Spirits + Sushi June 19

by: Sara Bozich


Join SaraBozich.com for a special sushi and spirits pairing at the Fusion Fire Asian Restaurant at 7 p.m. on June 19. This special prix fixe menu has been paired with organic cocktails, courtesy of Keystone State Wine &  Spirits.

Tickets are just $35 for a 3-course dinner and cocktails! RSVP here. SOLD OUT.


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Sunday School: Flemish Reds & Ports

The following is a part of a guest series authored by Lauren Gutshall on discovering new wines and beers.

When most people order a dessert-like drink, they turn to either sugary, neon-colored libations or a good espresso martini to finish the night. But there are plenty of beers and wines that satisfy the need for that little something sweet.

My preferred after-dinner drink is a small glass of 20 or 30- year tawny port, especially if it comes after an amazing culinary experience. I could devote several weeks of “Sunday School” to the many nuances of port, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll focus on the basics.


Let’s start with the most fundamental issue: true ports must be produced in the Douro Valley region of Portugal. Wineries in other countries may produce port-style wines, but like champagne, the name port is used exclusively for the fortified wine made in a specific “demarcated” region of Portugal. Port was named in the late 17th century for the town of Porto, where most of the wine was exported to other areas of Europe, particularly England. In fact, port producers are called shippers.


This week on SaraBozich.com

Hey, so this is coming a bit late, but it’s my blog so, so what, right? I had my final road trip this weekend, a there-and-back to Pittsburgh for my cousin’s wedding. It was beautiful – the bride gorgeous (her dress stunning) – and a terrific party. While they head out for a family vacation in Vermilion, OH, we’re back and ready for June.

This Wednesday is the 2nd annual Booze Cruise! I’m excited, and the weather looks perfect (knock on wood). If you have tickets, be sure to read the informational email that went out last week. If you lost it, deleted it or for some reason never got it — click here.


I’m also stoked for Little Amps new location at State & Second Sts. to open on Monday! Not only is this more central to the working masses in downtown Harrisburg, but it also has later hours. Cool off on Monday with an Iced Beehouse Pourover, my personal choice for the hot weather. It’s equivalent to an iced coffee.

OK, let’s catch up on last week so I can dive into this one:

From PennLive/The Patriot-News:

More original content:

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8+ Summer cocktails to try

by: Tierney Pomone

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Well hello summer weather and a nice 90 degree day! What better way to cool down and unwind on a hot day than with a cool refreshing summer cocktail. Whether your drink of choice is something sweet or more traditional, summer offers a variety of seasonal flavors perfect for happy hours and parties. 

tierney cocktailLooking for a fun party drink? This summer, think fizzy with champagne or club soda for a little added flair.

One of my favorite summer flavors is mango, so this Mango-Peach Fizz recipe sounds delightful. All you need is some pureed mangos and peaches, fruit juice and champagne. Brunch anyone? Also, check out this recipe for Sparkling Pomegranate Punch. It’s a little bit like sangria but with a champagne pizzazz.

Speaking of sangria, is there anything more quintessential when lounging poolside? There are many different ways to make sangria based on your individual taste, but classic sangria can be made with red wine, brandy, orange or lemon wedges and a little bit of sugar. I find this to be a little bit heavy myself so I usually opt for a lighter peach sangria. I use chilled white wine instead of red, peach vodka, and sliced peaches and grapes in my pitcher.


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Weekend Roundup 5/30

by: Sara Bozich

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I’m still running a bit crazy from recent travel, but I had a great time in Indiana last weekend. My longtime partner-in-crime is actually coming home next month, and we’re looking to recreate our barhopping days of yore (for one night that is).

Tonight, I’m making the most of the good weather with a long overdue Happy Hour on the Train Wreck Deck at Flinchy’s. Friday, we have friends’ non-wedding reception at the Abbey Bar (bluegrass + beer = let the good times roll), and on Saturday, we’re on the road for a family wedding in Pittsburgh. And then back home, for real. For a long time. Phew.

Things I’m loving right now:

  1. Iced Beehouse Pourover at Little Amps

    Iced Beehouse Pourover at Little Amps

    Alter Ego Brewing Co. beers — Read this for info and upcoming tasting events.

  2. Justified – Andy and I just started watching this FX original series (seasons 1-3 streaming free on Amazon Prime) and are totally hooked. Not sure what I’m going to do until season 4 is available!
  3. Little Amps Iced Beehouse Pourover (bonus points for terrific company and bellowing laughs).
  4. Big KIST Boutique sale this week – I snagged this, this and this – all at 30% off. Use code “Memorial.” (Always free shipping.)
  5. It’s almost tomato season! I’m planting 5 kinds (accidentally got two Brandywine) and already have Early Girls ready to ripen.

What are you doing this weekend? 


{Getaway} Burlington, VT

by: Kelly Leighton

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When my boyfriend, Tim, and I first started planning our Memorial Day weekend trip to Burlington, Vermont, I envisioned spending the mornings running through the scenic town and then hiking for miles at the state parks. Then we’d spend the afternoons tasting the wines, ciders and craft beers Vermont is known for.

citizen cider3

Unfortunately, the weather deterred most of our plans. The temperatures dropped to the low 40s for the weekend, with strong wind gusts, and it pretty much poured the entire time. So, we instead devoted our days to tastings and tours.

Vermont is about 350 miles from Harrisburg, but even with the crappy weather, it was well worth the travel time.

Here were some of my favorite stops:


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