Becoming a sports fan

by: Kelly Leighton
April 18, 2012

As much as this may sound like a stereotypical girl, I've never really been into sports.

I can hold my own running, biking and swimming, but I don't sit around and watch them unless it's a special event, like the Olympics or the Boston Marathon. As for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. – Uh go team?! I've always grouped professional sports together and labeled them as "boring" and "not my thing."

Why would I sit around and watch a guy hit a ball with a metal club? The men in my extended family spent half of Easter Sunday camped out around the television set watching golf. That couldn't – and didn't - hold my interest for more than 30 seconds, but I am beginning to see the appeal of the more fast-paced sporting events.

They say with age comes wisdom, and I have to admit I'm starting to appreciate a good sporting event more and more. It's also the perfect excuse to get together with friends, and hey, it's even keeping me entertained. I can be quite competitive, so it's fun for me to pick a team and get excited when "my" team wins.

I even filled out a March Madness bracket this year. I guess I should mention that I blindly picked Georgetown as the winner because I remembered having a Georgetown Swimming shirt in high school. And, yes, most people did snort when I told them of my pick. And, for the record, I finished bottom of the barrel in the pool.

As of late, the hockey playoffs have been dominating our television sets, whether at someone's place or at the bar, and I actually don't hate it. (Well, I've mentioned it several times, but I do have a love affair with the Mighty Ducks trilogy.) I think it's even more exciting because two Pennsylvania teams (the Flyers and the Penguins) have been duking it out in this round.

I've even been named a "good luck charm" because the Flyers have won the last three games I've watched (knock on wood!). I attribute their winning streak to the fact that I have purposely worn an orange t-shirt to spectate. Hockey is surprisingly entertaining, and the fights are just an added bonus. But what I'm enjoying even more is the company and rivalry that comes along with the sports. It's fun to hear people trash talk each other's teams, and I actually know what's going on when I am catching up on my Twitter feed, where mostly everyone is updating with their opinions on games.

And it's not just hockey – last summer, I participated in a baseball bar crawl and even attended a Phillies game. While my favorite part is definitely the tailgate, its way more fun to watch the action live. And I noticed that when I got to see the Eagles play two years ago, it was much more fun to actually be there (and we had box seats, that helped!).

So, while you won't find me painting my face any time soon (or so I say), I'm not so apt to turn down the invites to watch the games anymore. In fact, dare I say it: I am even looking forward to the Flyers/Penguins game tonight.

And I even checked yes to count me in for an upcoming Phillies game. I'll bring the grilled cheese supplies and the sunscreen.


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2 thoughts on “Becoming a sports fan

  1. Bob Hauer on said:

    I think one of the biggest fallacies is that to be a sports fan you have to know all the intricate rules and history of said sport. UNTRUE.
    You’re right: the love is sports is about passion. Life is better enjoyed when you have a rooting interest.

  2. Merry Khaos on said:

    Come watch us skate on April 29. Roller derby is a sport unlike any other, that I promise you! I have not met anyone yet who has not been cheering by the end of a bout.

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