Brew News – August 2015 Edition

by: Tierney Pomone

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The next time that I’ll be writing my monthly beer news round up, it will officially be fall. I refuse to let summer die this soon, in fact I’m still trying my hardest to live the #PineappleLife and will not give up sundresses. Bring back the sun! Get out on your deck this weekend, bring your friends, and read up so you can share the latest beer news.

Updates on the new Dogfish Head Digs

picture via

picture via

In the past few months Dogfish Head’s Rehoboth brewpub expansion has gone from denied, to okayed, and now blue printed and planned. It looks insanely awesome, and I know Sara and I both can’t wait to check it out (and probably Jimi, t00).  This $5 million project will create a new restaurant, brewpub, distillery, outdoor area, shop, and stage area. They’re calling it their campus and it won’t be finished until 2017, of course if that’s if the winter weather cooperates. Regardless, this update is great for Dogfish and great for us as tourists as well allowing more space that they desperately need. Congrats Dogfish Head!

It’s Fresh Hop Season!

sunny brae hops

It’s time to pick those hops and get ready for those fresh hop ales to arrive. Sara and my girl Chelsie picked their hops down at Sunny Brae Hops (read all about that here) which will be used in an upcoming Troegs Session IPA. Moo Duck just got a pile of freshies for their upcoming Great 38 Pale Ale, and Molly Pitcher Brewing just received citras for an upcoming fresh hop ales. While you wait for these few to finish up in the coming weeks, check out Zeroday’s Phresh Hop, which is already released and ready to party.

Victory to Can Headwaters Pale Ale


One of my favorite quotes from #BBC15 came from Julia Hertz, “what feels good tastes even better.” The craft beer community as a whole has a real knack for giving back, more so than any other industry I’ve seen. Almost every brewery as a cause near and dear to their hearts and tried to use their influence to help, whether it be by using their following as a platform for change or donating portions of proceeds from designated brews. Pennsylvania’s own Victory Brewing Company is no different.

While I’m really excited to tell you that they’ll soon be canning their Headwaters Pale Ale because I love canned craft beer, what’s exciting is how it relates to the Headwaters Grant Fund. A portion of each can sold will be donated to the fund, which helps support local water advocacy groups. To date, more than $35,000 has been donated to different organizations who help protect the Brandywine Watershed. Grab yourself a can and do some good.

More recommended reading:

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NFL on CBS 21: 2015 Season

by: Jimi The Intern

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If you’re a Steelers fan you know the pain of cracking a beer while flipping on the TV on a football Sunday expecting to see your beloved black and gold but instead seeing the enemy.

That’s right, we’re still apparently in Ravens coverage, and it can be so frustrating to figure out when these dreadful days will happen.

Well, luckily we here at feel your pain and are here to help. While this year seems to be the best year in recent memory for catching every game, you still might have to head out to your local watering hole to support your Stillers.

Bookmark this page. If you’re a Steelers fan, you’ll want to know when you can catch the game live on our local CBS affiliate, WHP-TV CBS 21.


This could also be a great reference when you’re checking your Pick ‘Em games.

Wait, you haven’t signed up for it yet?

Make sure you sign up before Sept. 10, the first game of the season. Steelers v Patriots.

Pro-tip: The best way to see what stations are airing games all around the country is to use, which is updated every Wednesday.

Also, be on the lookout for my Steelers posts through out the season.

Weekend Roundup 8/27

by: Sara Bozich

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This week has been weird. My sleep schedule is all out of whack (for instance, I’ve been up working since 4 a.m.), and for what was supposed to be a packed week, appointments keep dropping.

new belgium

Following on IG? Find me @sarabozich

Earlier this week, the HBG Beer Week crew welcomed New Belgium Brewing Company to the area — available as of next week!

GET IT FIRST: Join us at River City Blues on Wednesday for Happy Hour, plus a chance to WIN the New Belgium Experience at the Zac Brown Band concert.

Tonight I have a Harrisburg Marathon meeting, then hopefully home to cook dinner for the first time in ages. I hope I remember how.

TG-tomorow-IF. It’s looking like dinner with parents and I really really want to see Work Drugs at The Millworks.

Saturday morning, it’s the Bruce in the morning, then Kelly’s wedding!

On Sunday we rest/do laundry/yard work/nap. I’m already looking forward to it.


What are you doing this weekend?


New Belgium comes to PA

by: Jimi The Intern

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Grab your bikes Pennsylvania because New Belgium Brewing Company is coming to the Keystone State with an amazing line-up of beers.

Enter to WIN 2 tickets to the New Belgium Experience at Zac Brown Band at Hersheypark Stadium

Quick history lesson:

  • New Belgium started in Fort Collins Colorado in 1991. They have expanded into 40 different states now with a new production brewery opening up in North Carolina in the coming months (if you want the honors level class).

Check out my story on my visit to the Fort Collins brewery.

Okay, class dismissed. Let’s talk about the beer.

New Belgium

By now you’ve all heard of Fat Tire Amber Ale, it’s their flagship beer, but they are bringing in five other beers to kick off their presence in our craft beer market.

They rolled out their line-up so far at the New Belgium Launch Party at Metro Bank Park in front of the whole Central PA craft community.

Slow Ride Session IPA


A great session for any time of the year whether it’s a hot summer day or tailgating outside the football stadium in the fall.

Snapshot Wheat Beer


Nate of GK Visual says, “It goes down so easily,” as he finished his sample before Sara and I even started ours, and he’s right. It’s a smooth but not too sweet like wheat beers can tend to be.

Ranger IPA


This beer is named after the brewery representatives, our Ranger is Ryan, and uses Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook to create a citrus fruity flavor that makes it a great introduction to New Belgium.



It’s a unique pumpkin beer that uses cranberries and lemongrass to cut down the intense cinnamon or clove flavor that you normally get with pumpkin beers. This one is perfect fall, no doubt about that. Just in time, right?

Rampant Imperial IPA


Imperial is a buzzword with a lot of craft beer lovers that gets them all steamy under the collar. Rampant is great testament to what an imperial should be. It’s the perfect balance between hop bomb and malty booziness.

Check out New Belgium next week at the Happy Hour with at River City Blues

Here are a few others to keep you eye out for in the coming months:

New Belgium has some damn fine year-round offerings, but the thing people will be looking for in a few months from them will be their Lips of Faith series. Lips of Faith is a series of crazy concoctions from their mad brewers where you can expect anything from a Salted Chocolate Belgian Stout to a Pear Ginger Beer.

Plus, check out more New Belgium aboard The Pride of the Susquehanna during the Late Night Booze Cruise on Sept. 19

It’s still undetermined how much of this we will see, but if it’s on tap somewhere you better grab a pint because it’s gonna go fast.

Beer drinkers are always looking for the next big thing to come through their local taps and with the addition of New Belgium you can expect a whole lot more.

Grab your bikes. Find the beers. Have fun.

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