Hallmark Holiday Movies: A Drinking Game

by: Jimi The Intern
December 12, 2016

Are you inexplicably addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies like we are?

You know, the ones that are full of has-been actors and cheesy one-liners that always end with someone finding their holiday spirit to make everything right.

They are movies full of single parents too busy for the traditional Christmas to waking up to a different life after making a fateful wish to Santa.

What’s not to love?

If you’re into these like us, here is a drinking game to add to the fun of settling down with one of these “classics.”

Be sure to bookmark this. It’s impossible to watch just one of these flicks, so you’re gonna need to constantly reference these rules.

Grab your favorite seasonal beer, go-to wine or traditional holiday drink like Egg Nog or Hot Toddy and start binging.


One drink

During every commercial break until you find out where you know that actor from (two drinks if it’s a 90s sitcom):

  • Candace Cameroon and Lacey Chabert movie watchers beware. These two pop-up quite a bit, and while you should figure it out quickly, their acting performances could have you sipping just to get through it.

Every time a character returns home for the holidays:

  • It’s a tale as old as time. Smalltown guy/girl comes home from their job in the big city to get a taste of the real Christmas spirit. Add a drink if the phrase, “Find your Christmas spirit” is used.

Every time a character dislikes Christmas:

  • Here’s another common theme throughout the Hallmark genre. One character is taught how to like Christmas again through a variety of holiday practices.

Two drinks

Every time there is a real Santa:

  • Santa shows up to give someone a lesson. Again, it’s usually a person who has “lost their Christmas spirit.” St. Nick usually shows up somewhere extremely obscure like a fishing dock — yes, that happens (Another drink if you catch this one).

Whenever a character wakes up to a different life:

  • You’ve seen this story time and time again. A character wishes for a new life, and they get it only to realize how good they had it before.

Finish your drink

Whenever the same actor/actress is in back-to-back movies

  • During a Hallmark movie marathon, you are guaranteed to face a couple of these and it can get a bit confusing. Finish your drink and grab a new one because even though you don’t want to admit it, you’re hooked.

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