Cerveza de Mayo: 5 Beers for Friday

by: Tierney Pomone
May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yay for using obscure Mexican battles as a reason to drink! Enjoy all of your tacos, and most certainly enjoy some great tequila (might I recommend Altos?). You don’t have to drink Corona or Tecate today though – there are also great American craft beers brewed in the style of a Mexican lager or something close to it.

Here’s your quick Mexican Lager 101: in Mexico at the end of the 19th century, German expats began commercially brewing Vienna-style lagers they were used to, which have now loosely become the Mexican lagers we see exported to US shelves (source). Although, most American craft breweries have taken their own take on the style because that’s just what they do.

Grab one of these with your nachos tonight:

Free Will Brewing Fifth of May

If you’re down around their area, Free Will Brewing will release their Fifth of May in bottles and on draft today. Fifth of May is a Tequila barrel-aged sour ale with key limes and Himalayan salt was added. I mean, is there any better beer for today? I think not! Sounds like it pairs well with fish tacos if you ask me.

ABC/Pizza Boy/Troegs (717) Collab

Okay, it’s not a Mexican lager, but it is a lovely refreshing pilsner which is still at least a lager. Brewed with basil and limes, expect a crisp pilsner with an aromatic herbal finish. Grab a crowler and proceed to the chill zone with some carnitas tacos. If you can’t get to one of the breweries to grab some, make your own with Sunshine Pils with a lime thrown in – I’ve been doing this for years and it’s not quite as awesome but still pretty good.

Oskar Blues Beerito

This beer is a classic throwback easy drinking light lager, but with a surprising amount of unobtrusive flavor. Upfront you’ll get toasted honey wheat bread that slowly fades to a bit of herbal hop bitterness that’s barely noticeable. Grab a sixer, some classic beef or chorizo tacos, and make it a night.

Pair this with the burrito of your choice, obvs (I vote Neato Burrito).

Flying Dog Numero Uno Agave Cerveza

Agave and lime? Yep, this one’s a keeper too. Expect a refreshing easy-drinker with a hint of lime in the finish. It’s a simple beer, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You can throw back a few while you destroy a big pile of nachos. You can use it as your tequila chaser. This beer is perfect for today.

Great Lakes Grandes Lagos Mexican Lager

What makes this brew unique? It’s beautiful pink hue provided by the hibiscus flowers added for just a special twist. The hibiscus lends more than just appearance – you’ll get a bit of floral aroma and a bit in the flavor as well. Finally, something different! Pair this with a beautiful Susquehanna River sunset.

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