Saving money: Healthy grocery shopping at Aldi

by: Kelly Leighton


If you’re a fan of blogs classified as “healthy living,” you may have noticed an influx of posts as of late about the store Aldi.

I’ll admit, my first impressions of Aldi weren’t that great. There is one about 10 minutes from my parents’ house, but I don’t recall ever going there. For some reason, I always thought it was “dirty.” Also, my great aunt, who is a nun, shops there religiously (uh, pun not intended), and she is known for her, umm, frugalness.

However, after learning of the store’s relation to Trader Joe’s and reading positive reviews of the stores, as well as promises of change, I decided to check it out. What did I have to lose? My boyfriend, Tim, and I already go to three different places for food (Giant, Costco and the farmers market). What was one more? We’re all about getting the best bang for our buck, and we’re both relatively healthy eaters.

So, we set off to the Aldi in Camp Hill, and we were pleasantly surprised. The store was clean, and although small, it was tidy and everything was organized. Here’s what we thought.


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Harrisburg Mall presents: Broadway Showcase March 15

by: Sara Bozich

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Enjoy the talent of some of the area’s best theater performers with a special FREE presentation this Saturday at the Harrisburg Mall.

Running from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Center Court, cast members from some of the best theater programs in the Harrisburg area will perform a special Broadway Showcase for patrons of the Harrisburg Mall.

Broadway Showcase Flyer

Cast members from Bishop McDevitt (Seussical the Musical), Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center (High School Musical Jr), TapNArts Dance Studio (Annie), Open Stage of Harrisburg (hits from various shows and their Wish Upon a Star program), Encore Home School Productions and the Hershey Area Playhouse (Gypsy) are scheduled to sing a selection of songs from their respective shows.

Plus, I’ll be your host for the Broadway Showcase. See you there!

Happy Hour, Running Tools, Spring Beers & more

by: Sara Bozich

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It’s been a pretty stellar weekend so far. We started with Happy Hour at Moe’s (forcing our city friends to the west shore for a soon-to-be-monthly reign), and I followed that up with a marathon shopping day with my mom (our annual birthday tradition), then dinner at Hellenic Kouzina and drinks with good friends.

Me & Mom - before I dropped a hot wing on my shirt.

Me & Mom – before I dropped a hot wing on my shirt.

My plan today is: office work, gym, laundry, read magazines, cook something amazing, cuddle on couch with the dog. Maybe in that order, maybe not.

I don’t know what happened, but it was a light week on the blog, and my desk is filled yet again. I’m still working on finding that balance of desk time and in-person time. Any tips from those of you with similar schedules?

By the way, if you haven’t yet — “spring forward” your clocks and watches.

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Spring Beers Have Sprung

by: Tierney Pomone

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Does anyone else feel like this is the winter that just will not die? To beat my winter blahs I’ve been focusing on the fact that spring is just right around the corner. When warmer weather comes knocking, spring beers answer the door with crispy hops and lighter body than their winter counterparts. This year, you can look forward to the return of great annual releases as well as a few new faces joining the crowd.

First oberon 2013

In the “oldie but a goodie category” I’m leading off with my all-time favorite warmer weather brew Bell’s Oberon. My ode to this ale gets longer and longer each year, but nothing will make you feel better than a nice cold one of these on that first day when the air smells fresh again. I like to think of it as a less-intense wheat beer. Think Dreamweaver-light. Oberon is a wheat ale brewed with a spicy hop build creating a bit of peppery-ness but is balanced completely by its smooth citrus flavor leaving a hint of orange in the finish. While Bell’s claims this is their summer seasonal it’s early arrival on March 24 makes it a spring brew in my book.


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