Why You Should Check Out Next Step Performance

by: Sara Bozich
August 17, 2016

Every time I send a snap from my Saturday mornings at Next Step Performance, Tierney writes back, “That workout looks rude.”

next step performance

There are definitely times I’ve come to the conclusion of class and wondered how I survived. And yet I love it.

Ivan pushes you hard, there’s no two ways about it.

I leave with sweat dripping places I didn’t know I could sweat (yo, what is with sweat burning your eyes?), usually my muscles still tremoring — and yet a smile on my face.

As many of you who have heard me whine about it (and probably wine about it), I had to abruptly adjust my usual fitness routine at the start of this year because my favorite instructor left my gym, and frankly, the classes without her just didn’t do the trick.

(Still desperately seeking a kickboxing class if anyone can find me one.)

My new regimen is a mix of power vinyasa at Om My Yoga and Ivan’s tough full-body workouts 1-2 times a week.

One of the cool things about the classes at NSP is the camaraderie of fellow classmates. Classes are small — maxing out at about 10 people. So, even though you sweat (so much) and struggle, everyone else is in there pushing as hard as you are.

Many of us already knew each other (#cherishburg), but it’s been fun getting to know new people. In fact, often after the Saturday morning class, most of us wander over to Broad Street Market together to socialize and pick up fresh goodies — or rewards for the workout (Evanilla, I’m looking at you).

NSP Small Group Training

next step performance

Typically, the class starts with a warm-up, then Ivan splits us into two groups — one to start a circuit with the TRX; the other to start with weights, kettle bells, dip bars or the like.

He’ll review 3-5 exercises for each group, horrible-sounding things like “thrusters” or “TRX squat jump” or the worst word ever, “burpee” (how is laying down and getting back up so freaking hard?). We do them for a certain number of reps on repeat for a set amount of time, like 6 minutes.

Then, the groups swap locations and circuits. Then we do it again with all new moves Ivan has pre-set to ensure a full-body workout.

Or, as Ivan better explains, “timed strength and conditioning circuits that incorporate tools such as medicine balls, TRX suspension trainers, fitness gliders, and more.”

And then — the final punishment — Tabata. Ivan finishes us off with eight total rounds (4 per group, then switch) of two exercises down in 20-second spurts with 10-second rests. It’s intense (and probably the time I most think I’m not going to make it).

Finally, we’re guided through an active stretch before we’re set out the door. I leave feeling strong (albeit a bit whipped) and continued classes have only increased my strength, flexibility and overall health.

I’ve joked a bit here about it being scary, but the reality is while the tasks seem daunting at first, it’s so rewarding to complete them and know I pushed through. I truly feel not only fitter but more confident about my abilities.

Learn More

Now, if small group training isn’t your jam (and I know it’s not for everyone), Ivan also offers private training as well as semi-private training, which is sharing the gym with a couple other people, but having a customized workout designed just for you.

Oh yeah, and if you really don’t want to leave your home — or there’s a freaking blizzard — Ivan offers at-home workouts via video and live-streaming.

Next Step Performance offers your first class for FREE, so this is a great time to come on in and sweat with me.

Not ready yet? That’s OK, too. Email ivan@nsp.fitness to schedule a complimentary fitness assessment, and he can ease you into a new fitness routine.


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