Giveaway: Suba Tapas Bar

by: Sara Bozich
January 5, 2015

As many of you know, a trifecta of romance restaurants — Mangia Qui (Italian), Suba (Spanish) and now Rubicon (French) — sits on North Street in the shadow of the capitol.


Suba, the cozy upstairs neighbor to the other two, is best known for the best cocktails in town and its incredible fish tacos.

If somehow you’ve yet to go, I hope you’ve added it to your New Year’s resolutions. I raved about their handcrafted drinks long before “craft” was cool, and — in case you didn’t know — they also host free live music every Friday and Saturday night.



Their Firefly cocktail is a consistent favorite, but they’re regularly changing up the menus to showcase new concoctions. Find more mouth-watering selections here.

They also recently added a full vegetarian taco to the menu (along with a few other items), in addition to the heralded “Suba Taco” (tilapia), El Ranchero (beef), Taco 47 (chicken) and El Pastor (pork). The El Jardinero features marinated and grilled tofu, carrot, corn and lime, topped with grilled tomatillo sauce.

Hungry/thirsty yet? This week, we’re giving away a $50 gift card to Suba. To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below.

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13 thoughts on “Giveaway: Suba Tapas Bar

  1. Edwin Miller on said:

    Never been to Suba, love Mangia Qui!

  2. Susie Watt on said:

    Who can pick just one fave cocktail at Suba? Too many delectable choices!

  3. Rocio on said:

    Had the Firefly and the mojito the one time
    i’ve been!! Pretty solid cocktails

  4. Jeremy Leach on said:

    The Firefly is probably my favorite cocktail. HUGE fan of hot pepper-infused liquors.

  5. Tim on said:

    I love Manhattan so look forward to trying the Marrakesh Manhattan

  6. Samantha on said:

    I have never been to Suba, but I really want to try their cocktails!

  7. Sandra Creason on said:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the Rafflecopter not populating?

  8. Kate D on said:

    I love Suba’s Caipirinha!

  9. Amanda on said:

    I’ve been wanting to try this place! Would love to win!

  10. Maureen on said:

    I love their sangria, but would love to try the Firefly cocktail.

  11. brian on said:

    one of my absolute favorite spots downtown!

  12. Calla on said:

    I’ve never been there but would love to give it a try!

  13. Mark S. on said:

    I’ve been wanting to try this place for awhile! I would love to win!

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