Going For 2, Ep. 3: An Intern Jimi Sports Podcast

by: Jimi The Intern
September 22, 2017

Episode 3 of Going For 2 is live!

going for 2 sport podcast

This time around, Andy and I talk the pros and cons of college football non-conference schedules. We break down the first two weeks of the NFL season and give some wild predictions about the season.

If you have questions about how to replace David Johnson, Andy has some answers. Plus, get our take on how we think the MLB postseason shakes out. (Listen to see if you can hear Sara chime in from her office with a comment on this topic.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Going For 2 episode without a little Penn State and Steelers football talk.


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Weekend Roundup 9/21

by: Sara Bozich
September 21, 2017

Happy Weekend!

Did you know that September is one of the busiest months of the year, festival-wise? Likely because the weather is (typically) so nice. What this all means is another busy weekend. Here are my picks:

Tonight: ZerØday hosts Boozy Bingo. Have you tried their latest creation, When Did We Get A Dog?

Swing by downtown Camp Hill Saturday morning and do a little shopping for the Borough’s Harvest Hop. The businesses are loaded with specials, deals and refreshments all day long!

Then, drop by Strawberry Square in downtown Harrisburg (these two locations are like, 5 minutes apart from another — not different time zones) for the first-ever Harrisburg VeggieFest! We have a great lineup planned for you. PLUS – park for FREE for up to 4 hours when you download the ParkMobile app and use the code: LUVHBG.

Guys, on Sunday — football in my own house, watching my own team, hoping my Fantasy teams don’t fall apart (plus, I gotta beat Andy in one league — fingers crossed!)

weekend roundup

What are you doing this weekend?


Steelers Week 3: Cheers, Jeers, & Fears

by: Jimi The Intern
September 20, 2017

Pittsburgh has had a habit of playing down, or at times, up to their opponent’s level.

In past years, they’ve suffered unbelievable losses to teams they should handily defeat.

This week’s matchup against the Chicago Bears falls into that category. The Bears are bad, and they might be even worse this week without the services of Jordan Howard, their bell-cow back.

If the 2017 Steelers want to live up to expectations, they need to get past these games without any hiccups: No injuries. No drama. Complete domination.


Embed from Getty Images
Martavis Bryant looks to be rounding back into form.

He made a huge leap from his performance in week one and should take on a larger role as he continues to get back into football shape.

Bryant’s success is important because it helps keep defenses honest. Last year, without him, defenses could key in on AB and leave the other receivers alone.

AB still looked good, but it was a lot easier to defend against the offense. Double Brown and think about the other receivers second.

Now, opposing defenses always need to know where Bryant is on the field. He can hurt you in a variety of ways. His speed in the running game is dynamic, but he can also make highlight reel-worthy catches.

Look for him to have a big game this week.


Embed from Getty Images
Le’Veon Bell is starting to find his footing and looked to be getting better as the game wore on last week.

His stat line wasn’t anything awe-inspiring, but he gained almost 100 yards against a very good Vikings defense.

My jeers are more geared towards the play-calling, rather than Bell’s play. Bell looked like an everyday running back and not the versatile matchup nightmare he was last year.

The reason Bell is so good is that he can line up as a wide receiver or a running back, but we haven’t seen much of that yet this year.

Move Bell around a little bit more and get him in good matchups.

5 Best Local Beers For Football Season + How To Drink Them


Embed from Getty Images
My fears are well documented at the beginning of this post.

I can’t help myself from being a little afraid of these types of opponents.

Whenever the Steelers get to a matchup like this, I always hold my breath. It’s not that I don’t have faith in the team, it’s just that we’ve seen this story before.

Big Ben on the road against an inferior opponent usually means a close game is coming.

This week, however, I can’t see that happening.

Chicago might be one of the worst teams in the NFL. They have one of the worst offenses in the league and a defense that looks like Swiss cheese.

Le’Veon Bell is going to have a big game and Joe Haden has a pick-six to seal the deal in the fourth quarter.

Pittsburgh rolls this week with a 35-10 win at Soldier Field.

