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Oh what a party last night! Happy Birthday to my friend, Lauren, and props to her and her husband for putting on a great party. We played the White Elephant game (I came home with a pocket “20 Questions” game, and Andy drank his PBR pounders), ate, drank good beer and danced our hearts out.

My white elephant gift was an end-of-the-world cocktail.

My white elephant gift was an end-of-the-world cocktail.

Yesterday also marked my last day as a full-time employee of someone else’s — in an exciting move, I’m taking the brand full-time. I’m looking forward to many new opportunities in 2013! (My column in The Patriot-News will continue.) If you’re interested in partnering with, please contact me.

Today we’re en route to my in-laws for an early Christmas. It looks like it’ll be a White Christmas in those parts, at least!

Meanwhile, we had a few updates this week, and in case you missed them, here’s what we talked about:

I’m hoping to share a Christmas Day post with you – But if not, expect to see us next week with everyone’s New Year’s resolutions!

Have a safe and happy holiday! Please celebrate responsibly!

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  1. Lauren on said:

    Yay! Congrats to you on your career freedom. Welcome to the wonderful and rewarding world of self-employment! You’ll thrive, I have no doubts. :)

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