Giveaway: ‘Spring Awakening’ Tix for 2

by: Sara Bozich
December 30, 2009

Broadway's Spring Awakening National Tour will come to Hershey Theatre next week, Jan. 5-10.

Called "extraordinary," "spellbinding," "electrifying" and "a dazzler," Spring Awakening dares to break the musical mold. And with songs like "Bitch of Living" and "Totally F***ed," this isn't your typical theatrical production. 

This is no doubt a "must see," and one lucky reader can win 2 tickets to the Jan. 4, 5 or 6 performance. Simply visit the Spring Awakening website, come back and leave a comment below, answering the following trivia question:

Spring Awakening was based off of a banned 1891 German play by the same name. Who was the author? Leave your comment below. One random winner will be chosen on Sunday, Jan. 3.

Be sure to catch this at Hershey Theatre next week. To purchase tickets, click here.

16 thoughts on “Giveaway: ‘Spring Awakening’ Tix for 2

  1. KathleenLD on said:

    How about Frank Wedekind?

  2. Leon on said:

    I should not win because I saw the play on Broadway, and someone who hasn’t seen the show should win. It is an excellent play which skillfully juxtaposes 19th century writings by Frank (name withheld, because then that would be just giving away the answer, and ignore the answer posted before me) with modern rock music. I am posting to recommend this play, unless you don’t like rock music, discussions about youthful sexual discovery, or if you have anything against 19th century German writers. If you don’t have a problem with those, then you should enjoy this play.

  3. Andy Hilt on said:

    Frank Wedekind

  4. Jennifer Battista on said:

    Frank Wedekind…I have been dying to see this show!

  5. Mary Kane on said:

    Benjamin Franklin Wedekind!

  6. Karen Blanar on said:

    Frank Wedekind – I read it and it’s awesome!

  7. KatyH on said:

    Frank Wedekind! Heard such great things about it… will be buying tix even if I don’t win them…

  8. Ted Mowatt on said:

    Frank Wedekind. Did it right this time!

  9. Jim Shellenberger on said:

    Frank Wedekind…heard the show is great!

  10. Chris on said:

    Frank Wedekind

  11. Amanda on said:

    Frank Wedekind.

  12. Vicki DiSylvester on said:

    Hi Sara, Frank Wedekind. I woud love to see this! Have been in Savannah for ten days being a new Grandma. Hope you are having fun! Vicki

  13. Alberto on said:

    Frank Wedekind!

  14. Jess Bair on said:

    According to Wikipedia, it was Frank Wedekind :o)

  15. michelle carr on said:

    Frank Wedekind
    pick me!!!! pick me!!!! pick me!!!

  16. Jeff Welshans on said:

    I’ve seen about 60 Broadway shows, and this is #1. Everyone should see it. Oh, and Frank Wedekind.

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