Christmas Giveaway: Mad Elf Gift Pack

by: Sara Bozich
December 21, 2009

Mad Elf Gift Pack

Troegs Brewing Company has been a favorite of beer connoisseurs and locavores for more than 10 years. 

Last year, Troegs updated their Tasting Room and Gift Shop — be sure to stop in if you haven't seen the redesign — and try the Troegs sampler platter featuring five of
Troegs' year-round brews, including Hopback, Dreamweaver Wheat, Pale Ale, Troegenator Double Bock and Rugged Trail Ale. A
sixth glass holds a seasonal beer — this time of year, it's reserved for Mad Elf.

Troegs has been generous enough to provide one Mad Elf Gift Pack, which includes one Mad Elf glass and a 22 oz bottle of Mad Elf, to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.

It's easy: Visit, then leave a comment below answering this piece of trivia: What was Troegs' first draft beer account in the Harrisburg area? (Hint: you don't have to get it right to win.)

I'll choose a winner at random on Saturday, Dec. 26.

*Note: Winner must be 21 years of age or older. 

41 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway: Mad Elf Gift Pack

  1. Amanda on said:

    I can’t find anything on the site other than: “There are many restaurants in the greater Harrisburg Area that do sell Tröegs on draft.” So I guess that’s my guess.

  2. Dani on said:

    I can’t find the answer…so I’ll guess. Scott’s?

  3. Diane-DB Impressions on said:

    I’m going to guess that it was the Pale Ale…seems like a terrific place to start. lol! Looking all over the website didn’t prove any more fruitful for my search than for Amanda and Bearcat. What a fun gift though!

  4. Marc on said:

    I am guessing McGrath’s

  5. Paul on said:

    Pub @ 202 Locust!

  6. dmiller on said:


  7. Matt on said:

    Hmmm. Zembies seems like a good possibility. One of the few places open downtown since the early days of Troegs.

  8. missk68 on said:

    I’ll gander McGrath’s!

  9. Kristi on said:

    I couldn’t find the answer but will guess – firehouse

  10. brian on said:

    It’s got to be Pep Grille that place looks like the oldest pub in the city!

  11. bostella on said:

    My guess would be Garrison’s, but whatever the name was before it became that…

  12. popculturepat on said:

    Gotta be Zembies or The Maverick!

  13. Elizabeth on said:


  14. Jason on said:

    I am thinking McGrath’s…

  15. Scott on said:

    My guess is also the Firehouse.

  16. Keith Keister on said:

    I’m going to guess Wilsbach Distributors

  17. Dave on said:

    Dewey’s Dry Dock! If only because nobody else has said it yet.

  18. Andy Sawran on said:

    Established in 1997 and sold first product to a bar called The Belmont.

  19. Karen on said:

    No idea, I’ll guess Zembies

  20. ken on said:


  21. Chris on said:

    The Belmont

  22. danielle on said:

    the website just says a local harrisburg bar… i would guess mcgraths or i believe it was called the pub at 202 back then…

  23. Devin on said:

    I think it’s definitely Zembies. Some good old places named here, though. I barely remember the pub at 202 and don’t remember the Belmont at all.

  24. dogilicious on said:

    For old times sake I’m going to say “The Vault” just because I miss that part of my youth.

  25. matt on said:

    I think it had to be firehouse.

  26. Mary on said:

    I’m guessing McGrath’s

  27. Sam McKissick on said:

    McGrath’s Pub – 😛 Sam McKissick

  28. Ted Mowatt on said:

    I’m betting on McGrath’s they are always on the cutting edge of brews in Hbg!

  29. Chris Champion on said:

    Who Troegs distribute to first? Why John and Chris, of course! Ownership has its privileges, you know!

  30. Scott on said:


  31. Rich Hauck on said:

    Pub 202?

  32. Alicia on said:

    I’ll say Pep!

  33. Alex on said:

    Though I’m new to the city, seems like Zembie’s is a good answer. You’d figure it was a small bar that gave the brewery it’s first shot.

  34. Prudential on said:

    I know this. It was Scott’s. RIP.

  35. bcolflesh on said:

    I’m going to guess it was the secret taproom constructed under the Capitol during the second world war.

  36. Jeff on said:

    I’m going to go with the dearly departed Scott’s Grille

  37. Dan Christ on said:

    Since the Trogner brothers are from Mechanicsburg, they would have undoubtedly debuted their new brew at Grandpa’s Growler.

  38. Jess Bair on said:

    I have no idea, but I will say McGrath’s – or whatever used to be in that spot. 10 years ago I was 15, for goodness sake! ;o)

  39. Shane Suski on said:

    Scott’s maybe? Yeah, sure. I”ll go with Scott’s.

  40. BarNGrill on said:

    I guess Double Jacks. I miss the wings.

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