Super Size Me

by: Sara Bozich
June 21, 2004

Yesterday, I had my first McDonald’s meal since watching Super Size Me last Monday at the Midtown Cinema.

I hesitated to see this film because I love McDonald’s. I was afraid the movie would make me feel disgusted by fast food, particularly this chain, and I didn’t want that to happen.

However, aside from one scene in which protagonist Morgan Spurlock throws up his first Super-Size meal (he only required himself to super size the order if he was specifically asked if he would like to do so), the Extra Value Meals were glorified, despite Spurlock’s increasing lethargy and declining health. Spurlock loved McDonald’s food. And in turn, I practically craved the yummy greasy goodness.

I didn’t take the movie too seriously. No one eats McDonald’s that frequently, and I know for sure that I do not. Plus, I get slightly more exercise than “the average American” demonstrated in this film. Read here for articles refuting Spurlock’s claims in Super Size Me.

I ordered a Number 7 — the Chicken McNugget meal. I thought back to the VH-1 special, We Love the 80s Strikes Back, when one of the commentators went on about how he loved Chicken McNuggets so much that he was “freebasing” them in the 80s.

I don’t drink Coke, only Diet Coke (it’s a taste thing, not a calorie issue), unlike Morgan Spurlock, so that accompanied my McNuggets, plus fries.

I ate the whole thing. I never eat the whole thing. I will admit, however, that Chicken McNuggets are less filling than, say, a Big Mac. But I finished all my fries, and most of my Diet. This never happens.

But, my, was it tasty.

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5 thoughts on “Super Size Me

  1. Chicken Head on said:

    I enjoy Chicken McNuggets too! What is your favorite sauce? I like to dip mine in honey. Mmmm. yummy! I always enjoyed the dancing, singing Chicken McNugget commercials. It made me sad to eat those poor innocent guys. Here’s a story about those little McNuggets that make me crave a box right now!

  2. Sara on said:

    Actually, with these new, all-white meat Chicken McNuggets, I can eat them plain, which I what I did yesterday because I was driving.
    But I like to take them for a nice dip in honey, as well.

  3. Chicken Head on said:

    I’m pretty sure eating Chicken McNuggets is the fifth leading cause of auto accidents. One time I was eating A Taco Bell burrito and all of the meat and lettuce came out the other end and fell on my lap. Then I almost drove into the Susquehanna River.

  4. Rich on said:

    I saw that movie and I will never eat McDonald’s again. Now I only allow myself to eat Burger King and Wendy’s and Taco Bell and Arby’s and Hardees and……

  5. Deb on said:

    I have been a reader of the Patriot News for many years. I thought the Out With Sara column was for homosexuals coming out of the closet. I’m so glad to read your column now that I know that it talk about where you go out for fun. Being a newly divorced 60 year old, I like to know where the 20 somethings hang out. Let’s just say I like younger men. Hot…young…men.

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