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Sneak Peek of KIST’s Spring/Summer Handbags

Sneak peek of KIST Boutique’s spring/summer handbags:

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momobbqAnother busy week for the books! Last night, Andy, Kelly, Kirsten and I blew off some steam with $2 Coors Light pints at MoMo’s BBQ Grill and some of their tremendous barbecue (I had the MoMo’s “Burger,” while Andy got a beef brisket sandwich).

This off-the-beaten path bar and restaurant is perfect for happy hour (they also had a handful of half-price apps), dinner — or what we’ll do next time: Friday Blues & BBQ with live music starting at 8 p.m.

Meanwhile, it was a busy week on I recapped some of our wedding vendors in celebration of our one year anniversary last Sunday, and Kelly’s hashing article pretty much exploded. Meanwhile, Jeff says “yes” to new PSU coach Bill O’Brien.

Plus – I’ll give you the weekend to enter Greenbelt Events’ latest giveaway – two tickets each to two shows at the Whitaker this month!

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Out with Sara: Bars offer specials for NFL playoffs


Out with Sara: Central Pennsylvania bars offer drink, food specials for NFL playoffs |

While most local fans no longer have a horse in the race, the NFL playoffs are still worth watching because the winner, of course, goes to the big dance — the Super Bowl. Divisional playoffs start this Saturday and Sunday, followed by conference championships next Sunday — all culminating on Feb. 5 with the Super Bowl.

Naturally, the area’s many sports bars (and even those without that specific designation) are ready to support your food, beverage and viewing needs this weekend and beyond.


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Wedding Vendors: Klose Photography

I’ve been admiring Cyndi Klose’s photography work since early 2007, when a work friend shared her blog with us. She had wanted her for her own wedding at the Milestone Inn, but Klose was booked on that date. I loved her photos so much I subscribed to her blog (I think we all did).

Andy and I were together for a few years before we got engaged, but there were only a few elements I had planned for my future wedding. No. 1 – I wanted my first dance to be “Gotta Get You Into My Life” by Earth Wind and Fire, and No. 2 – I wanted Klose Photography as my wedding photographer.

(My no. 3 was The Impact Band to play our wedding, but they were booked! In January!)

We met with Cyndi, who – much to my surprise – was super excited for our winter wedding. (Not everyone else felt the same way.) Cyndi is an admitted lover of all things winter, but apparently it’s the natural lighting is so nice – and wedding photographers rarely get the chance to shoot in winter light.

We complicated things (of course) by getting married at twilight because this genius (hi!) thought that would be pretty. We did get the most remarkable post-ceremony shot.



Weekend Roundup 1/12

This guy says, "This room needs to be renovated."My goal is to paint our bedroom this weekend. The room really needs some work. It’s basically been a disaster area since we moved in.

Since this is not a home decor blog, I won’t waste too many words on this, but basically, I’m going to throw some light blue paint on the walls (except for slate gray behind the bed – a faux headboard), finally fix our curtains, put up a new mirror (thank you TJ Maxx for the $33 beauty), afix shelves and artwork and change out the comforter and shams with prettier ones from West Elm. If I could manage to fully clean out both mine and my husband’s clutter-filled closets, it would be a full renovation.

For fun, check out our kitchen remodel when we first moved in.

As fascinating as all of that sounds, Friday night, my girlfriend wants to get drinks – but we are both on a serious BUDGET, so we’re looking for something cheap. I’ll let you know where we end up!

How are you spending the three-day weekend?


Wedding Vendors: Taylored for You

IMG_5508-bw-crop If I had just one small wedding do-over wish, it would be to have started my dress search at Taylored for You. Owner Taylor grew up and operates her shop in Mechanicsburg. Her mom helps out, along with a small staff of pleasant women who lacked the snobby 'tude found in some bridal shops.

The search for my wedding dress is a long, exhaustive tale. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I had organized a day with my in-town bridesmaids to check out some bridesmaid dresses we'd spied online. Our first stop was a shop in E-town, where the first dress tried on ended up being our selection. However, the day did not end so easily. It was here where my girlfriends suggested I try on some wedding gowns, even though the day wasn't meant to be about me.

I tried really hard to be cheap about my dress. I couldn't imagine spending as much as they do on Say Yes to the Dress (with which I was obsessed at the time), but I had a lot of trouble getting into the experience at David's Bridal. By this time in the process, I'd also tried on dresses at Gowns by Design (out of my price range) and Tara's (just didn't find anything for me).


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Running + Drinking = Hashing?

Photo 1 (4)Sweat was pouring down my face as I jumped over branches and climbed over tree trunks, desperately looking for a clump of flour.

It was in the middle of the afternoon Saturday and we had somehow gotten lost off of the trail. By "somehow," I mean we had come to a fork in the road and decided to follow a man wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt and carrying a trombone into a wooded area instead of following the rest of the pack on gravel.

