Lunch Review: Mulligan’s Cafe & Courtyard

by: Sara Bozich
February 2, 2016

Many of you probably don’t know this but I worked at The State Capitol for about six years until finally striking out on my own a few years ago.

Those of you fellow capitol dwellers know how it goes. Despite being right in the epicenter of downtown, it’s a rare day you make it out of that big building to lunch. Instead — and I could write a lengthy story on the parallels between the capitol and a high school — you likely spent many hours, days and dollars in the capitol cafeteria. Sexy.

And if, like me, you sought to avoid the overly fried, sodium-ridden, fatty foods of the main options (or just kind of hate sandwiches, like I do), you eventually learned how to manage the salad bar.

Because you know the first time you used it, that salad cost like $12.

Too often, a member has taken the very last of the “good” (non-iceburg) lettuce, you got too excited and put a bunch of chicken and big pieces of broccoli in your plastic shell, and it costs like 40 cents an ounce.

I have your solution: Bottomless soup and salad bar at Mulligan’s Cafe & Courtyard.

mulligan's lunch

An easy walk from anywhere downtown, Mulligan’s — now rebranded, nonsmoking and offering food if you didn’t know — is offering this for … wait for it … $5. AND there are breadsticks. As many as you want!

(Don’t be like me and fill up on breadsticks and not be able to finish your soup.)

Tierney and I couldn’t miss this opportunity to grab lunch together. We were within a convenient walk of her office, the deal starts right at 11 a.m. (her lunch hour), and we were both famished.

The salad bar features a choice of spring mix or romaine lettuces and a healthy variety of options. There is not any meat — but there is egg, mushrooms and chickpeas to get that needed protein.

mulligan's lunch

But I’m talking, bacon, peas, black olives, chopped broccoli, sunflower seeds and more — plus a bunch of different dressings, no matter your please.

mulligan's lunch

Digging into my decent-sized salad reminded me all too well of learning how to negotiate the salad bars of my capitol days, and this offered the same, if not better options — plus more.

The deal also includes your choice of two soups, which rotate daily. On our visit last week, choices were New England Clam Chowder and Chicken Noodle Soup. You can check out the featured soups as they’re updated on the Mulligan’s Facebook page.

Food is fresh, and you can’t beat the speed or the price. You will want to venture out of your office to take advantage of this deal.

Score the $5 Unlimited Soup, Salad & Breadsticks at Mulligan’s weekdays between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

One thought on “Lunch Review: Mulligan’s Cafe & Courtyard

  1. Lauren on said:

    Your Capitol Café salad bar experience description couldn’t be more accurate! I work in Strawberry Square and go over there at least twice a week for a salad because I thought it was the only healthy option around. I don’t know how I didn’t know about Mulligan’s – will definitely try it very soon!

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