Who are you?

Hi, I’m Sara. Sometimes people recognize me from my column in The Patriot-News. Sometimes people recognize me from my blog. Maybe I’ve seen you in a bar, too - anything is possible.

I’m a full-time writer, and I live in the Harrisburg area with my husband, Andy, and our two pets - Buddy, a German Shorthaired Pointer and Domino, a calico cat. Both of our animals are rescues and were adopted as young adults.

I talk about Andy from time to time. He blogs, too. The pets, try as they might, are still working on their first podcast.

Are you originally from Harrisburg?

Technically, I was raised on the “west shore.” My parents are both from the Pittsburgh area and relocated here in 1977, therefore we bleed black and gold. I lived in Midtown Harrisburg for about 10 years when I returned to the area after college.

Do you get paid for this stuff?

SaraBozich.com began as a hobby, and has grown exponentially in the last few years in an effort to best serve the region. As of the latest redesign, I will now be accepting advertising on SaraBozich.com. There are a number of ways to partner with us depending on your needs and budget, and I'm happy to discuss with you any of these opportunities.

Why do you do it?

I believe the greater Harrisburg region is a unique area that has much more to offer than is often seen. The challenge is in getting the word out to the masses and reminding people to break from their usual routines and to try something new. Many of us are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to forget what else is out there. We have art, live music, sports, interesting food and drink - and much more.

Regarding the expansion of the blog, in particular, I want to provide fresh content and create a fuller experience for readers visiting my site. You can find out what’s new but also read an interview with a touring comedian or musician, get a DIY party idea and tips on what to drink or what to wear while doing it all.

I thought you wrote for The Patriot-News …

SaraBozich.com and my “Out with Sara” column for The Patriot-News started around the same time and are separate. I am a freelance columnist for The Patriot-News and PennLive, and I write “Out with Sara” weekly. It is printed in the “Your Life” section of Friday’s Thursday's newspaper, but appears on PennLive on Thursday Tuesday afternoons.

My “beat” has evolved over the near decade I’ve been writing it. Currently, I cover bar and booze news and events.

I am also the official blogger for the Hershey-Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau. Occasionally, I write Harrisburg-based pieces for Keystone Edge.

Other old clips can be found here.

What’s going on this weekend?

You can get the lowdown on events each Thursday morning in my Weekend Roundup. It lists events for Thursday through Sunday. Sometimes additional days or posts are added for holidays.

I also feature a September Preview for the big fall events each year, as well as an annual list of which bars and restaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in and around Harrisburg.

How can I get my event listed in your Weekend Roundup?

You can send me your event through this handy upload link. Or, email me the event information with as much detail as possible no later than the Tuesday before your event. A corresponding website or Facebook page also is helpful, as my listings are hyperlinked when possible.

Can you give away my tickets/gift cards on your blog?

Giveaways are a great way to promote your event or venue! Please email me for more information.

What’s the deal with SaraBozich.com Happy Hour?

Since July 2011, SaraBozich.com hosts periodic Happy Hours at local establishments. It’s a simple way to perk up your work week, plus meet some new people or just hang with the ones you already know. You’ll also get great drink specials, free snacks and score some fun swag. SaraBozich.com Happy Hours are free and open to the public (though there’s often a perk for RSVPing). Check out the Events page to see when the next #sbhh is happening.

I also host some ticketed events, including the Booze Cruises and a winter Holiday Party.

How can I host your next Happy Hour?

If you’re a local venue owner/manager interested in sponsoring the next SaraBozich.com Happy Hour or similar event, please contact me.