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Weekend Roundup 3/15

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Honestly, it’s been a rather crappy week. I know, I know! The weather has been a-mazing – especially for March! But until last night, I’ve been stuck inside working late every night and haven’t been able to enjoy it. (I’m hoping a lunchtime run today will knock this bad mood right out of here.)

Starting tomorrow, it’s another packed weekend. Friday night, it’s “club” night. My girlfriends and I, frustrated by our inability to get together regularly, have decided to start a once-a-month wine night, rotating at each of our homes. You know, like Book Club but without the book. Never does the entire group read the book anyway! So, we’re calling it “club,” and tomorrow night is our first meeting.

I’ll have to behave because Saturday morning, Andy and I are meeting Kelly, Dan, Maurice and Nadya for the Nikoli’s Pizza Shamrock Showdown 5K. Who could have predicted this weather? I thought I’d be running in the snow.

From there, we’re heading to State College for an adults’ night out with Andy’s brother and sister-in-law. Watch out, PSU.

What are you doing this weekend?





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