Shawn Lacy: Pa. Roots Run Deep in Nashville

by: Micah Jacobs
September 6, 2017

Rolling Stone Magazine will tell you he is a Pittsburgh transplant from Nashville, but the truth is Shawn Lacy was born in the Central PA town of Lock Haven — and his versatility is getting him some serious traction in the country music industry.

shawn lacy country music

Regardless of his exact birthplace, it was great to talk to Shawn for a few minutes about his journey through music — from forming a rock band in Pittsburgh to moving to Nashville and playing the local honky-tonks on Broadway Street to touring around the country. Shawn Lacy makes a life and a living out of country music.

MJ: Pittsburgh was obviously a great place to kind of start your music career, tell me a little about joining a band out there.

SL: We started picking up traction out in Pitt, but we knew that if we wanted to keep in the direction we were going and hope to gain more of a success the right decision was to move to Nashville. Nashville is a great city and there is just live music being played constantly around the city.

So you played a lot when you got to Nashville?

We did — we ended up playing all of the local bars and did some type of residency where we would be playing night after night. It was a great learning experience and really made me grow as a musician personally getting to play that much.

Then you eventually broke off on your own?

I started with a duo group called “Shawn & Hobby” in Nashville a little after I moved here about 5 years ago but yeah, eventually started writing my own songs and being in a city like this helps develop your sound and really makes you appreciate the opportunities you get being able to put your music out there for people to hear and even like!

I hear you have a pretty good relationship with a one Zac Brown?

I was fortunate enough to be featured on the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival that Zac Brown throws every year. Now I find myself recording songs in his studio, which is an amazing experience.

You recently released a solo record that was titled The Two EPs. Tell me about that release.

I had a lot of material and we took a lot of my older songs and some of the newer songs that I would write specifically for the record and made it one big release. It was a great experience, very time consuming but it helped me solidify myself as a solo artist.

You spend a lot of time on the road. I ask this of every touring musician, what is your favorite city to play in?

Wow, there have been so many great cities and so many great shows, but I’m going to have to go with Chicago. The music culture in Chicago and the way the crowds react to my music there just make it one of my favorite places to play.

shawn lacy

Shawn is a very humble artist and his dedication to his music has begun to pay off for him. His range is what impresses me the most. His ability to do a party theme song like “Front Porch” all the way to doing an epic emotional, haunting piece such as “Gone Like the Night” (my personal favorite of his) puts him into a crossover style category teetering between blues, rock, and country all at once.

As one of Rolling Stone Magazine‘s Top 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know for 2017, make sure you head on over to Shawn’s website and get familiar with him yourself.

I asked Shawn to make a stop in Harrisburg on his next tour, but in the meantime, check out Spotify for his latest tracks and check out his Facebook page to keep up with his tour dates!

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