Best Weekend Ever: “Drunk Brunch”

by: Kelly Leighton
June 13, 2012

image from www.winedanddined.comOne of my favorite things about college was weekend brunch. Just like many of you did, I'd stumble to the cafeteria, half asleep, probably still in my pajamas and grab a table with my friends. We would recap the night before while feasting on hash browns and pancakes and washing them down with Diet Cokes. I didn't realize how much I missed this tradition until last year.

After battling frigid temperatures for the Manhattan Half Marathon in January 2011, I was introduced to a new form of brunch, which my New York friends candidly refer to as "drunk brunch," an event they attend at least monthly, if not more frequently. While several restaurants in the city host these wildly popular events, at the one where we dined, you get a small meal and bottomless mimosas, screwdrivers, greyhounds or Bloody Marys for two hours for around $20. Not a bad deal, eh? Probably not the best idea after finishing a race, but it certainly made for a splendid Saturday afternoon in January.

While there are some great local places for brunch, such as Home 231 and Mangia Qui, Pennsylvania's liquor laws don't embrace the "bottomless" trend.

So, my roommate and I improvised and hosted our own.


Photo 3 (2)

"Drunk Brunch" hosts Kelly & Nadya

We kicked it off around 2 p.m. on a Sunday, hopefully allowing guests enough time to recover from their weekend. Encouraging attendees to bring whatever they wanted, we collected an array of edible treats that afternoon. We ended up with six pounds of bacon (from one person, and yes, most of it was gone), two half-gallons of ice cream, 48 frozen waffles, blueberry crumb cake, chicken wing dip, mimosas, sangria, screwdrivers and lots of wine, just to mention a few of the choices. I lack cooking and baking skills, so I was on the adult beverage donation list. People were overly generous, and we ended up with so much food and booze, multiple trips to the buffet and bar were a requirement for everyone.

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The spread – everyone brought something!

While we jokingly referred to the get-together as "drunk brunch," that wasn't really the intention. It was an excuse for a casual hangout and to catch up on our weekends, whether we were together or not. People showed up in both pajamas and dresses, with either store-bought goods purchased on the way over, or a home-cooked entrees that had taken hours. It was also an excuse to make new friends, bonding over "just one more piece" of the blueberry crumb cake. And maybe we ran out of forks almost immediately, but who needs them?

Photo 5
Sundays can be disheartening, with the threat of Monday hanging over your head, and the eventual return to the grind. However, this Sunday was perfect. Nothing like an afternoon spent with friends, laughing, 90s radio on Pandora, beautiful weather and enjoying delicious food and beverages.

Photo 1
Although I did have to cringe when a guest (who will remain nameless) happily mixed bacon, party cake ice cream, ranch dressing and chicken wing dip together in a bowl and enjoyed every bite, I'd say the event was quite a success.

Our "drunk brunch" ended up being less expensive per person and much more delicious than my NYC brunch. I'm already looking forward to the next one. And an added bonus to hosting were all the leftovers. Mimosas anyone? Then again, who am I kidding? Those won't be around for much longer. Feel free to stop by for a frozen waffle though.

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4 thoughts on “Best Weekend Ever: “Drunk Brunch”

  1. Lauren on said:

    A drunk brunch sounds fantastic! The last time I started drinking early on a Sunday morning was in Napa. I didn’t feel so bad being drunk when most people were in church in wine country. 🙂

  2. Kelly on said:

    Sunday Funday in Napa sounds awesome!

  3. Tierney on said:

    I can’t believe *nameless person* wasn’t sick after eating all of that in one bowl. I thought I was going to spew just watching him eat it! Love the recap Kelly!

  4. Kelly on said:

    Haha, agreed! So glad you were able to make it 🙂

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