Champagne 101: New Year’s Eve Tips

by: Sara Bozich
December 28, 2014

You know we’re all about that … bubbly. Both of my families drink sparkling wine (champagne, or more recently prosecco) exclusively for Christmas (And Thanksgiving with my mom’s side), and you know we’ll be sipping it at midnight on New Year’s Eve as well.

From PennLive’s Paul Vigna:¬†Ringing in the new year: ’15 things to know about bubbly

No matter which you choose, sipping this bubbly treat always feels indulgent. Here are a few tips to enjoy your midnight toast:

You don’t have to drink actual champagne. ¬†True champagne hails from the Champagne region of France, but that doesn’t make anyone else’s sparkling wine any less delightful. We love Italy’s prosecco and Spain’s cava. Bubble sizes and dryness levels vary per variety.

You can chill it in a hurry:

“Turn the bottle, not the cork.” Opening your bottle of bubbly shouldn’t cause an eruption of foam all over your kitchen. Remove the foil and cage, then wrap a tea towel around the top, securing the cork, and slowly turn the bottle (rather than the cork) until you hear that satisfying, “Pop!”

Learn more about Champagne:


What are you toasting at midnight on New Year’s Eve?

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