Travel & Running: Exploring New Places

I have been traveling so much recently, I am talking six states in less than a month, which is a lot for me.

I am not a great traveler, I actually really dislike it (I know, I am terribly uncultured.), but I make do. However, my favorite thing about traveling is getting to run somewhere new. Here’s where I’ve logged miles in the past few weeks.


Ocean City, New Jersey

The Ocean City boardwalk is one of my favorite places to run. It’s 2.5 miles long, with several bathrooms and water fountains along the route. In the morning, the boardwalk is bustling with runners, walkers and cyclists. There’s nothing like running with the beach on one side and the smell of delicious breakfasts being cooked on the other side, especially the smell of the famous Brown’s doughnuts. OCNJ is truly my happy place, as I grew up going there, and have many wonderful memories. I am happy to add some running memories there now too.


Miami, Florida

I was in Miami for work at the end of June. The heat and humidity were no joke, even before the sun was up. Because I was running before dawn and was unfamiliar with the area, I stuck to a half-mile jogging track around the hotel. It was boring, sure, but I got to see the sun rise, and was able to jump directly into the hotel pool when I finished my last lap.

Queens, New York

My husband and I spent the Fourth of July in the city to meet our new niece, Brynn, and I, of course, used the opportunity to get a run in. My sister-in-law lives in Queens, so I headed to the Queensboro Bridge to take me on a tour of the city. It’s part of the New York City Marathon, a race that has been on my bucket list since I began running. I really love the city and exploring a new area by foot is always fun.


Charlotte, North Carolina

We were just here for a weekend for my husband’s family reunion, but I was able to squeeze in runs both mornings at Jetton Park. It was really pretty and shaded there, which helped with the heat and humidity. There is a 1.5 mile trail around Lake Norman, with two bathrooms and water fountains. The only downside was that I made a wrong turn coming out of the park and ended up 2.5 miles away from the hotel before I realized. I had to call for a ride, I was spent!

Where have you been running lately?

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