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13 Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lovers

“It’s better to give than receive.” This saying rings most true at Christmastime. However, sometimes the giving part can be stressful when you just can’t decide what to get the ones you love.

Well, fret no longer when it comes to the craft beer lover on your list – I’ve got a bunch of great unique gift ideas to help!

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Every craft beer aficionado can appreciate a craft beer book of some sort. Whether it be a history of craft beer, a stylistic guide, or a cook book all are great gift ideas. For those who love to cook, I highly recommend The Craft Beer Cook Book by Jaqueline Dodd aka The Beeroness. Her recipes are thorough, always look incredibly amazing, and offer recipes for every level from beginner to experienced. For the beer adventurer to check out 300 Beers to Try Before You Die. This guide is highly acclaimed within the craft beer community and includes style guides and suggestions.

Another great gift idea is glassware. If you go to a craft beer drinker’s house, don’t be surprised if you find that there are more glasses in their cupboards than food. I know this is true at my house, yet I still can’t seem to have enough! From pilsners to tulip glasses and even beer mugs, there’s always something exciting about getting a new glass to use. My personal favorite is an awesome glass I got that’s actually shaped like a can of beer. Get one for the craft beer lover on your list locally at Zuckfoltzfus Brewing in Mount Joy, this awesome moose glass from Baxter Brewing, or just plain ones from Kegworks. When it comes to a true craft beer lover’s glass, be sure to consider Dogfish Head’s IPA glass that was specially designed to compliment the aroma and taste of an IPA.

1126_r2d2_bottle_openerI always find it rewarding to be able to combine a friend or family member’s interests into one gift. This can easily be accomplished with themed bar tool items. For your Star Wars fanatic, check out these awesome Death Star and R2-D2 bottle openers. Got a Whovian on your hands? Consider these Tardis coasters or Dr. Who mini sampler glasses. Maybe Game of Thrones is their cup of tea. These wax seal coasters and glass charms will surely tickle their fancy.

citra-hop-candleStill not sure what to get? There’s always the craft beer odds and ends that I always add to my wish list. New additions this year include citra hop scented candles and craft beer flavored lip balm. At Al’s of Hampden and Troegs you can pick up bath soaps handmade with craft beer or order some online. Grab a set of “beerrings” at Brewery at Hershey at our holiday party this Friday handmade by yours truly. Maybe even these craft beer cigars will fit the bill.

Just remember this, if all else fails get them what they love: BEER! Locations offering to-go craft beer and mixable 6-pack options are growing each day. A Troeg’s Mad Elf gift set can get the job done. Seasonal brews like DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus, Springhouse’s Satan’s Bake Sale, or a growler full of Lancaster Brewing’s Winter Warmer are sure to please.

If craft beer is something they love, you probably can’t go wrong with any selection.

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