Cinco de Beero

by: Jimi The Intern
May 4, 2016

Cinco de Mayo is just a few days away, and while I will be probably having my fair share of blue agave nectar, commonly known as tequila, it would be hard to imbibe on it for the whole day. So, I’ll need to pepper in a few beers to keep my palate fresh and me on my feet.

You could always go with the usual Corona or Dos Equis for the celebration, that’s expected. But what if you went a little outside of the box to try a few Mexican-style lagers created by American craft breweries?

First things first: What is a traditional Mexican-style beer?

In the late 1800s, many Europeans flocked to the would-be areas of Texas and Mexico to settle in the new world. The Germans brought with them their brewing heritage, and one of the first mass-produced beers in Mexico resembled a Vienna Lager, a darker lager, rather than the lighter version we are used to today.

That product came when Mexico’s first large scale brewery, Cerveceria Cuauhtémoc, opened in 1891 and began producing the more Czech-style Bohemian lager we associate with beers like Corona, Sol and the ones that American craft brewers are making there own.

Here are a few refreshing picks to consider on Cinco de Mayo and through out the summer.

Brewery at Hershey Lageritaville


If you watched the “Brewers Read Mean Untappd Reviews” you saw someone describe this as a “Sh**** Corona.” I can say for certain that this is one of my favorite beers during the summer. Brewery at Hershey’s Lageritaville drinks like a light lager with a lot of taste and pairs perfect with a lime on the rim. Grab one during a hot night at the Decked Out LIVE! summer concert series. (Clearly the boss enjoys it too!)

Flying Dog Numero Uno Summer Cerveza


Numero Uno is a light lager that takes an interesting twist on the traditional Mexican lager style by adding flaked oats and — more importantly — blue agave at the end of the boil to give it zesty and thirst-quenching finish at the end of every sip. It is a beer that can be enjoyed over and over again at only 4.9%

Another great aspect of all of these beers is keeping the alcohol low without sacrificing taste. It is perfect for long, hot summer days at the beach, BBQ or just to enjoy after mowing the lawn for hours.

Oskar Blues Beerito

A perfect example of how low alcohol doesn’t mean lack of taste. At 4% ABV, Beerito has a great crisp taste from the combination of the craft malts and Noble hops. The malts do give the beer a slightly darker color and impart flavors of toasted bread, plum and walnuts. This is the only one that is currently available in cans, which makes it perfect for a summer party.

Another way to enjoy Mexican beer is by drinking a traditional Mexican drink– the Michelada. The Michelada is a beer cocktail that requires a Mexican lager, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, Maggi or soy sauce and lime.

Here is a recipe to try at home:

  • Rim the glass with salt
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1.5 cups of Mexican lager of your choice (this is where it would be okay to use Corona)
  • 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 teaspoons of hot sauce (or more if you’re like me)
  • 1 teaspoon of Maggi or soy sauce
  • Garnish with freshly ground black pepper

These beers don’t have to go away after the 5th. All are perfect summer beers because of the light, crisp and refreshing taste each one offers. If you’re not a beer person, we won’t mind if you drink a few margaritas instead, either.

Also keep an eye on ZeroDay’s social media. There’s rumors that brewer Theo has something special up his diabolic brewing sleeves.


What will you be drinking this Cinco De Mayo?

It’s Not Too Late: 2016 Spring Race Roundup

by: Kelly Leighton
May 4, 2016

I know we’re halfway through spring, but considering it was snowing at the beginning of April, it’s hard to believe. Very belatedly, here is a roundup of what races are left in the mid-state.

kelly run race

As usual, this is not an all-inclusive list. Let me know what you’re doing and what I’ve missed!





Half Marathon



  • Mudmash, Harrisburg, June 17-18, times vary

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Colebrook Road Album Release Show at the Abbey Bar this Saturday

by: Jimi The Intern
May 3, 2016

coverimage-300x266Harrisburg’s own bluegrass ensemble, Colebrook Road, describes their music as “hard-driving original bluegrass music that blurs the line between traditions and modern tonalities.”

This statement rings true through the first couple of tracks of their brand new studio album, Halfway Between, which will be released during this Saturday’s show and release party at The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company.


  • Cole Brook Road CD Release Party with special guest Mountain Ride
  • Doors 8 p.m.; Show 9 p.m.
  • BUY TIX – $7 advance; $10 day of show

The band considers this second album to be better than their debut album in every way, with the exception for maybe the lyrics. With this recording, they chose to forgo the basement studio of their lead singer Jesse Eisenbise for a professional recording studio. Colebrook Road kept it local when recording by choosing Sugar Tank Studios, the studio located in the basement of Tellus360 in Lancaster.

After listening to just two tracks from the new album, it is clear that this version of Colebrook Road has a more professional feel and sound.

Colebrook Road

Colebrook Road’s second album has 10 original recordings plus a bonus live track. The band feels that the new album is more progressive compared to their 2012 release, which was more standard bluegrass.

Halfway Between, the title track of the album, features a driving rhythmic guitar and bass vamp with plenty of banjo, violin and mandolin overlay along with a four-part vocal harmony.

Bright Angel, named after a trail through the Grand Canyon, slows the tempo down with out sacrificing the hard-driving feeling that is one of the band’s signatures. The guitar, banjo and mandolin soloists show their true talent through out the song.

