Steelers Week 16: Cheers, Jeers & Fears

Playoff scenarios can be confusing.

Right now people are talking about the Steelers as if they have already hoisted the Lombardi trophy over their head. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the Steelers still aren’t even locked into a spot in the postseason.

A loss this week coupled with a Jets win will push the Steelers out of the last spot.

This week I will look at the playoff chances of the Steelers by examining their game and all other games important to the Steelers in cheers, jeer and fears.


I really don’t want to speak too soon, but the Steelers do not have the most challenging road ahead to get to the playoffs.

(Isn’t he so cute?)

The most challenging things about the two remaining games are that they come against division rivals who would love nothing more than to knock the black and gold from contention.

Not to mention both are away from Heinz.

Baltimore and Cleveland are both in a legitimate race for the worst record in the league.


I kind of hate that I have to root for the Patriots and Browns this week. I just feel dirty.

The truth is that both of these teams play games that will mean a great deal to the Steelers playoff hopes.

A Steelers win and a Jets loss will cement Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

If both win the Steelers will still hold the tiebreaker.

A Steelers win and a Chiefs loss will actually push Pittsburgh into the favorable fifth seed in the AFC. That team will take on the winner of the lowly AFC South. Probably Houston.

If both win the picture will look the same.

BONUS: Denver v Cincinnati is a huge game potentially.

If the Steelers win and the Bengals lose on Monday night, it will only put the Steelers one game back of the Bengals for a second straight AFC North title.

It’s a bit of a long shot, but it’s something to keep your eye on.


My fears this week lie firmly with my own acceptance that this team is playing this well. I keep thinking they are going to screw it up somehow.

I thought that “aha!” moment was going to be last week when the defense made Brock Osweiler look like, well, Big Ben for the first half.

But, the defense got off their asses and pitched a shutout in the second half, which is something I never thought could happen.

These last two games scare me for the simple fact that I still can’t believe in this team.

Maybe if I see it in person, like I will be this weekend, I will feel a little more at ease like my surrounding Steelers fans seem to be.

Jets will lose and the Steelers will lock in a playoff spot with a 31-17 win on the road.

I’ll be at the game so follow my Twitter and Instagram for all the beers, score and updates from “The Big Crabcake.”

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Brew News: December 2015

What a crazy year 2015 has been! This is the last brew news of the year, if you’ve missed anything or need a digest (or something to do this weekend) I’ve linked them all at the bottom. Let’s not waste anymore time, here’s what happened this December.


AB-In Bev Continues Their Shopping Spree

Holy guacamole, there have been a LOT of  brewery buyouts this year! I still maintain my stance that I will still drink their beers so long as the quality is there, but many disagree. Spreading knowledge is my goal, so for the sake of full disclosure as well as giving you your own personal tidbit of information, please know that three breweries were purchased by AB-InBev this month. Yes, three all within a few weeks of each other.

breckenridge ophelia

The biggest disappointment comes from Breckenridge, brewer of the almighty Vanilla Porter among others, which announced their purchase just a few days ago. Earlier in the month both Camden Town Brewery (London) and Four Peaks (AZ) also announced their purchases. Looks like AB-InBev finished up their Christmas shopping just in time.

The most shocking rumor though isn’t of a completed purchase, but a potential purchase. New Belgium, who has been proudly employee-owned for two years, could be next on the auction block. There are rumors that they are accepting offers for purchase, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. This will be the one to watch in 2016.

Millbock to Boneshire


We all knew that the masterminds behind Millbock wouldn’t sit around and never brew again. Albert DeBock has been seen brewing over at ABC. Alan Miller, the other half, will be relaunching as Boneshire Brewing in the coming year. Boneshire will be over on Derry St, an area just begging for some good beer. You may have already seen Boneshire at a few brew fests over the past few months. Since they announced the location, I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag. They’re already brewing up some great stuff, and we can’t wait to check them out!

2015: Year of the Gose

The salty beverage that most either find to be refreshing on a hot day or to disgustingly taste like sweat is the brew of the year. Google and Foursquare combined their data caches to determine what food and beverages we’ve been searching for and talking about most. Craft beer on its own made the list, but surprisingly it was Gose specifically that we’ve been hype about.

anderson valley blood orange gose

There are many reasons for this; for starters goses really took off this year with many breweries branching into them. With goses being a relatively new style to most, of course people are going to be Googling away to figure out what they are. Also, goses became a hot commodity, especially Westbrook’s and Lost Nation’s, so travelers are trying to seek them out both for their own consumption as well as to haul.

Along with ‘gose’, ‘grapefruit beer’ also topped the list along with Sweetwater 420 and Miller High Life. Check out the full list here.

Miss something? Here’s all my beer news for 2015:

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Merry Christmas, Baby

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

sara hayes xmas

Keri and I failed at getting our traditional Christmas Eve photo, so this is me and my nephew, Hayes, instead!

I’m planning to take a little time off over the remainder of the year to recoup and plan for 2016. Here are some things to keep you busy ’til we return full force:

Follow us:

Plan your holiday:

Have a safe and wonderful holiday from everyone at! As always, please celebrate responsibly.

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Weekend Roundup: Christmas Eve Edition

My sis is in town! We met last night for a quick lip demo at Carmina Cristina Makeup Boutique in Camp Hill and took home our fair share of loot.

carmina cristina makeup

My Christmas gift to myself was sleeping in today (and I guess that makeup!), so there is that.

xmas dogs andy

I still haven’t wrapped one single Christmas present, so I guess that’s on my list today. Think I’ll probably drink some Pizza Boy Honeycrisp and eat some cookies while I do it. I also plan to drag my sis out to Midtown to see what our ‘Burg has to offer at some point.

Of course, it’s Christmas, and then we’re headed to my in-laws in Elk for the weekend.

Bars open tonight and tomorrow


What are you doing this weekend?


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