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Fashion Tips from ‘Mad Men’

I don’t think I can say enough how much I love Mad Men, and I know I’m not alone. There’s something about Don’s casual smirk that makes me swoon and Peggy’s ‘woman in a man’s world’ attitude that makes me feel empowered.

Mad men
Most of all, I love Mad Men for the fashion. The 60′s were a pivotal point in the fashion industry as the youth defied the previous generations’ standards. Men started growing major facial hair, letting their hair get longer and stopped donning the suit and hat combo of their fathers. Women switched from cutesy flowered dresses with gloves to shift dresses and mod styles.

I’ve really been trying to subtly include some of these styles into my look and here’s how you can, too:

Cat’s Eye makeup. When I think 60′s, I think of the iconic Twiggy, after whom I was affectionately nicknamed in high school. She was the epitomy of beauty then and is still gorgeous now, but most of all she was known for those big blue eyes enhanced with Cat’s Eye makeup. I get this look at home by applying a natural shadow (colors named sandstone, honey, beige etc. usually do the trick) and then creating the Cat Eye part with a liquid eyeliner in black, finished off of course with some heavy black masacara. My eyes aren’t quite like hers so I fudge it a little bit.

Gorgeous Dresses. Believe it or not, Banana Republic has an entire collection devoted to Mad Men. I love their Joan (my fave character) Sheath Dress, but I don’t love the $150 price tag. I also love that the women’s rights movement helped make it acceptable for ladies to wear pants, but there’s something about wearing a dress that makes me feel more confident. For a great 60′s style dress that’s easy on the wallet, I recommend Kohl’s. Lauren Conrad has a collection that’s a little more Betty-esque, Simply Vera by Vera Wang is more Megan’s style, and AB Studio will have you feeling like Joan. If you’re interested in spending just a little more, check out Shabby Apple’s 65 collection – it’s to die for!

Classic Accessories. Did you ever notice that almost every episode Peggy has on a cute little scarf, Joan has on her classic gold pen necklace, and Besty is wearing an eye-catching pin? Accessories are key finishing points to any outfit then and now. To keep with the 60′s theme, try Express for a variety of clutches and day handbags. For Peggy and Joan’s favorite little neck scarves, try Bon Ton.  My favorite are the mod Mary Janes, which I’ve found at DSW, as well as many other cute pairs of pumps.

With these three easy suggestions you’ll be feeling like an afternoon cocktail at the office with Roger Sterling in no time!

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