The remaining track list:

  • The Road We Travel
  • Feel the Burn
  • The Fleeting Day
  • Oh My Love
  • Tear Drop Falls
  • Hey Girl
  • Up in the Mountains
  • Shallow River Blues
  • Sun Up, Sun Down (live recording from Podunk Music Festival)

If you preorder the album from their website, you will have the opportunity to pick it up as soon as you walk into the show. You will also have the opportunity to purchase the band’s sophomore album during the concert as well.

The members of Colebrook Road are:

  • Jesse Eisenbise – lead vocals & guitar
  • Wade Yanke – mandolin
  • Joe McAnulty – fiddle & baritone vocals
  • Mark Rast – banjo, dobro & bass vocals
  • Jeff Campbell – upright bass & tenor vocals

Since 2009, Colebrook Road has been playing their unique brand of bluegrass all over Harrisburg and expanded to reach audiences through out the region. Earlier this year, they won the 2016 Bluegrass Union’s Mid Atlantic band contest in Washington D.C.

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3 Better Mother’s Day Ideas Than Brunch

by: Sara Bozich
May 2, 2016


I’m basically the worst daughter ever, having been too sick to go to Pittsburgh this weekend for Mom’s birthday, and I’ll be at the beach for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, I have the best mother, and she’s incredibly understanding. I have several plans to make this up to her, including an afternoon of wineing, our annual Ashcombe trip, and more.

Don’t be like me. Consider one or more of these Mother’s Day treats for you mother this Sunday — YES, it’s THIS Sunday, people. Get a calendar.

And for the love of god, call your mom. Now. Don’t you dare with the Facebook update. CALL HER ON THE PHONE. Extra points for landline usage on either end.

Sara’s Best Mother’s Day Recommendations

Think beyond brunch: Hit up her hobbies

Look, Mom deserves more. She just wants you to spend some time with her. Or to freaking CALL her regularly. So, rather than join a long list of families shuffling in and out of busy restaurants this Sunday, why not choose something a little more interesting. (Hey, if mom wants brunch, more power to her — look for my roundup of brunches in the Weekend Roundup on Thursday).

My mom and I like to garden (she is WAY better at it than I am, but has the best tips), so one of our annual traditions this time of year is to visit Ashcombe and spend an embarrassing amount of money on vegetables, flowers and whatever else we find. We usually start with a Bloody Mary at T.J. Rockwell’s, because, well, that’s how we roll. Then, later we split a giant peanut butter cookie at Ashcombe (because shopping really works up an appetite). By the end, we’re too tired for much else, and head home to unpack our haul.

Another tip for those of you with moms who enjoy gardening: Moms get free admission to Hershey Gardens on Mother’s Day. Tie this in with a meal at her favorite Hershey spot, and you’re set.

wine and crackers

Muffins for Mom at The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey

For a nice low-key, but special afternoon, treat mom to a flight of muffins paired with her choice of handcrafted local brews or wine at The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey.

For a bargain $7.50 in advance ($10 at the door), you’ll enjoy a flight including:

  • Blueberry Muffin paired with Pom Beach, Chambourcin, or Blackberry Port
  • Banana Muffin paired with Weize Guy Hefe, Oaked Chardonnay, or Sparkling Moscato
  • Apple Muffin paired with Central Pale Ale, Dry Riesling, or Sweet Riesling

Live music runs 2-5 p.m., so you can kick-back and relax the afternoon away, spending some QT with the woman who birthed you.

»» Reserve Now

Turn the tables: Cook for mom (Includes a How-To)

Hey, you. How often do you have your mother over for dinner? How many meals has that tired woman made you over the years? Yeah, yeah I know she likes it. But today, how ’bout instead of getting a free (or conversely, an overpriced) meal out, why don’t you show off those recipes you’ve been yapping about?

OK, let me break it down: Get a bottle of something light and a tiny bit sparkling to start, like a Vinho Verde (bonus: they’re notoriously cheap), plus a nice plate of cheese. Don’t know what you’re doing? Step away from the Cracker Barrel, and go to Wegmans and pick up one of those pre-made cheese plates. Put it on a pretty plate at home, and done.

For the main meal, stay simple. Roasting a chicken is so simple it’s a wonder we’re not all taught how to do this at age 10. Rub that baby with butter (under the skin) and stick some lemon slices inside and roast ‘er. I’m not kidding, that is how you roast a chicken. Done. Wine? A nice pinot noir will be perfect.

Mom wants vegetables. I prefer all of mine roasted. They’re tastier and so so easy. Sprinkle something green (asparagus, tips snapped off; or brussels sprouts, halved) with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and some olive oil. Stick it in the oven for a bit. Snack on those super browned, crunchy brussels sprout leaves when no one is looking — Mmmm!

Oven-challenged? Make a nice salad: Use Bibb lettuce and chop up (smaller than you think) some nice looking veggies — celery, scallions are mandatory — maybe some thin-sliced radishes or shredded carrots (not for my mom!) for color. I also love a pop of black olives. Toss with some olive oil and vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar.

Look at you: Your stock has risen. 

Bonus: Make this dessert. It’s easier than it seems, and mom will be so impressed.

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