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Bozich Team

Meet Tierney

When I left for college, I never expected I’d return and call Harrisburg home again. But today, I don’t think any other place would feel the same. You can find me on either shore, whether Harrisburg’s Second Street or Bridge…
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Meet Kelly

Hailing from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., I landed in Harrisburg accidentally after college. Fully intending for it to be temporary, I find myself still here six years later, with no intentions of leaving. Harrisburg is where I developed a love for my true…
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Meet Jeff

Like many people I’ve encountered in my six years in central Pennsylvania, I’m an import to the area – from Scranton (pr: Scran’in). I like my wife, my dog, my guitars, the Philadelphia Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith and the Foo…
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Meet Ashleigh

Miami, Philly, San Francisco, or Boston – like many other optimistic twentysomethings, those were just a few of the cities I had wished to move to post-graduation from West Virginia University. Then inevitably, reality set in – as reality normally…
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