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ON SALE: After Dark Booze Cruise Sept. 6


Mark your calendars: Tickets for the “After Dark” Booze Cruise – Saturday, Sept. 6 — are on sale now.

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5 Creative Ways to Stay in Touch with Old Friends

Despite none of us living in the same city for more than a decade now, I still consider my high school friends my best friends ever. And even though I graduated from college six years ago, I still accidentally refer to Lindsey as “my roommate,” even though we haven’t shared a wall since we lived in Selinsgrove, and my swimmer friends as “my teammates.”

One of the toughest parts about getting older is keeping in touch with people. Granted, it is much easier with technology these days, but on the other hand, everyone is so crazy busy, it’s hard to maintain consistent communication. Once upon a time, we all lived close enough, but now I have a (former) roommate in Orlando, another roommate in Washington state, a good friend up in Maine, and the list goes on and on. We aren’t just a few houses or an easy car ride away anymore. And while I adore my Harrisburg friends, I also treasure the friendships with the people I’ve known since I had braces.

  1. FaceTime. I was feeling especially nostalgic this weekend, upon hearing that four of my friends in Pittsburgh (three from high school) were all hanging out. When one suggested we FaceTime, they all passed the phone around and talked loudly enough, so that it was like we were all in the same room. It made me miss them even more, but it was so good to “see” them.
  1. Send fun packages. My best friend Amy once mailed me a giant bag of Swedish fish, my favorite candy. While the mailing cost was more than the candy cost, it was such a fantastic surprise and so thoughtful. Even mailing a postcard or a funny note is a great surprise.
  1. Plan a trip together. For a few years, a few of my friends from high school and I would plan a trip to the Poconos, and we’d rent a cabin for a long weekend. It’s always nice to get out of town for a bit, and it’s so fun to just relax in the woods.
  1. Train for an event. If you had told me that my high school friend Bill and I would end up becoming obsessive runners, I would never have believed you. Bill was (is) a tall band nerd, and the only sneakers I owned were Converse All-Stars. Lo and behold, we somehow both got bit by the running bug and we have since run a few races together.
  1. Keep up with a group text or email. My college swimmer friends and I have had a group text going for ages now. We send funny pictures, updates on mutual friends and general updates. Sometimes, it does feel like we’re still right next door.

How do you keep in touch with your out-of-town friends?

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Campfire Preview: Lake Street Dive

They’ve been named one of Rolling Stone’s 10 New Artists You Need to Know, been featured on just about every late night talk show and are selling out most of the stops on their latest tour — but if not for their superb Boston sidewalk rendition of the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back” blowing up to the tune of 2.2 million views on YouTube, who knows where Lake Street Dive would be today.

“Yeah, that’s kind of the snowball that got it all rolling,” said Mike “McDuck” Olson in a recent telephone interview as the band rolled toward the Grand Canyon on a rare off day. “Its been a pretty wild year.”


Wild may even be an understatement as Lake Street Dive has really burst onto the scene — generating more buzz and gaining new fans at every stop … including Conan O’Brien, who told the band the other night, “I’m buying what you’re selling” after their flawless, engaging performance of “Stop Your Crying” on his late night talk show.

“Whatever we’re doing, something’s working I guess — I’d be hard pressed to say exactly what it is,” McDuck said. “We did this just for the joy of it for so long — for a good eight years we were doing it for the hell of it because we enjoyed doing it. We’re still there — we didn’t sit down and be like ‘ok guys, let’s do this for real now and let’s write music that people actually want to listen to’ — people just sort of caught on which is the best way to do it.”

“Stop Your Crying” is one of the many highlights on the band’s Bad Self Portraits ,which was released this February — and one of the many songs that Lake Street Dive will be performing as the Sunday night headliners at the Campfire Outdoor Adventure & Music Festival that is running from Aug. 29-31 in Lakewood, Pa. — an easy ride up I-81 from the Harrisburg region.


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Giveaway: Ben Gallaher at Pollock Arts Center Aug. 28

Nashville country artist Ben Gallaher will perform at the Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center in Camp Hill on Aug. 28.

ben gallaher pollock

Ben is a Camp Hill native and Cedar Cliff High School graduate and maintains a strong connection to his loyal central Pennsylvania fan base.

