Brew News – May 2016 Edition

by: Tierney Pomone
May 27, 2016
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It’s the end of May somehow, and we’re back to beer news! After the end of April/beginning of May being the most hectic two weeks of my year, I’m glad to be back bringing you the latest in the craft beer world. A lot has happened since the end of March, but I think these are the most exciting stories right now.

Sierra Nevada

Read up and be ready to chat everyone up at your Memorial Day activities:

5,000 Year Old Beer Recipe Found in China

This week reports were announced that an excavation site in northern China that was thought to be a home brewing set up, well, is! Constructed between 3400 and 2900 BC by the Yangshao culture, the pit contained what remains of a stove, funnels, pots, and amphorae that have been confirmed to have traces of fermented grains in their residue. These findings predate the previous early evidence modern man has found by about 1000 years. 干杯 (that’s cheers in Chinese.)

Ballast Point to Add Outpost in Virginia

Virginia continues to be the new craft beer hotspot after Ballast Point announced they will open a second location in Greenfield, VA. They intend to create an East Coast manufacturing retail operation that will create approximately 175 jobs. They will join Deschutes, Stone, and Green Flash in adding their East Coast representation in the state of VA.

Wicked Weed Sneaks into PA

While no one was looking, Wicked Weed (Asheville, NC) snuck into Pennsylvania. I noticed it first when I was at CBC and there was a tap takeover event at Monk’s Café. I figured it was just a CBC only thing; there were a lot of weird beers on around town that week. Then, I saw that Lancaster spots like The Fridge and Hunger + Thirst had bottles, and I knew they had arrived. Wicked Weed can be found within the Philadelphia markets thanks to Stockertown Beverage. We’re crossing our fingers for Coolcumber bottles this summer.

Smithsonian Announces Brewing History Initiative

Craft beer, and beer in general, is an integral part of our American culture and history. Brewing is an essential part of our world’s history, and documenting the processes used in antiquity are vital. As such, the Smithsonian Foundation announced that they will start a new initiative to document brewing history. Over three years they will collect, document and preserve the history of brewing, craft brewers and the beer industry to explore how the beverage and brewing connect to larger themes in American history. Pretty cool!

Flying Dog Launches 1st Amendment Society

Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch is their most famous beer, and it is well known throughout the beer community.  What is commonly not known is how much Michigan’s Liquor Control Commission disliked this beer name, and told them they couldn’t sell said beer by said name in the state. Flying Dog fought back, since this was a violation of their First Amendment rights, and they won! Damages received from the legal battle have been used to form their new 1st Amendment Society, which will advocate and educate on the First Amendment as well as organize events that promote the arts, journalism, and civil liberties.

New Brews!

  • Dogfish Head Bier-de-Provence
  • Stone IPA in cans
  • Zeroday Episode 08 [Editor approved]
  • Victory Cage Radler
  • Flying Dog Ancho Lime Paradise Lager [Editor approved]
  • Green Flash Cans (Passionfruit Kicker, Sea to Sea Lager, Jibe IPA)
  • Deschutes Hop Slice Session IPA
  • Heavy Seas + Troegs Hoppelbock

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Weekend Roundup 5/26

by: Sara Bozich
May 26, 2016
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Not GKV, Not HBG Sens

Not GKV, Not HBG Sens

Happy Thursday! Today I’m headed to a Harrisburg Senators day game with the GK Visual team.

Tomorrow, the crew (15 of us!) are headed to Wellsboro (Pennsylvania Grand Canyon) for a weekend-long camping trip. Hopefully the weather cooperates, but we’re committed regardless.


What are you doing this weekend?


Running: Getting Bit By the Racing Bug

by: Kelly Leighton
May 25, 2016
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As someone who generally doesn’t enjoy shorter-distance races, I’ve been bitten by a bit of the racing bug.

Two weeks ago, I ran a 5K, this past Saturday, I ran a 10K, and a friend even convinced me to sign up for the Carlisle Downtown Mile tomorrow night (Why, Kelly, why?).  I thought it’d be fun to recap my last two races first. I’ll let you know how the mile goes, but woof, mile races are not my strength. And, if you’re ever afraid to go to a race alone, please don’t be. I went to the 5K solo, and ran into some friends there (Dave, Eric and LJ!) and I went to the 10K by myself, and befriended several other runners waiting for the awards.

kelly race

5K Hummelstown Hunger Run

I ran this the day after the beer mile. Far from ideal, but the race didn’t start until 10 a.m., which was very nice. The rain held off, and the sun was out in full force for this 5K.  I really enjoyed the course — I’ve run 5Ks from City Island so frequently, it was nice to be on a totally unfamiliar turf.

We did our 3.1 miles through some Hummelstown neighborhoods, where I have never run before. The course was really well-marked, and other than two hills, it was relatively flat. I was in no man’s land for most of this run, the lead guy was significantly ahead of me, and I passed the second-place guy before the third mile. It was hard to hang on to pace with no one in front of me, but I surprised myself and broke 21 minutes (20:41), something I’ve only done once before. I’d love to run a sub-20, but that requires giving up the longer runs and dedicating myself to some speedwork, and I just don’t know if that’s a sacrifice I want to make.

Anyway, all proceeds from this race benefit the Hummelstown Food Pantry, which I appreciated. It’s great to know your money is going right back into the community. I’d highly recommend checking out this race next year if you’re looking for a different 5K.

kelly race

13th Annual DUI Victims Memorial 10K Run/Walk

I ran this last year, and while I enjoyed it, the course was short, as in fewer than 6 miles. This year, organizers said they fixed it, but I heard it was still a tenth of a mile short. My Garmin lost satellite about halfway through, so I have no clue.

The weather was pretty terrible on Saturday morning. It was pouring rain, cold and windy. But I had already paid for the race and was going to run anyway, so I might as well show up.  The course is super flat, you start by the DUI Association on Front Street, run down toward Division Street, before turning around and eventually descending on the path near the river. I was trying to hold a high 6-minute pace, and it felt stupidly easy, which it always does at the beginning.

I landed in a puddle before we even hit the first mile marker, and I was soaked from there on out. I positioned myself in third place by the end of the first 5K, and I focused on keeping an eye on the guy in front of me. I eventually caught him for the last mile, and we ran, stride for stride.

I was riding the pain train, I just wanted to be done. He managed to pass me (Incidentally, it was the same guy who out-kicked me last year!) with less than a quarter-mile to go. I finished in 41:48, but like I mentioned I am pretty sure the course was short. I like this race because it’s cheap ($25) and I feel like the amenities are well worth it (a t-shirt, post-race cookout, candy and awards). Hopefully, next year, we can get a 6.2 mile course!

Any good races for you guys lately? Is anyone else running the Carlisle Mile? I think I am taking a break after this, the weather gets too hot for me.

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“Band on the Run” LIVE at HMAC this Thursday

Denny Laine was a part of one of the biggest albums in rock history when he, combined with Paul McCartney, released “Band on the Run” 40 years ago.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this iconic album, Laine will play a full, unabridged version of the album at Stage on Herr this Thursday, May 26.

Denny Laine


Band on the Run was the third album release by Wings. It is considered one of the top rock albums because of hits like “Helen Wheels,” “Jet,” and probably the most recognized song from the album, “Band on the Run.” The album featured McCartney, Linda McCartney and Laine. Laine contributed everything from vocals to bass and electric guitar on the album.

Just six years ago, “Band on the Run” was named to the top 30 of the Billboard 200 albums proving that the album has stood the test of time.

Visit HMAC and experience LIVE one of the greatest albums in rock history.

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