weekend, otherwise, I would be signing up for a few hours of hilly fun. Be warned, I have heard from multiple people that this is a challenging half. However, it’s perfect if you are running a later spring marathon. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or something.


The Capital Area 10-Miler, Harrisburg, March 29

Now in its fifth year, the only local 10-mile race benefits local art community. The course, which begins on City Island, takes runners through Shipoke, along the Susquehanna River, including parts of the Greenbelt, and even includes a quick trip over the Harvey Taylor Bridge (my favorite bridge to run over for whatever reason). Last year, we ran in freezing temperatures, with pouring rain and hail. It was quite the experience, and I can only hope for significantly better weather this year. If you sign up before March 8, it will only cost you $35.

Hershey 10K, Hershey, April 11

For whatever reason, 10Ks are sparse locally, and this one fills up quickly. The course takes runners on Hersheypark Drive through Hershey Park. If you are looking to take a step up from 5Ks, this 6.2 miler is the perfect opportunity.


Jersey Mike 5K, Harrisburg, April 18

This is the most fun you will have after a 5K, that is for sure. It’s the perfect 5K for a novice or a seasoned runner because it’s extremely laid back, and also a blast. Stick around for the after-party. It is not to be missed. And what’s better than spending the morning running and the afternoon sipping brews with some newfound running friends? I can’t think of much.

York Marathon, York, May 17

Formerly known as the Bob Potts Marathon, which was extremely popular with local runners, the York Marathon will begin on city streets before taking runners on the Rail to Trail. Limited to only 600 runners, better to sign up sooner rather than later! Registration opens February 1, and is only $60 until the end of the month. I am super disappointed I won’t be here for it, but maybe next year!

What are you running this spring?

Morning Routine: How I Start My Day

What is now a few years ago, Kelly suggested that each of us share a “Day in the Life” post, documenting a typical day for each of us. It’s something she enjoys reading on health blogs, and I, too, have found them interesting.

Little Amps - Uptown Ginger Brown

Every week, I think, “I should do a cleanse.” Then I wake up and think, “I really want a coffee.”

I wrote an early draft when I was still working full-time, which I’d still love to share even though it no longer applies. Working for oneself, especially from home, poses a number of challenges. Some fellow entrepreneurs (do you know some people say “solopreneur”? Can we please stop making up words for things that already exist?) and I were swapping some tips one day on how to manage time (my worst trait) and key “rules” that help us get by.

When I first quit my day job, I was met with some uncertainty from friends and even my parents, but in general most people were supportive. It’s probably hard to understand what I really do every day because odds are, you’re only seeing portions of it, whether it’s attending a Happy Hour or one of my 4-6 monthly pieces for PennLive or the weekly Weekend Roundup (the most labor-intensive post each week).

back to work

On the other hand, my husband observed that some people seemed to have been waiting for me to get here and fully embraced it. Please know I am grateful for all your support.

Contrary to what one might expect from a “nightlife” writer, I’m a morning person — always have been. I can blame Mom for that. “Miss the morning, miss the day!” she would chirp to sleepy teenagers.


I get up every day between 5:30-6:30 6-7 a.m. (I’ve been trying to “sleep in” a little lately), let out the dog, feed the animals, make coffee, drink my water + ACV, take a multi. I put the dog back to bed (he sleeps in with Andy ’til about 8 a.m.) and shuffle in here to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.

I catch up on email in a particular order, starting with social, the promotions, then updates — where I’ll dive into TheSkimm, which keeps me abreast of national and global news so I don’t miss a thing. (You can sign-up here and should. Free, plus chances to win stuff.) HuffPo’s morning email comes a bit later, and I’ll skim that to see what else is going on, including a snippet of pop culture/celeb gossip so I know who the heck people are talking about.


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4 New Must-Try Beers – Winter 2015 Edition

One of the best parts about starting a new year is all the new beer that comes with it. I am always looking for something new and exciting to put in my glass and then tell you all about. I swear it’s research. While I may not get to try them all, I’m definitely looking forward to a few new brews coming out soon.

Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA

stone japanese green tea ipa

Originally brewed in response to the tsunami in Japan back in 2011, Japanese Green IPA is brewed in collaboration with Baird (based in Japan) and Ishii Brewing (based in Guam). Stone is bringing this beer back and while it isn’t exactly “new,” the re-brew version will be a little different. This time around the IPA will be brewed with Helga hops from Australia in lieu of the original Pacifica hops from New Zealand due to the rareness of these hops at this time. Japanese Sencha Green tea was also added and four additional hops beyond just the Pacifica. The brew will come in at 10.1% making it a sipper just like your tea.

Victory Brewing Deep Cocoa Porter


Dear Victory, thank you for making something that isn’t another IPA. Love, Tierney. Keep an eye out for Victory Brewing’s Deep Cocoa Porter in 750mL bottles in early February. Brewed with cocoa nibs, expect a real treat with flavors including caramel, roasted barley, and of course chocolate. At 8.5% ABV you can keep this one for yourself or share it with a friend, the choice is yours.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

sierra nevada hop hunter

Here’s a new dose of the dank for all you hop heads out there. Meet Sierra Nevada’s new year-round brew Hop Hunter IPA. Hop Hunter IPA features oil from wet hops that are steam distilled in the hop field, minutes after harvesting. For the first time ever, the wet-hop character can be experienced year-round. This hop essence is used alongside traditional hops to create the ultimate IPA experience. Sounds juicy and delicious.

Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout

weyerbacher sunday morning stout

I’m really sad to admit that I keep forgetting about Weyerbacher, which is a shame because they have such great beers. The new Sunday Morning Stout is no different. I’m sucker for coffee stouts, especially those that are bourbon barrel aged, and I was so excited to try this that I had it as my first beer at Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp this summer. The deets on this beer are forthcoming at this time, but what I do know is that it will be 11.8% ABV and that the sample that I had this past summer was velvety with rich roasted coffee flavors with a hint of vanilla. It’s definitely the way I want to start my Sunday mornings.



Weekend Roundup 1/15

It’s been a crazy week, and I was lucky enough to get some downtime with a great friend last night, so I’m feeling somewhat refreshed this morning.

wine fire

Soon, I’m headed off to BodyFlow (yoga-ish) ahead of some meetings, which I’ve decided will conclude with dinner at Garlic Poet. I was hoping to make it to Susquehanna Girls’ Pint Out at Al’s, but sadly, I have too much work to do — planning on making their next event at Troegs instead.

Tomorrow, Intern Jimi and I are heading to Ephrata for a miniature bar tour (oh yeah we’re stopping at Troegs first, of course!), followed by a celebratory Happy Hour that I believe is starting at the Subway Cafe (yum!).

Saturday morning, you can hear me LIVE with Bruce Bond (as we do each week) from 9 a.m. to noon on 92.1 WTPA. Like us here, follow along — we may even share your comments on the air!

Afterwards, Andy is whisking me off to Frederick, Md. for an overnight anniversary treat.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend? 


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Whole30: (Almost) Halfway

So, as I approach the halfway mark of my 2015 whole30, I feel compelled to check in.

This is technically my third try at a whole30. I finished my first one in October 2012. I attempted another one in January 2014, but I only made it to day 10, and then I cried on a yoga mat because I was so hungry and so tired of it. Then I ate about four pieces of pizza and drank about four beers and felt significantly better at the time.

As I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution post, I am attempting another one because I feel as though I need a solid kick in the butt. I do honestly eat pretty healthfully. But I struggle in three areas: Diet Coke, cheese and booze. The Diet Coke addiction has been raging for about a decade now. I don’t drink coffee, so it’s my much-needed boost during the day. And plus? I just really love the taste. I love it. As for cheese, well, I have a tendency to put it on anything I can because it’s “extra protein and fat!”

pizza-al's of hampden

And the booze. By no means am I problem drinker or an alcoholic, but so many social functions revolve around it. And some days, I like to come home and have a drink to unwind while I am making dinner.

But I’ve put on weight over the past few months, and I am terribly unhappy with how I look. I also recognize how often I treat myself. If I did a long run, if I had a bad day, if I had a good day, if I am bored … I tend to reward myself with unhealthy choices.

So, on Friday, Jan. 2, we began round three of whole30.


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ABC adds new flagship beers

New year, new beer!

Appalachian Brewing Company has added four new brews to their list of flagship (year-round) beers that will be released throughout January and February.

Craft Collection Variety Pack Face

To avid ABC drinkers, some of these beers are favorites that were previously only available a few times a year, plus a new release and an old favorite that has been redesigned.

The brand new beer that will be added to the list is Aero-Head Bock. Outta Focus Double IPA and Chocolate Avenue Stout are the two specialty beers that will now be produced year-round. Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale was tweaked to now become Trail Blaze Maple Brown ale.

Aero-Head Bock (6.7% ABV) is a German-style bock that will be the newest addition to the taps at ABC. It is a lightly hopped, semi-sweet and crisp copper lager that is rich and toasty.

Outta Focus Double IPA (8.1% ABV) has made its way from the specialty beer line-up to the ranks of the flagships. Now, that is not to say this traditional Northern Pacific IPA isn’t special. It is brewed with Pilgrim, Styiran and Cascade hops to give it bitter and floral taste.

Chocolate Avenue Stout (5% ABV) is a dry stout that will also be making a jump to the everyday line-up. A healthy helping of chocolate malt and roasted barley help bring out the sweetness and coffee flavors.

Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale (5% ABV) has a name that will be familiar with ABC regulars, but the taste will be a bit different. The new Trail Blaze will feature a unique blend of malts to give the beer a smooth carmel flavor and the added maple will give the beer a sweetness to cut through the bitterness of the hops.

All of the flagship beers, including these new additions, will be produced and distributed from the original ABC site in Harrisburg, while the monthly specialty beers will be produced from the newest location on the Carlisle Pike.

The four new beers will be available in their own cases of 24 12- oz. bottles across the Mid-Atlantic region. They also will be available in a special Craft Collection variety back, which will feature a six pack of each.


Giveaway: “A Toast to Four Diamonds”

This event is now SOLD OUT! The only two remaining tickets are available ONLY through this giveaway!

The Capital Area Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association hosts its annual fundraising event to benefit the Four Diamonds Fund, “A Toast to Four Diamonds,” from 6 to 9 p.m.on Jan. 23, at HERSHEY’S Chocolate World.

This special event highlights HERSHEY’S chocolates alongside Pennsylvania craft brews and wines.

Toast to Four Diamonds_SOLD OUT

A cocktail hour featuring chocolate-inspired hors d’oeuvres, The Vineyard at Hershey wines and a variety of local craft beers, kicks off the event.

The heart of the event will focus on speeches from Four Diamonds families; Four Diamonds Fund Director Suzanne Graney; and Norman Horn, organizer of Coast 2 Coast FTK, a recent cross-country journey by foot to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund.Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, which has helped more than 3,300 families fight pediatric cancer since its founding in 1972.

At 8 p.m, guests will participate in one of three separate, simultaneous tastings: guests’ pre-selected choice between craft beer, wine or both, paired with chocolates.

This week, we’re giving away two tickets to “A Toast to Four Diamonds” (your choice of beer, wine or combination tasting). To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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