Brew News – February 2015 Edition

by: Tierney Pomone
February 27, 2015
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We’re at the end of February already? That escalated quickly. I was hoping we could get away from the beer drama this month after everything that went down last month, but it seems not to be the case. Don’t worry; I’ll fill you in on everything you missed this month.

Rogue Celebrates 21 Years of Hellboy


Rogue Ales has been busting out some attention-grabbing beers lately between their ongoing Voodoo Donut series, the Sriracha Stout, and now a beer to celebrate Hellboy. For those unfamiliar, Hellboy is a comic book character. His real name is Anung Un Rama and he’s a demon summoned from Hell to Earth by Nazi occultists. He doesn’t like said Nazis and fights against them. It’s hardcore. But, back to the beer: Right Hand of Doom Red Ale will debut this month in 22 oz bottles.

Thrillist Says Craft Beer is Dead because of Goses

Okay, this is some real beer-nerd type stuff. I’m not a huge fan of Thrillist personally, but many people enjoy their beer ranking lists etc. One of their writers decided that because he doesn’t like goses, that this style is killing craft beer and in fact it may already be dead. Cue outrage from the craft beer community both for and against — the only reason I’m talking about it.

For those unfamiliar, a gose (pronounced go-zuh) is a style of beer that originated in Europe and is the beer of many of our ancestors. It is characterized by having a sour and salty flavor. This beer is definitely not for everyone, but I like them, especially Westbrook Gose. Regardless of whether or not you like the beer, making a sweeping generalization implying that craft beer is over because some people like this style and enjoy hunting them down is ludicrous. It’s the same as saying craft beer is dead because people are willing to buy tickets and line up to get one 5oz pour of Pliny the Younger.


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Weekend Roundup 2/26

by: Sara Bozich
February 26, 2015
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Last night, I shut down Moe’s with the girls from the gym. We had a blast, and even dragged out our unsuspecting and youthful trainers to watch us drink and eat all the things we’re not supposed to.

Tonight, I’m sad to miss the Chocolate & Cocktails Harrisburg Social Media Club event at Macris Chocolates, but my duties for the Harrisburg Marathon board call.

It’s been a busy week, so Friday night, I have a strict appointment for my couch with my husband. Maybe some of our favorite sushi.


Saturday morning, I’m live with Bruce Bond from 9 a.m. to noon, then I’m heading over to Cafe Fresco to sample from their coming-soon Saturday brunch preview.

By night, I’ll be live-tweeting/Facebooking the first event at Jigsy’s new “Underground Supper Club.” Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for all the details. And if you want to join — it’s free, and includes wine and beer samples.

Sunday – NOTHING. And I plan to keep it that way.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend? 


5 Running Safety Tips

by: Kelly Leighton
February 25, 2015

Two weeks ago, I was out for my morning run.

I was running the opposite way (against traffic) on a one-way street. As I approached an intersection, so did a car from the side. He had a stop sign, so I made sure he was stopped before I continued through the intersection. As I ran through, he kept inching closer and closer to me. I gave him a “what-are-you-doing-slow-down” kind of hand gesture and kept running.

winter run

A few minutes later, a car began driving down the road towards me. I thought nothing of it, even when the car flashed its lights on me.

Only when he literally ran me off the very wide road — I had to jump up on the sidewalk — did I realize it was the same guy.

I was pretty angry because who does that? But when I got home, my fiancé was the one angry with me. “He could have had a gun and killed you. He could have run you over. There are some crazy people in this world.”

And he’s totally right. I shouldn’t have “provoked” the driver, even if he was in the wrong.

This got me thinking about safety when running. Last year, I wrote a post on winter running safety, and here are just a few updates.

1. Invest in reflective gear.  I am truly embarrassed to admit that I only just purchased a reflective vest last month. There were plenty of times I would be running on the road before dawn and I’d  feel fearful that a car wouldn’t be able to see me. To me, it’s worth the $20 to buy a vest for dark runs. I feel so much better knowing that I am much more visible to drivers.

2. Wear a headlight. Depending on where you run, streetlights aren’t always the most reliable. As I mention often, I fall rather frequently, usually when it’s bright, sunny and perfect weather. When it’s dark out, and the streetlights aren’t working or too dim, you can so easily trip over a pothole or an uneven sidewalk if you can’t see it. The light also allows drivers and other runners to see you.

3. Vary your routes! This is so important. I never, ever run the same route day-to-day or on the same days (i.e every Tuesday, I run my favorite route). Use to create a few new routes. I usually leave mine up on my computer, just in case something were to happen.

4. When in doubt, hit the treadmill. I hate, hate, hate the treadmill. But if I am somewhere I am not familiar with, I will not feel comfortable running alone in the dark. As much as I hate the treadmill, I’d rather be safe.

5. Don’t provoke drivers. Even if they run a stop sign, or a yield sign or almost run you over, it’s not worth it. I get angry too — but as Tim pointed out, there are crazy people out there. It’s not worth it. Vent silently in your head until you get home.

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Craft Pairing: Beer & Jerky

by: Jimi The Intern
February 23, 2015
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Pairing events are by no means new. There was once a day when wine and cheese were the most popular, but today creativity is at a maximum. Whether it’s beer or wine and Girl Scout Cookies or chocolate and spirits, there’s something for everyone.

In fact, there’s another match made in heaven that could potentially dethrone the king: craft beer and beef jerky — yeah, I know.

craft beer jerky

I can’t believe that something like this isn’t being done on a normal basis, but I would like to be one of the first to start the movement.

With so many different flavors of beef jerky and styles of beer, the combinations are endless.

So, Sara and I sat down and gave it a try with three beef jerky flavors from Wild Bill’s and three local brews.

Wild Bill’s is a widely recognized company that can traces its origins back to Balwell’s Butcher Shop in Lancaster. In 1983, they started selling beef jerky out of the store and never looked back. They are famous for the long strips of beef jerky sold in mason jars across the Northeast.

They also have bacon jerky, which I need to try ASAP, and jerky chew.

We just stuck to the jerky but a bacon jerky and beer pairing could be just as awesome.


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