REVIEW: Cheers to a Real Apple Ale

by: Jimi The Intern
November 10, 2015

Most people who brew beer will tell you that a green apple taste in your beer usually isn’t a great thing and means that the beer needs more time to condition.

Another apple flavor is REDD’s Apple Ale, which is really like a malt drink, and not an ale at all. I’m not a snob when it comes to drinks, but after just a few sips I couldn’t stand to drink any more.

I thought that if I wanted a real apple taste in a drink that I was resigned to hard cider or apple juice.

Until now.

Apple Staged

New Glarus Brewing Company has found a perfect way to make a real apple ale that is more than perfect for this time of year.

Just by looking at it when it pours from the bottle you can tell this is a beer of a different breed compared to similar products on the market.

The base for the New Glarus Brewing Apple Ale (4.0% ABV 15 IBU) is a brown ale. Brown ales typically feature flavors of molasses, caramel and toffe, which is a perfect anchor for the apple taste.

New Glarus doesn’t  use apple flavoring or apple juices. They do it the right way.

Apple Selfie

It is said that drinking this beer is like taking a bite out of a Door County apple. I’ve never had a Door County apple, but I can only imagine. The apples are picked from local orchards and are squeezed especially for this brew.

So I imagine picking an apple right off the trees at our local Strite’s Orchard and bitting right into them.

That’s right — real apples in a real beer. It tastes like if you bottled a caramel apple. The apple aroma hits you before your first sip and it makes you stop to make sure you’re really smelling it correctly. Like I said, the maltiness of beer with low hop bitterness makes this beer a sweet and tart.

It’s an awesome beer and if you see it anywhere I would grab it right away because I am having trouble finding it.

I got my hands on one because of an awesome co-worker at Troegs who is from the area and went home not too long ago.

New Glarus

She also brought back Spotted Cow, a surprisingly approachable farmhouse ale, and Moon Dog, a great pale ale that I wish I could get around here.

New Glarus Brewing Company is aptly named for the city the located–New Glarus. They have six year-round beers, which includes Serendipty. This beer is brewed with apples, cranberries and cherries, fermented with wild yeast and then aged in oak barrels. Sign me the hell up.

I hate to hype them up this much because who knows when we will see them show up in our area.

Let’s all cross our fingers it’s soon!

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