Tierney’s 2017 Resolutions

by: Tierney Pomone
December 30, 2016

Another year has gone by, and I still don’t like New Year’s resolutions.

I still haven’t found a hobby beyond drinking, no matter how many years in a row I tell myself to try. I didn’t tackle my cicerone because time got away from me like it does many of us. I definitely did read more books (I’m in the middle of Lestat and the Lost City of Atlantis right now), I tried at least 500 more new beers, and I ate more salads than ever before. Not too shabby.


But as we all know, 2016 was the pits, and even I, the Princess of Positivity, am happy to leave this year behind. As we look forward to a fresh start in 2017, I do have a few things I can try to do better.

In 2017, I resolve to:

Drink More Water

I am perpetually dehydrated. Always. I don’t think it is even possible for me to drink enough water to get caught up on all the water I’ve been missing all this time. I drink coffee every morning and beer all the time, neither of which are very hydrating. And then, I wonder why my skin is dry in the winter? I need to drink more water. I need to make a conscious effort to drink more water. In 2017, I will get hydrated!

Just Say No

Let’s face it, I will always be a social butterfly. I love going out, even if it’s just a two-drink happy hour or wine and cheese at a friend’s house. I love being around people and talking to people and soaking in the atmosphere. But, I need to learn to say no. It’s hard to tell someone you don’t want to go out. It can sound selfish to say, “I’d rather just sit at home tonight and binge watch Shameless with the cat,” but I have to learn to do it. I’ve been trying harder lately to stay in, enjoy couch time, enjoy the quiet of the house and not feel like I’ve hurt someone’s feelings or even worse, not have FOMO the whole time. It’s not easy, but I want to try harder to slow down.

Learn More Recipes

I love cooking, and I just got new pots, pans, and knives for Christmas (thanks, Dad) and can’t wait to use them. The other night, after finding out that I enjoy cooking, someone asked what I like to cook. Well, everything I guess, but then I couldn’t even think of what I really liked to make or a new recipe that I tried recently that I found successful. Of course, I love my smoked gouda mac n cheese, braised chicken legs, and chili but I’m looking forward to branching out. I want to try making Beef Bourguignon this year. I want to try cooking with different ingredients, especially more vegetables. I can’t wait to experiment with more.

Stop Fretting about Turning 30

Aging is inevitable, yet we all dread any landmark birthday after 25. I’ve been a huge supporter of those who choose not to dye over their grays, and embracing the way that we change over time. I still don’t believe I would ever choose to get any procedure done to hide the wrinkles I earn over time and lessons learned. At the same time, turning 30 this year is really weirding me out. People have so many expectations of what you’re supposed to be by/at age 30. I’m quite happy with my life, what I’ve done, and what I plan to do still. I shouldn’t have to justify that to anyone, but explain that to my grandma who’s begging for great grand babies she’s not going to get.

And to all of you who are older than me, which is the majority of you, who have offered me well-intended advice about it not being that bad, that I’ll start to care less about things, that your 30s are/were the greatest years of your life – I get it. I know you want to help, and I know you think I’m overreacting, but I’m sure you weren’t sunshine and rainbows on the last night of your 29th year.

Luckily, my birthday is in March, so I don’t have much more time to think about it. And, once I turn 30, it will certainly be strange to tell people that I’m 30 for a while, but I’m not the kind of girl who lies about her age … yet.

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