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Weekend Roundup 10/23

Hello there, almost weekend. Tonight, I’m kicking things off with a long-awaited Happy Hour with one of my bests. We’re doing Suba’s Happy Hour, with $2 off cocktails (new fall menu is now out!) and half-price fish tacos (the best).

Friday is likely low key, as we do, then Saturday morning I’m back on the radio with Bruce Bond (*Like* us here) — tune in to 92.1 WTPA LIVE from 9 a.m. ’til noon.

Afterwards, we’re off to the Penn State v. Ohio State game.

Psst — Did you see my Out with Sara column in PennLive on Harrisburg’s three private clubs?

#TBT Girls Night 2013 at Brick City (now Ted's Midtown)

#TBT Girls Night 2013 at Brick City (now Ted’s Midtown)

On Sunday, I’m honored to be a judge for the Food Bank’s Taste of Central Pennsylvania at Strawberry Square. We’ll stuff ourselves (and rate it all) before heading home to watch football. Hey Pittsburgh, let’s lock in the D and start winning some more games! Xoxo.

DON’T FORGET to mark your calendar for our Nov. 5 HAPPY HOUR at The FireHouse – the last #sbhh of the year! (Besides the Holiday Party on Dec. 6.)

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend? 


6 Easy Health Hacks

It’s funny, when most people meet me, they think I am a super health freak because of how much I love running. It’s true, I do love running. But I also love pizza, I love rum, I love diet coke, I love all the carbs. So, yes, I have my vices.

But I recognize that you — and I — can’t outrun a bad diet. I’m far from perfect, but I try to achieve a balance that let’s me live life, but also enjoy some of my favorites. Here are my top “health hacks” that get me there:

1. Prioritize packing your lunch for work.


I never, ever eat out for lunch, unless it’s a special work occasion. It’s a waste of calories and money. I always pack a few snacks (almonds, string cheese, baby carrots and apples are my current go-tos!) to keep me out of the candy jar and the “leftovers” table. I pack my lunch the night before, and just grab it from the fridge on the way out the door.

2. Start your day off right.


I know my weekends tend to be a little bit more unhealthy than weekdays. I am more inclined to go meet friends for drinks, dinner and/or parties. I always have a green smoothie (huge handful of spinach, one cup of unsweetened almond milk, a handful of berries, half a frozen banana and a scoop of protein powder) for breakfast after my run. Even if I don’t eat all that healthy for the rest of the day, I know I at least got some fruit, veggies and protein in first thing.

3. Shop at farmers markets.


I know Saturdays are reserved for running, but I try to make it to the farmers market afterwards. When I see where my food came from, and I pay in cash, I am so much more inclined to eat it then if I just buy a bag of apples at the grocery store.


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5 Best Steelers Bars in central Pa.

There have already been a few Sundays this football season where the broadcast companies have royal screwed all local Steelers fans.

Find out what games will be broadcast each week.

If you bleed black and gold you probably already know what I am talking about, but not everyone else does.

The Steel City supporters are missing out on watching their team because technically the greater Harrisburg area is consider part of the Baltimore Ravens broadcast area.

So if it is one of those Sundays, and you realize this nightmare has come true — Or you just want to be surrounded by some of the most passionate fans on earth, here are some places that you can be sure to find those Terrible Towels waving.

The Sturges Speakeasy, Harrisburg


The Speakeasy doesn’t really look like your run of the mill sports bar but when it comes to Sundays there are few who do it better.
Game Day Specials:

  • $2 Bud Light and Budweiser Aluminum Bottles
  • Specials on Chili Cheese Dogs
  • Brunch every Sunday 10 a.m.-2 p.m

How to watch: There are a lot of TVs all around and behind the bar.

The Midtown Tavern, Harrisburg


The newly renovated Midtown Tavern is said to be extremely Steelers friendly, one Yelp review even called it a Steelers paradise and that non-Pittsburgh fans should beware.

Game Day Specials:

  • $5 Yuengling Pitchers
  • 40 cent wings

How to watch: They have one very large projection screen where the game is played and also TVs all around the restaurant.


Giveaway: Cornucopia Wine Quest

This weekend and the next, explore 14 local wineries with Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country’s Cornucopia Wine Quest.


Running noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, Oct. 25 through Nov. 2, you’ll have the opportunity not only to taste handcrafted local wines, but also enjoy fall festivities at each of the participating wineries.

