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An Ode to Nugget Nectar

It’s that time of year again in central Pa. — Tröegs Nugget Nectar has returned!

nugget sara t

At one point in my beer-loving life, Nugget Nectar could get you just about anything in the trading world. People were calling it the Pliny the Elder of the East Coast. Nugget was gold. Now, we have Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine, and it’s like everyone forgot about the squeeze of hops. Let’s not forget the beer from whence we came.

I’ve been reading about everyone drinking Nugget Nectar since it launched earlier this week locally. Too many people are upset that it’s “just an amber” and wondering “where are the hops?” It’s more of a reflection on what beer has become for all of us.

I remember the first time I tried KBS after all the hype around it and thinking, “I mean it’s great, but you guys are treating it like gold. Why?” Great beers surround us constantly, it’s easy to lose sight of what built the base of the craft beer pyramid. I love coffee stouts, especially barrel-aged coffee stouts. I sit here now drinking Victory Java Cask, allowing it in my mind to blow away so many others that came before it. But, wasn’t bourbon barrel-aged Sunny Side Up great, too? Wasn’t Sunday Morning stout also great? Don’t all of them deserve to be on the same level?

Nugget Nectar is just as great as it’s always been. Trust me. Don’t let the haters steer you away from what has consistently been a solid beer for years.

Each person’s tastes change over time. Your palate changes over time. I’m addicted to citrusy and tropical IPAs, so for me, Nugget hasn’t always been my favorite. That doesn’t mean it’s not a solid brew. I had one with Sara on Wednesday night and found myself swept right back into why I loved it in the first place. Those earthy hop flavors mingled perfectly with a hint of pine matched nicely with an unaggressive malt bill. It’s a West Coast style brew if you ask me, and for many of us, those are beers from the past.

We’re drinking the saison + IPA hybrids from Tired Hands and Vermont these days. Many are moving into sours. To make a “West Coast” IPA is boarder line passé. Oh, I’m sorry, Tröegs classifies it as an “amber ale,” but we all know better. It doesn’t matter what they want to call it, what matters is what we do with it.

The key to Nugget is to drink it fresh. If you see a sad soldier at a bar a few months from now, that’s not the best representation of this beer. Drink it now. Go to events that have it kegged for barely even 24 hours, if that. Get it in a fresh firkin. Don’t age it, don’t even THINK about aging it. Drink. It. Now.

This is my ode to a beer that is worth every word. This is my ode to a hoppy beer outside of the flavor profile that I prefer that I still have a special in my place for. This is my hope that you go get one now.

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Divisional Round Steelers: Cheers, Jeers & Fears

A game like we all witnessed last weekend is a once in a lifetime occurrence. There is a new heated rivalry in the AFC North, there is no question about that.

Pittsburgh now plays in a division where they have three legitimate rivals they have to play at a minimum twice a year. The past two years they have had to play at least one team three times.

It’s something that no other team has to deal with in any other division.

It took everything the Steelers had (thank you Joey Porter) to get past the Bungles and onto Denver for a divisional match-up with Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

My cheers, jeers and fears this week are on how — unlike in 2005 — the Steelers are limping into the second round of the playoffs.


There is a chance that De’Angelo Williams is done for the season. It’s not certain, but his status has been clouded since the end of the Cleveland game.

I thought the loss of Williams spelled doom for the Steelers playoff chances, but Fitz Toussaint and Jordan Todman proved me wrong by putting up 167 total rushing yards, with a little help from Martavis Bryant.

Denver’s defense is a completely different monster, however. It will be extremely tough sledding against them this week.


I still can’t figure out this team. If you would have told me the Steelers rushed for 167 yards without Bell or Williams against a good Bengals defense, I would have though the final was 30-17.

But, for some reason this passing attack has been on life support for the past three games. They went from scoring at will to struggling to put up 20 points.

Denver has an awesome defense that Pittsburgh seemed to figure out in their first meeting this year. They will be looking for revenge while the Steelers will just be looking for some yards.


I think the fears for this week are obvious. If Ben and AB do not play there is no way that Pittsburgh can win this game.

Landry Jones, who played well during the season, has never faced a defense like this. It’s not going to be pretty if No. 7 can’t suit up.

If AB doesn’t play, it will be even uglier. Pittsburgh still has talent other than Brown, but he makes that offense go and is a huge focal point of any team to allow other players to make plays.

Ben playing without Brown isn’t a desirable combination either, although it is better than the alternative.

My two cents is that both Ben and AB are going to play. Two things showed me that Ben was going to be okay.

He took a hit directly to his armpit shortly after reentering the game and he shook it off like Taylor Swift.

Then, while AB was writhing on the field and everyone was losing their minds over the Burfict hit, I was more fixated on the laser that Ben delivered in his direction.

Watch it here and tell me that ball doesn’t look like it was shot out of a cannon.

For these reasons, it’s hard for me to make a prediction this week. There are so many question marks, but there is one certain fact.

If Ben doesn’t play, they have no chance. Broncos win 31-14.

But, with Ben anything is possible. Steelers win 27-21.

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Weekend Roundup 1/14

I’m kind of in the mood for a blizzard. Or a just a foot of snow would do. Maybe even a half a foot. We have a really low key weekend coming up, and it’d be nice to be snowed in for it. Doesn’t seem to be the forecast, however.

Buddy snow

Tonight, we’re joining friends for a friendly newly rotating poker night. I’ve never played Texas Hold’em, but hey, why not start now.

Friday we may or may not head to State College for some Penn State Wrestling, and Saturday is 100% plan free, which is awesome.

And of course, Sunday Sunday Sunday: Playoffs baby. It’s not going to be pretty.


What are you doing this weekend?


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