Going For 2: Episode 10 — All the Sports Opinions You Never Wanted

by: Jimi The Intern
December 29, 2017

Going For 2: Episode 10 is LIVE!

going for 2 sport podcast

With the premier bowl games on the horizon and the NFL Playoffs starting next week, this episode is heavy on the pigskin with just a dash of hockey talk.

We start with college football and talk about the new early signing day and how it has impacted the landscape of college football already for the 2018 season. The National Championship game is right around the corner and we solidify who we think will be crowned the champs come January 8.

We shift our football focus to the upcoming NFL playoffs and discuss which teams are for real and which teams are pretenders. Can the Eagles make it without Carson Wentz?

Plus, you don’t want to miss what we have to say on the slew of bad calls we’ve seen in the NFL in the last few weeks.

Then, it’s back to hockey with a discussion on the Penguins and what a slow start means for the rest of the season. Is their reign over? How worried are we about this slump?

With the fantasy football season pretty much over, we look ahead (already) to our 2018 season with who we think the top draft picks will be and preview our draft strategy for next season.


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Game Notes

College Football

NFL Playoffs On Deck

Pittsburgh Penguins Panic?

Fantasy Football

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