Activities include Punkin’ Chunkin, caramel apple making, hayrides and more —  You won’t want to miss this progressive fall harvest wine festival!

Read more about Cornucopia Wine Quest.

This week, we’re giving away 2 Couples tickets ($25 value each) to HHWC’s Cornucopia Wine Quest.

Complete your entries by using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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#craftbeer, Marathons, #gaybartour, Monday Night Football & MORE

Another busy weekend for the books! On Friday, I made dinner (Cuban Picadillo), then we caught Gone Girl at the theater, which I enjoyed though it was long, and after a long week I struggled to stay awake. If we had saved that 2 1/2 hour movie for home, I would have fallen promptly asleep.

Saturday was practically a whirlwind. Bruce and I had a great time on the radio show (Tune in Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon on WTPA 92.1). We talked to PennDOT’s Greg Penny and The Luv Gods/Sharks star, Shea Quinn.

shea bruce

Have you seen our #WOT episode featuring Shea Quinn? We also interviewed Bruce Bond.

Afterwards, I headed out to the Rotunda Beer Company, adjacent to The Batdorf Restaurant in Annville for a Finch’s Beer Co. tasting. I had a great time hanging with the Rotunda family (and extended fam) who own both places. Rotunda Beer Co. hosts free tastings every Saturday, and it’s a great spot to hang out for a few brews. Look for a possible Happy Hour there in 2015!

Get'cher pumpkin beer fix at Rotunda Beer Co., in Annville.

Get’cher pumpkin beer fix at Rotunda Beer Co., in Annville.

By night, the place to be was Al’s of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Co. for Hop Hedz Gear’s first annual Hoptoberfest. Be sure to check out their wares online — plus you’re sure to see them at more beer-related events.

Today we’re supposed to ride Andy’s motorcycle (him, not me) to Elk Co. for winter storage, but with these temps and 15-2 mph winds, I hope to recommend it for a different day. Looks like a day of brunch, laundry and R&R is on tap. Woohoo!

Miss anything this week? That’s okay, we have it all right here:

From PennLive:

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Upcoming Events:


Steelers look for key win on Monday night

Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers are saying they aren’t panicking about their season, but if they can’t get a win against the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football they might need to start.

The Steelers have failed to string wins together in their first six games and this leaves them at the bottom of the AFC North.

Pittsburgh and Houston have met four times before with each team winning twice, the last meeting was in 2011, and the Texans won 17-10. This will be the first meeting on Monday Night Football.

Both Teams are .500 (3-3) on the season and are coming off a loss to division foes last week.

The Steelers have won six of eight at home and own the league’s best Monday Night Football home record (24-5 all time and 5-0 at Heinz Field).

#180803740 /

In Cleveland, the Steelers offense struggled to get going, and Roethlisberger was off his game. The offense has had little trouble moving the ball outside of the red zone but can’t cash in once they get inside the 20; they went 0-3 last week. They are second to last in the league in red zone touchdowns.

For the Steelers to win this game Big Ben is going to have to play much better than last week, where he completed only 22 passes for 228 yards and had one interception.


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HAPPY HOUR: The FireHouse Nov. 5

It’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re enjoying post-Election Day bliss or just making it through another week, please JOIN US WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5 AT THE FIREHOUSE RESTAURANT – 3RD FLOOR!

It’s the LAST Happy Hour of the year, and you will not want to miss it.

sbhh firehouse Happy Hour #sbhh
The FireHouse Restaurant – 3RD FLOOR
606 N. Second St., Harrisburg
Wednesday, Nov. 5
5:30-8 p.m.
RSVP appreciated but not mandatory. Not on Facebook? RSVP and SHARE with SquadUp!


  • Live music from Olivia Farabaugh
  • $2 Miller Lite bottles!
  • WIN:
    • Tickets to the Holiday Party Dec. 6 at The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey.
    • Tickets to Autos & Ales Nov. 7.
    • MORE!

This event is FREE and open to the PUBLIC. See you there!

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The Quest for 2000

I feel like I just wrote my quest for 500 and quest for 1,000 posts yesterday. That’s right everyone, I’m up to 2,000 unique check-ins on Untappd. Read that again: 2,000 different beers. That’s a lot. Based on my own basic estimates, I’m averaging about 500 new beers a year, and I’m nowhere close to stopping.

