Crowlers Not Just a Trend: GIVEAWAY

by: Sara Bozich
February 1, 2016

Once it was thought that good beer could only come from a bottle. Then people came around to the idea that craft beer not only tasted just as good from a can, but in some cases better.*

The same thing is now happening to growlers, which were once thought as the sole way to take home the freshest beer right from the brewery, with the emergence of  the Crowler.

Want one of these crowler cozies? Scroll down to enter to WIN one + a gift card to fill it!

Want one of these crowler cozies? Scroll down to enter to WIN one + a gift card to fill it!

Oskar Blues Brewing Co. in Colorado was one of the first breweries to start putting craft beer in cans, and it is their technology — the Crowler machine — that is furthering the can revolution.

*Intern Jimi contributed to this post.

A Crowler, for those of you unfamiliar, is a 32 oz. can that is filled from the taps and sealed with a specialized machine. Crowlers are recyclable, one-use, clean vessels that help breweries ensure people are getting beer the way they intend. Plus, they’re easily portable — not to mention a great solution when you want to take beer home but forgot your growler (you know you don’t need another growler).

The first crowler machine in the area landed at Al’s of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing Co., much to the joy of local craft beer lovers. Brewery at Hershey just purchased a Crowler machine and began making fills immediately. ZerØday Brewing also was on the forefront of this technology.

3 Reasons Crowlers Rule

  1. Space savers: Crowlers are not only smaller, but are easily stackable. Intern Jimi said he can fit three Crowlers in his fridge with no problem, while sometimes he has trouble stashing just one growler.

This is a big deal for a place like Al’s, who offer almost 100 beer styles with most (but not all, TIRED HANDS) available for Crowler fills to take home. It used to be almost impossible to try a bunch of different beers from Al’s with out handing your keys over.

Now, you can grab a few Crowlers, attach them to their plastic holders and take them home to try that night or over the course of the next few days.

2. Drink from the can: Have you ever tried to drink straight from the growler? Jimi has (of course), it’s not that easy, and can get a bit messy in more ways than one.  Crowlers make not sharing your beer even easier.


As I mentioned, ZerØDay Brewing Co. embraced the Crowler trend right away, focusing on them before branding and selling their own growlers.

ZerØday’s next-door neighbor, the Midtown Cinema, also saw the potential for crowlers. Many of their showings encourage “BYØZ” — Bring Your Own ZerØday. You can simply grab a crowler at the brewery and take it over to drink during your movies.

Try that with a growler.

3. Freshness and longevity: I have kept unopened Crowlers in the fridge for up to two weeks without them going flat. The silence of a flat growler after just a week on the shelf is very deflating.


Victory Brewing Co. also has started filling Crowlers recently and has taken the next step in the Crowler evolution.

While Al’s, ZerØday and Brewery at Hershey are utilizing branded labels (with room to write in marker the beer inside), Victory purchased printed cans with a big ol “V” in their trademark red on blue background. Also, the fills at Victory are extremely cheap — most are around the price of a pint at the brewery. Check out the new place in Parkesburg to get your own!

Crowlers are awesome. If you haven’t embraced them yet, it’s about time you do because they will be popping up at more places before you know it.

What’s next in the Crowler trend? Obviously Crowler Cozies.

I’ve had some Crowler Cozies created — and you can enter to WIN a cozie, plus a gift card to one of these fine establishments. I’ll pick 4 winners — have fun!

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20 thoughts on “Crowlers Not Just a Trend: GIVEAWAY

  1. Mark Johnson on said:

    Anything I haven’t had from Pizza Boy!

  2. Victor Wills on said:

    Crowlers are the best way to spread craft beer. Pizza Boy/Al’s of Hampden and ZeroDay are the best ones in Central PA right now.

  3. heather on said:

    love crowlers, easy portability!

  4. heather on said:

    love the koozie!

  5. Brent on said:

    Crowlers are a great way to get beer to go from Pizza Boy!

  6. Jeremy Leach on said:

    Lovin’ that Singular CTZ from Pizza Boy.

  7. Calvin L. on said:

    I love the the DTF from Zeroday. I’d go there to fill it up!

    • Nancy Guido on said:

      Would love to try this new trend! I thought the Growler was the way to go but the love the sound of this!

  8. MS on said:

    Love my Midtown Mule in a crowler!

  9. Lisa on said:

    A midtown mule!

  10. Jessica Gazsi on said:

    So many options for a growler fill! In this cold weather I love a good stout so I might be partial to trying the Adam Porter at Zeroday 🙂

  11. Amanda on said:

    I’d get any of Zeroday’s beers in my crowler, most likely the Adam Porter since I haven’t had that yet!

  12. Hope on said:

    Pizza Boy citra pils ??

  13. Maureen on said:

    I want to fill it with something tasty from ZeroDay.

  14. Jim on said:

    Nothing like watching It’s a Wonderful Life at Midtown Cinema with a crowler from Zeroday.

  15. Caitlin on said:

    Love to fill my crowler with Dolce Vita from Zeroday!

  16. Tim S on said:

    I never say no to potentially free beer

  17. Kevin on said:

    Love brewpubbing and getting growler fills and Crowley fills

  18. Amanda on said:

    I’d fill my crowler(s) up with some Zeroday and head over to Midtown Cinema!

  19. Katie Johnson on said:

    V for Victory!

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