My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

by: Sara Bozich
December 27, 2016

It’s that time of year again: New Year’s Resolutions. I think by now you all know where I stand on these.

As you know, I am also this person who thinks if I take a couple days off say I’m taking days off, I can completely hit the restart button on life. It is almost comical how much I told Jimi we had to do “before the end of the year,” that definitely are not close to done.


For 2017, I resolve to:

Do a headstand

Surprising even myself, I am way into my weekly power vinyasa class at Om My Yoga. I crave it every week. It’s equally relaxing and challenging, and I have seen myself physically improve. I’m hooked. I love learning a new arm stand and posting it on Instagram. I’m also thisclose to doing a headstand without falling into my instructor. #2017goals

Increase my workouts

Hey remember 2015, when I went to the gym like 3-4 days a week and then ran sometimes? I need to step up my visits to Next Step Performance, where I love laughing and crying with the Saturday morning crew over Ivan’s insane workouts. Occasionally I make it an additional day in the week, but not often enough — and sometimes travel ruins those weekend intentions, too.

Eat better

Honestly, I believe that you should eat what makes you happy, just maybe not indulgences 24/7 — not that I do. I love hot wings and beer, though. And lots of other junk. I need to get back to boosting my metabolism with regular morning breakfasts and eating more greens, overall. Resolution #4 should help, anyway …

Cook at home more

2016 was absurd. I traveled essentially all summer, and we ate out A. LOT. When I finally had time to chill, it was great to get back to the kitchen. I learned how to make bomb-ass risotto, and I love hosting friends for mini dinner parties. More of that in 2017! Also, I joined a CSA for pork and chicken so I have fewer excuses to eat out — you know, outside of my job.

Read 12 Books

I used to be in a book club, and even then I bet I didn’t read all 12 books in one year. Then there’s the beach, where I’ll tear through 4-5 in a week. Then I fail again. I don’t think I’m ready to try to match Kelly’s impressive 52-book resolution, but 12 would be a huge improvement on many levels.

Say no more often

Between my desire to please others, eat up as much knowledge as possible, work commitments, an active squad, and FOMO, I tend to overcommit. I’m tired. I want to read and cook more. I gotta chill.

Work more efficiently

You know the saying — work smarter, not harder. I am aware of many things I still do “the hard way.” Like, a week ago I automated a bunch of bills. IT’S 2016! I’ve been researching various apps and techniques and yada yada to make my workflow more streamlined, so I don’t spend every night in my office and maybe can participate in some Netflixed pop culture discussions (except GOT, that’s not happening, sorry).

Continue to travel

Despite all of the other goals that may speak to the opposite of this, I’d love to continue to travel more. Fortunately, I already have several “firsts” on the docket for 2017 — New York City and Las Vegas. I also won a free hotel stay in Tampa, so I hope to make it back there, and I’d love it if Andy and I could return to one of our favorite cities, Chicago. I’d also like to visit friends in Michigan. Fingers crossed!

That’s where I’m starting this year. I also resolve to drink more water, cut down on online shopping, keep my office cleaner, and be a better gardener. (I literally copied and pasted this from last year, which is both efficient and a good reminder of how well I did.)

Meanwhile, here’s how I did this past year:

  • Start a new fitness regimen –Yeah! I’m totally into Next Step Performance and Om My Yoga. Like, hooked. Sure, it’s not as wildly convenient as when classes were always at 9:30 a.m. and 2 miles from my house, BUT, I have developed new habits and friends, and that rules.
  • Sleep more — Actually, I was not the worst at this. I hear in 2017, “clean sleeping” is going to be all the rage, and apparently, that means sleeping for 9-10 hours. Baby steps. I sometimes sleep in until 7 so YAY.
  • Read more — Wasn’t the worst. Can be better; see above.
  • Make my own beef stock — Yo, I haven’t done this, but I made my own turkey stock and it was awesome. I will do it again, and I may do this beef stock before so Sunday, so maybe I’ll check this off yet.
  • Improve photography — The O.G. resolution. Guess what — I signed up for a Photography class at HACC that starts next week.
  • Learn cocktails — Babes, my cocktail cart is brimming, and I make a great Negroni. It’s not terrible.

Cheers! What will you resolve for 2017?

2 thoughts on “My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Myles Miller on said:

    Here are my plans…

    Stay consistent on weekly workouts
    Build knowledge and skills — learn a new language
    Explore the world — New place, new faces
    Grow social media footprint
    Spend more time with family and friends
    Continually challenge myself — body, mind and spirit

    • Sara Bozich on said:

      These are terrific, Myles! I would love to learn a new language as well. Italian has long been on my list, but brushing up on my Spanish would likely be more useful. Good luck!

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