In fact, we’ve talked with Ben a few times before — and he even played a Happy Hour a few years ago! Not to mention, the video for his song, “Last Train” was filmed during a special New Year’s Eve performance at what is now Pappy K’s Alehouse.

Currently on the Full Speed Ahead tour (#FSAtour), Ben will entertain his audience with an evening of country music and guitar jams for the whole family. Camp Hill High School junior and award-winning singer Taylor Perry will open the show. Nancy Ryan, the morning host of Bob 94.9’s Nancy & Newman, will emcee the evening (Woohoo!).

The 22 year-old has opened for national touring acts Brantley Gilbert, Frankie Ballard, Little Texas, Big & Rich, and Chase Rice, as well as opening for the 2014 Pennsylvania Farm Show and the 2014 National Annual Meeting for the Boy Scouts of America.

A VIP pre-show is available, beginning at 5:30 p.m.; the show starts at 7 p.m.

Buy tickets online.

This week, we’re giving away four (4) tickets to see Ben Gallaher at Pollock Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Aug. 28. Two winners will be selected; the first scores VIP tickets ($50 value) and the second wins 2 General Admission tickets ($20 value).

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What’s on Tap: Fred Clark

At some point when discussing Harrisburg politics, there’s no doubt you’ll hear something about Fred Clark. A storied resume, controversial ideas and a place on each of the last four gubernatorial transition teams (among many other boards, advisories, etc., Clark is a Harrisburg staple.

President of Clark Resources — and newly tapped as head of Gov. Corbett’s advisory commission — we sat down to talk about the ‘Burg, how it’s changed and what he thinks is needed for Harrisburg to truly succeed.

Take a look:

Fred Clark from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

Plus: Catch this “Extra Shots” — a clip of footage that didn’t make the original cut.

Fred Clark – Extra Shots from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

For more, be sure to “Like” What’s on Tap with Sara on Facebook.

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WOT, FAB, Campfire Fest Artists, New WINE Series, #Running & MORE

Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday to the special 3rd in the Burg screening of our web series, What’s on Tap, at Whitaker Center’s Stage Two. What a cool venue, I’m embarrassed to say I have never been in this theatre before. A special thank you to two of our featured guests, The Millworks’ Tara Chickey and radio’s Bruce Bond, who also joined us.

What’s on Tap is a joint venture between Harrisburg video production company, GK Visual, and myself.

The #WOT crew: GK Visual & Sara in front of Whitaker Center.

The #WOT crew: GK Visual & Sara in front of Whitaker Center.

Please take moment to follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our blog — We put out a new episode featuring stories from the community at the start of each month.

Our unofficial wrap party took us across the street to MoMo’s for BBQ and beers.

Saturday mornings are now dedicated to talk radio, as I continue co-hosting duties on The Bruce Bond Late Afternoon Show … on Saturday Morning on WTPA 92.1. Please tune in next Saturday — and if you like us, please contact WTPA and ask them to hire me! (And to update their website.)

Afterwards, I headed over to Farmers at Broad, a new monthly event at Broad Street Market featuring local purveyors. I ran into a whole slew of folks overcoming hangovers and grabbing bottles of Spring Gate Vineyard‘s just-released hop cider (story coming soon!) or freshly made juices. I also had to grab a jalapeno Whoopie Pie from Lil’s Pretzels, as recommended by Tara at Today’s the Day Harrisburg. I’m happy to report it lived up to expectations. I believe this event will follow 3rd in the Burg each month now, so add this one to your calendar for next month.

Before I dive into the week’s work (it was A LOT), keep an eye out for my PennLive column this week — I’m going to have some big bar/restaurant news to share.

In the meantime:

From PennLive:

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Upcoming Events:


Campfire Preview: Amy Helm and The Handsome Strangers

No one ever said it was an easy transition — going from a backup singer to having your name in the lights and fronting a band – but Amy Helm is definitely making it look that way.

