COCKTAILS: Coco Monkey

by: Sara Bozich
November 1, 2015

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Contest: Come up with a better name for this cocktail than I have, please.

Monkey Coconut Rum

monkey rum

I was like the last person to ever watch “Three Sheets,” which is sad since it’s right up my alley. I was stoked to get information about Zane Lanprey’s Monkey Rum — especially when I saw a coconut version. I had my doubts, though — how good could this really be?

I expected something overly sweet or simply bland, and this was neither. As one of my friends said, “Goodbye Malibu.” This smells like it tastes, and it tastes like the best coconut you ever dreamed of. We paired it pretty simply, and I’d bet you could do some cool stuff with this, like add it to pineapple Jell-O shots or just drink it mixed with coconut seltzer for a virtual trip to the Caribbean. Buy now.

Coco Monkey

  • Monkey Toasted Coconut Rum
  • Mango Juice
  • Coconut Seltzer Water

Someone didn’t want to write down many details for their recipe, so I’d say combine to taste. Say, 2 parts rum to 1 part mango juice, then top with seltzer water. This will take you away to the Caribbean.

coconut rum

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