Valentine’s Day Gifts for Beer Lovers

by: Tierney Pomone
February 8, 2013

I promise this isn’t my wish list. I swear I’m not trying to drop a big hint. Valentine’s Day is next week and sometimes shopping for a cute little something that shows that you know your partner and care about them can be more stressful than any other holiday. If your significant other is a beer lover, I have some great gift ideas for you regardless of whether they’re a bona fide hophead or just getting into the scene.

brewed awakening

For the reader: Brewed Awakening by Joshua Bernstein

A good friend of mine sent me this book as a gift to keep me busy during a long trip for work where I would have a lot of free time alone. As soon as I opened the cover, I was immediately immersed in the content presented, especially the section on women in beer. This book is perfect for anyone on the forefront of the craft beer revolution, covering topics from home brewing, beer styles, breweries and the nation’s most prestigious beer festivals.

For the ladies: craft beer-infused body care

I recently had the chance to try out Bröö Shampoo – an awesome smelling shampoo made with actual beer in it! There are many benefits of using beer in hair and body care including a more natural product, increased concentration of vitamins, proteins and minerals — plus it makes your skin and hair look and feel amazing. Even my finicky hair enjoyed a little beer treatment. Beyond Bröö there are also great soaps made with spent grain after brewing – check out Etsy for the biggest selection.

For the beer hunter: Beer of the Month club

Is your honey always trying to find that one beer that no one else has? Try the Beer of the Month Club. With different varieties of membership styles and costs there’s something for everyone. Each month, beer will be delivered to their doorstep for their enjoyment. For the true connoisseur, try the rare level offering limited-editions, rare releases and celebratory beers for the ultimate treat.

Maybe you just need a finishing touch for your gift? How about one of these little knick-knacks:

  • Unique bottle openers like a mermaid, a skeleton key, or even something nerdier.
  • Beer jewelry – I love my necklace made from a Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu bottle. Once again Etsy has you covered.
  • BEER! That should be a no-brainer! A true beer lover always appreciates a sixer of their favorite brew.

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