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Hip-Hop in Harrisburg Pt. 6: Dwight Lep

by: Micah Jacobs
September 20, 2017

The purpose of this series is to introduce you to everyone involved in Hip-Hop in Harrisburg. It’s going to take me awhile to do it, but I’m determined. From new artists to established, from DJs to producers, the idea is to highlight them all.

The boss lady was kind enough to give me last week off due to my routine seasonal change sickness that kicked my butt for a few days.

I am back this week shining the spotlight on one of the newer artists in Harrisburg: Dwight Lep.

dwight lep

I met Dwight a few months ago at a local show, and after his performance, I wanted to sit down with him and get a glimpse into what is going on inside the head of Dwight Lep. I knew when both of us rode our skateboards from opposite directions to The Sturges Speakeasy for a beer and to talk about hip-hop, we were going to have a good time. I’ve always said skateboarding and hip-hop go hand in hand so it was nice to sit down and talk with someone who feels the same.

MJ: When did you figure out that hip-hop needed to be a part of your life and you wanted to be an artist?

DL: I think my love for hip-hop probably came from my two older brothers, Wes and Tony. Wes is 16 years older than me and growing up he put me on to the old school hip-hop. I remember him giving me Eazy-E’s greatest hits and hearing tracks like “Neighborhood Sniper” and getting hooked. But, when 50 Cent came out and the whole G-Unit crew came out I was all about it. You couldn’t tell me anything else but G-Unit was the best. I’m a fairly normal white dude that grew up not in an urban area, I just like hip-hop.

When did you start rapping?

I remember I was 10 when I left this area and moved with my brother to a military base. So it was like culture shock for me because there was kids from everywhere. I got to meet so many different people that influenced my style. So that’s when I first started trying to write in the 5th grade and trying to battle kids in school! It really picked up when I got to Florida and everyone was into that Paul Wall and Mike Jones (who?!) scene that was coming out of the south at the time. So I kind of picked up a bit of that influence and style. When I was 14, I recorded my first song and I have just kept going at it since then.

Hip-Hop in Harrisburg Pt. 2: Vito Depiero

How does someone so young, even as a teenager, get any type of real influence from hip-hop?

Well, I have been in and out of trouble a few times in my life, but I found some of my best stuff comes from those hard times that I am going through. I have stacks of notebooks at home full of things I’ve wrote. I spend a lot of my time on my laptop making my own beats when I get a chance to, but it’s hard. It’s frustrating. I work to try to pay my bills, stay out of trouble and, sometimes it doesn’t leave much time left over for this and this is what I love to do. I just stay focused on my art whenever I can.

Say someday, you reach a higher level in hip-hop. What would you do to influence others that listen to you?

I would help people, man! I would love to give back to schools and help kids that don’t have anything at least get a shot at a successful life. There’s no need to drag anyone down so it’s all about helping people out, getting rid of hate. That’s what I would be all about.

A lot of your tracks have that party vibe to them. It’s important as an artist especially in hip-hop to make sure you’re rapping about what you’re living though.

Absolutely, I have a track called, “All in My Head,” and while yeah, I can put out the party tracks about getting turnt up and getting live but I also have deeper tracks that talk about my life and some of the dark shit I’ve been through. It’s cool sometimes to go into that deeper level with people that listen to your tracks. Also, sometimes it’s cool to get live and party!

What are you loving about hip-hop in our city right now?

I love how many artists are coming together and putting each other on now. I was working at MoMos BBQ and Grill when Vito (Depiero) rented the whole place out for his album release. He found out that I could spit so he handed me the mic. Now guys like him and Entellekt are putting me on their shows with them and I just feel so fortunate that there are artists — a lot of artists — in our city that are helping one another out. I have love for everyone that is an artist and I have so much respect for so many artists in our city.

Hip-Hop in Harrisburg Pt. 4: Entellekt

Another great adventure in Hip-Hop in Harrisburg and another opportunity to see it from another perspective.

Dwight Lep is working away writing and producing beats for his next project but, in the meantime, you can check out his mix tape he released in 2016 titled “White Noise” on his Datpiff artist page.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Hip-Hop in Harrisburg and follow me in my adventures on Twitter @hbgmicah and use the hashtag #hiphopinHBG.

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