After years of lending her powerful voice to the songs of many other bands, Amy Helm is on the brink of releasing her first solo record with her band, The Handsome Strangers, and she could not be more excited.


“I love singing background, and I love fronting my band — it’s all been really exciting and fun for me,” Helm said in a recent telephone interview. “I can’t say I love one more than another, but it certainly feels natural and it feels good to work on this part of my singing.”

Her new album, which she hopes will be released sometime sooner rather than later, will have a number of original songs and a handful of covers she’s played through the years.

“We’ve been building this band for almost a year now and we’ve got a pretty loud, fun, very danceable band happening,” Helm added. “I have a fantastic group of guys who are very versatile and because of that the music takes a lot of different shapes and presents itself a lot of different ways — which is also a real treat to get to sing against and follow that line of creativity.”

A few of the cover songs her album will be familiar — including one by Sam Cooke — but the cover that is the most meaningful is a Martha Scanlan song that her famous father, The Band’s Levon Helm, played drums on for her record.

“She’s like a sister to me, and I’m also one of her biggest fans so it was wonderful to sing and play her song — and play it with my dad,” Helm said. “When I hear it now and hear the intention and the joy that all of us were playing it with — that one stands out to me.”

Helm is part of the Friday night lineup at the Campfire Outdoor Adventure & Music Festival that is running from Aug. 29-31 in Lakewood, Pa. — an easy ride up I-81 from the Harrisburg region.


Brew Review: 2014 Hunted and Found

Back in January I made a short list of craft beers to find this year. At this point, most of these are either currently available or have come and gone, so it’s time to reflect on my own recommendations.

Remember these? Well here’s what I thought and I’d love to hear yours too!

DuClaw Cocoa Fuego

duclaw cocoa fuego

When I first heard about this beer, I was a little intimidated. The idea of something hot in my beer always steers me away. After having a few over the course of the year so far, I was pleasantly surprised by how much chocolate flavor was truly in the beer. Overall though, I found it difficult to drink an entire glass/bottle. With something odd like this, its very much open to individual interpretation. My girl Sam seems to love it, and more power to her. For me though, not a beer I’d order again, but I will take a Sweet Baby Jesus any day.

Editor’s review: Snoozefest. I wanted this beer to be everything. I LOVE heat (Hello, Habanero Sculpin!), but I found it didn’t have enough heat OR enough chocolate for my liking. 

Troegs Bourbon Trogenator


My love of bourbon-barrel aged beers is no secret. I seek them, I prefer them, I adore them. The Bourbonator was no different than any other. I was lucky to score two bottles of this earlier in the year and tried really hard to cellar them I promise. That didn’t work out as planned, and when I opened it up a month ago I found that it was just starting to mellow out and really wished I had kept it longer. Patience is not my virtue. I’m really crossing my fingers that this comes back around next year so we can all get more.




Blend: A new perspective on wine – This fall at the Hilton


Sara Bozich presents Blend: a Très Bonne Année wine series featuring Trinchero Family Estates Wines.

All events include wine, interactive education program and light hors d’oeurves. Each session is followed by a reception to enjoy wine.

Aug. 27: Uncork Your Status - Available, Taken, Complicated? Discover these affordable wines, paired with the seven basic types of cheese. Learn simple guidelines for creating good wine pairings with all kids of cheese. (1 hour). Includes Très Bonne Année 2014 wine glass. ($40) Runs 5:30- 7 p.m. at the Hilton.

Sept. 10: Feed Your Profile - A new perspective on wine and food. You’ll mix Jelly Belly jellybeans to understand the fruit components in wine and elements of winemaking that contribute to the nose and palate. Fun class for wine lovers of all levels! (1 hour). Features Trinchero Family Estates Wines and includes Très Bonne Année 2014 wine glass. ($40) Runs 5:30- 7 p.m. at the Hilton.

Oct. 1: Men are from Napa, Women are from Sonoma - So you dream of a vacation cruising the California coastline in search of great wines. What are the differences between these two major grape growing regions? Enjoy this comparison in varietals from California’s top wine counties. Features Trinchero Family Estates Wines and includes two Très Bonne Année 2014 wine glasses. ($40) Runs 5:30- 7:30 p.m. at the Hilton.

