Going For 2: Episode 6 — All the Sports Opinions You Never Asked For

by: Jimi The Intern
November 3, 2017

Going For 2: Episode 6 is LIVE!

going for 2 sport podcast

We clearly have football on the mind. Episode 6 is all about the current college football and NFL seasons.

We take a look at the first College Football Playoff rankings and give our thoughts on what the committee got wrong and what they got right in the initial poll. We have a couple of “final thoughts.”

In NFL talk, we try to make sense of the crazy day that was the 2017 NFL trade deadline. Then, we talk about how we see the rest of the season playing out, and what the Steelers need to do to get back to the Super Bowl once again.

We wrap up by discussing the players and teams who have both disappointed us and surprised us this far in the NFL season.

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