Halloween Cocktails

by: Tierney Pomone
October 25, 2013

Halloween is just under a week away, and I know a pile of parties will be popping up in its honor. While we all enjoy a good get-together, themed events just make it a little more fun don’t you think? This year, instead of serving the tired keg of beer why not opt for some spirited spirits? Here are a few creepy cocktails and witch’s brews to help get everyone in the Halloween mood.

dark and stormy eyeballs

One of the coolest ideas I’ve seen is Dark and Stormy Death Punch. What makes it awesome isn’t necessary its heavy metal name but rather the floating ice cubes added inside. Take your classic dark and stormy (dark rum and ginger beer) and add ice cubes made with lychee syrup and lychees stuffed with cherries creating an eerie eyeball floating in your drink. This can be made as individual drinks or as an entire punch bowl.

Next up we get all the vampires on board with the Blood Sucker. This recipe is easy enough featuring Bacardi O (or orange vodka), Cointreau and pineapple juice topped off with strawberry puree or even grenadine to create the oozing blood look down the inside of your drink. Want something less literal? Try a Blood Peach Bellini: Prosecco, Campari, white peach juice and grenadine. You’ll feel like an episode of True Blood in no time.

If a witch’s brew is more your scene I’ve got a great recipe for you. In my eyes, a great witch’s brew should be green, in a big bowl and have creepy fog coming out of it for full effect. Check out this Witch’s Brew recipe that has just that. All you need is coconut tequila (or rum or vodka), pineapple-orange juice and Blue Curacao. It’s like college party punch but more awesome. Just add dried ice very carefully and you’ve got an easy and perfect Halloween concoction.


I know I’ve got a few fans of wine out there so how could I not have a little something for you? Check out this Concord Grape Goblin Punch recipe using concord grape juice (I say substitute Nissley Concord wine), vodka, club soda and spices creating a spooky almost sangria. Also, explore Apothic Wine’s offerings. I simply adore their Apothic Red, which is a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, and I’ve heard nothing but fantastic reviews of their limited Apothic Dark. A friend described it as “so dark that it sticks to your glass.” Sounds perfect for trick or treat night, no?

Looking for something more? Here’s a few additional cocktails of note:

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