How did I get here, what have I learned, and how can you join me? Let’s discuss:

I started using Untappd on December 9th 2010. My first check in? Well’s Banana Bread Beer. My tastes have evolved heavily since those first few check-ins which also include Unibroue Éphémère, Coronado Orange Avenue Wit, and Harpoon UFO. Wheat and fruit beers ruled my world for a very long time, but as I study my history I can see it slowly evolve as my palate grew, as it still to this day continues to grow.

al's of hampden dank ipa

Over time, I have truly learned what beers should taste like and what I look for personally in a beer. There are certain flavors that I have come to hate and avoid at all costs such as the overwhelming sweetness of some Bock and Oktoberfests. At the same time, I have grown to absolutely adore the citrus hopped intensity of a super dank IPA. Figuring out what you like, just like anything else, comes from experience and the willingness to step out of the box to try new things.

tierney homebrewing atl


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Weekend Roundup 10/16

Last night’s #hbgtweetup was the first-ever held at a new location. I was super late and missed most of you, but it was nice to swing by Al’s of Hampden (I like any excuse for this) for a slice and a Pizza Boy Hoppy American Stout (delicious).

Tonight I’m putting on my Finch’s Beer Co. hat (no, really, I have a hat) to host a Tap Takeover at O’Reilly’s Taproom. Come on out after work and enjoy a pint – just $4 – and take home a glass.

P.S. Did you catch my series on Harrisburg’s gay bars? Read Part 1 on The Brownstone and Stallions, and be sure to check out Part 2 on 702 (formerly Strawberry Cafe). 

back to work

Back to the grind.

Tomorrow, Andy and I are heading to The Accomac for a romantic fire-lit dinner. I’ve been to several of The Accomac’s farm-to-table dinners, and I’m excited to experience the whole restaurant experience.

Saturday morning, I’m back to my morning co-hosting duties on The Bruce Bond Late Afternoon Show on Saturday Morning on WTPA 92.1 — Tune in! Afterwards, it’s another Finch’s sampling event — this time at Rotunda Beer Co. in Annville. Then, later at night, join us at the 1st annual Hoptoberfest with Hop Hedz Gear at Al’s of Hampden.

Stay tuned: Details on our Nov. 5 HAPPY HOUR at The FireHouse will be live soon! (In the meantime, go ahead and mark your calendar — we’ll be on the 3rd floor for this one).

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend? 


An ode to marathons

I remember when I first thought a marathon was feasible. I had just finished my second half marathon, the Bird in Hand, in 2011. I set a personal record (PR) at the time, and I thought the marathon was the next step.

After lots of research, I settled on the Suntrust National Marathon in Washington, D.C. in March 2o11.  I roped two of my good friends into running with me and we were off. Running through ice, snow and sleet, we trained as best we could through a tough winter. As luck would have it, I trained that hard — oh, so hard — and wound up with a stress fracture in my pelvis six weeks beforehand. I ran no marathon in March 2011. I spent the day biting my lip and congratulating my friends, as they were marathoners, and I was not.

However, I got my day, finally, running the Steamtown Marathon in October 2o12 with one of my best friends on the course with me.

steamSince then, I’ve run two other marathons, one good and one pretty bad. But, marathons are still a beast to me, and a goal I love to work towards. I am not saying someone needs to run a marathon to be considered a runner. Far from that, actually. My mom will never run a marathon, and that’s fine, she doesn’t want to. She’s still a runner.

I am just saying that a marathon is a great challenge and accomplishment for a runner. And if you’re trying to convince yourself to pull the trigger, do it. Here’s why:

  • Marathon training will change you.  Both mentally and physically. Fifteen mile runs become “only 15 miles today.” Mentally, you have to learn to entertain yourself on long runs. Falling apart mentally (i.e. “I can’t do this,” “I suck,” etc.) is my biggest concern. Remaining mentally strong is the biggest asset you have. Remember that when you are freaking out at the 5K mark.
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ve had good marathons, and I’ve had a terrible marathon. Once again, mentally and physically getting yourself through a bad race is especially tough when it’s 26.2 miles.
  • You can put a 26.2 sticker on your car. I have one, whatever.
  • It’s an addiction, a good one. I don’t know anyone who has stopped at just one marathon. (Though, it’s awesome if you have. Kudos to you for self control.)
  • You don’t know until you try. I never thought I’d be  a marathoner. I swam and liked the elliptical. A 26.2 mile race seemed ridiculous. And simply because my friend Bill and I pressured each other to do it.

A marathon won’t change your life, unless you let it. And if you’ve got that bug, I recommend embracing it. Because we are a weird, weird breed. But a good one.


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