Purchase all 3 classes for just $100 — a $20 savings.

Eventbrite - Blend: A new perspective on wine

BONUS: Purchase tickets to ALL 3 classes and you’ll score a complete set of 2014 Très Bonne Année wine glasses — plus, you’ll be able to purchase a ticket to the Très Bonne Année Vintner’s Tasting for just $50 (orig. $75).

Très Bonne Année, French for “a very good year,” is a series of wine and food events held annually in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It has become one of the largest wine auctions for charity on the East Coast, and its proceeds exclusively benefit Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts.

Weekend Roundup 8/14

This morning, I’m helping to brew a beer! Okay, it is totally a media photo opp, but I’m confident it will be blast regardless. Plus, you can be a part of it, too!

photo by GK Visual

I’m running around much of today, but I did manage to talk my husband into a date night at the new note., since I was blown off for brunch there last weekend!

Tomorrow is 3rd in the Burg! We’re hosting a FREE special screening of What’s on Tap with Sara at Whitaker Center’s Stage Two as part of it, so please  join us for some complimentary Vineyard at Hershey vino and cookies from Alvaro’s. Some of our guests will be on-hand to speak with, and we’ll have a brief Q&A session after each set of shows.

After the WOT screening, a bunch of us are headed over to MoMo’s for dinner — yum. The only questions is: wings or brisket or MoMo’s burger??

Saturday morning you can once again catch me on The Bruce Bond Late Afternoon Show … On Saturday Morning (I keep making him add “with Sara Bozich” when he says it on the air). We chat from 9 a.m. to noon on WTPA 92.1 and will feature a couple guests. Later that day, I hope to make it over for the Chili Cook-off portion of The Brewery at Hershey’s one-year anniversary party. You can read more about that here.

Sunday will again be a rest day.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend?


6 Tips to Get Back Your Running Mojo

Has this summer brought you a running funk? I think we all fall into them. Day after day and week after week of running becomes a routine and suddenly, the running mojo is gone. I like to be excited about running, and after a handful of injuries I don’t ever want to take it for granted.

kelly running

If you’re feeling like you need a boost and want to be totally excited about running again, here are some of my tips:

1. Find a new route. As I mentioned last week, I’m a creature of habit and tend to stay close to home,  running the same routes over and over. Branching out and checking out the Rails to Trails path last week was so refreshing. Or when my friends and I tried trail running for the first time at the beginning of July. When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is check out the area with my two feet. I am visiting the Finger Lakes later this month, and I can’t wait to go running there.

2. Ask for company. I almost always run by myself, but in the past few weeks, I’ve found myself running with friends. The miles go so much faster when you have someone to talk to, and it’s such a great distraction. Plus, when you find yourself trying to drink water from a public restroom sink because you are so thirsty, it’s good to have company.

kelly run

3. Make a new playlist. I am constantly creating new playlists. I especially love to add songs that were my favorites in high school and college. It’s always fun to take a trip down memory lane. Fair warning: Most of the time, they aren’t nearly as good as you remember. Even “Get Low.”

4. Take a break. I was forced to take a break at the end of July when I was sidelined with a nasty infection. Yes, it sucked, but let me tell you, that first run back was slow as molasses, but wonderful. A small break reminded me to not take running for granted, and be grateful to have a working, healthy body.


5. Mix it up. As an aforementioned creature of habit, I was stuck in a rut. I was constantly doing the same workouts day each week. However, I added in some variety. Running in the morning, instead of at lunch. Running to and from places and taking the scenic route instead of driving. My current favorite workout is to run a few miles, go to a Body Pump class at the Y, and run home.

6. Sign up for a race. I’ve found myself creeping on race websites lately, and I’m getting really pumped to return to the racing atmosphere. I’m not in the shape I once was, but suddenly I don’t really care. Setting goals is a great motivator. And sometimes, I spend mile after mile visualizing crossing those finish lines. Even if its not with a PR.

What do you do when you’re in a running rut?

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