After running for about a half of a mile with no sight of a flour clump, we accepted our defeat and backtracked to where we had first lost the trail. Almost immediately, we knew we were back on course, as we were greeted by a beer stop with about 30 other runners. I have never been so pleased to see so many sweaty people and so many jugs of beer.

My friends and I had dropped in on a free run organized by the Harrisburg-Hershey Hash House Harriers (known as H5 or Harrisburg Hershey H3). I was having the time of my life, combining my two favorite things: drinking and running – I was hashing.

Hashing is a culture rooted in tradition, and as a newbie, I wasn't sure what that meant – or what I was in for. But I can share some of what I learned.



Wedding Vendors: Event Central

I’ve known Scott Schultz, VP of Event Central, since my early days ordering stage parts and makeshift sidewalk tents for 5:01 Downtown, Wanda’s and Eclipse, when I was Ron Kamionka’s Girl Friday. Back then, Event Central had just a small storefront in Harrisburg.

Scott gave me quite a bit of grief about planning a winter wedding. As you’ve seen, they’re all about those big, white tents at Event Central, and as Scott told me, “We love summer weddings!”

image from lh3.googleusercontent.comBut Scott had invited me on a tour of their new warehouse in Mechanicsburg, which showcases an impressive collection of linens, seating, tables and a host of other items I would never think to rent (popcorn machine? I think so!). And of course, those big tents – and their super cool giant tent washing machine.

While there, some inspiration struck. I wanted to amp up our table dressings. White or ivory wasn’t going to do it for me, and our hall’s somewhat dated decor was a bit of a downer.

I selected linens in my colors (hot pink and navy blue), and I brought up chair covers. Chair covers are, among other things, an expensive way to hide an otherwise ugly chair. But what if you just replace the chairs?, Scott suggested. He showed me the Chiavari chairs Event Central also now provides, and I was sold.

Chiavari chairs come in several colors – Event Central at the time had black, silver and gold. Silver was our “accent” color (I want to punch myself just for typing that, but it’s true), so we were thrilled. My husband still calls them “our chairs” when he catches a glimpse of them on TV or somewhere in real life.

As you can see a bit in the pic our wedding coordinator snapped, they transformed the room wonderfully.

If you’re searching for inspiration for your event, you can schedule a warehouse tour at Event Central – or, visit their new website, ReadyEventGo, which is dedicated to just this sort of thing. Please tell Scott (or Scott) that I sent you.

You also can find Event Central on Twitter and Facebook.

Plus, Event Central already has given away four Felicita gift cards to readers, and we hope to partner with them again this wedding season. Enjoy!


We Should … Support Bill O’Brien

Two months ago, there were few bigger critics of Penn State's handling of the Joe Paterno firing than me. After 46 years as the iconic and record-breaking head coach of the Nittany Lions, JoePa deserved better than firing by phone call. Joe Paterno was Penn State and Penn State was Joe Paterno for the better part of the past century.

And while most Penn State football fans wanted to see JoePa triumphantly carried off the field one final time, it wasn't in the cards.

Penn State needed to distance itself from the old regime, and Penn State football needed a new direction. Not only from an image restoration standpoint, but a football standpoint as well.

By all accounts, Tom Bradley (named interim head coach following Paterno's firing) is a great football coach and a better person. However, coaching on Paterno's staff for the past 37 seasons, Bradley would have likely just kept this train of mediocrity rolling with the same offense, same coaches, same gameplans … almost like Paterno never left.

image from i.huffpost.comPenn State needed to look further than its own backyard to fill what became a pretty undesirable head coaching position. After I'm sure what was a wide-ranging search, Penn State hired New England Patriots' offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien as the next head football coach.

Almost immediately after it was reported, Twitter blew up and any outsider could have assumed Penn State hired Casey Anthony. No backlash was more widely reported than that of former Penn State All-American linebacker LaVar Arrington. I understand loyalty as much as the next guy, but Arrington was out-of-line. Supporting Tom Bradley is one thing, not giving Bill O'Brien a fair chance because of it is nonsense.

So who is Bill O'Brien?



Wedding Vendors: Park Inn Harrisburg West

IMG_0147_2When Andy and I began our wedding planning, one of the early pieces of business was where. I wrote a post about our decision here, where you can see where the money talked. Everyone is different and has different needs. We paid for our wedding on our own, so money was a major factor. The second consideration was ease of use for our guests, the majority of whom (like Andy's entire family and my extended family) were traveling from out of town.

At first, I admit I had a few reservations about getting married in the same ballroom where I attended my prom (friends kept saying, "Sara, just stop telling people that!"), but the reality is, the wedding packages at the now-Park Inn Harrisburg West are probably the best value in the area.

You can find all of their available packages, additional testimonials, photos and more at their wedding website, Weddings Harrisburg.


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