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Calling all cigar lovers!

Cigars for Good is a local charity organized by two brothers, JJ and Michael Williams, who created the program as a way to turn their love of cigars into both social activity and social engagement.

auction cigars

C4G hosts an annual “Smoke Here Weekend,” which features a golf tournament and auction fundraiser. The proceeds benefit three small nonprofits that aid children and families in need: Lantern Hill, which is based in Ensenada, Mexico, and of which JJ is executive director; Hope in Haiti, which is based in Harrisburg and organizes volunteer mission trips to Haiti; and Vinny’s Kids, which supports local kids who are hospitalized and which was founded by Vinny Cherry, Judge Cherry’s son.

This year’s Smoke Here Weekend runs May 30-31 and begins with the Charity Auction, held at Harrisburg Beer N Cigars. Your $25 donation nets your an evening of food, drink and two (2) cigars. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the auction begins at 7 p.m.

auction Tony and Ron

Saturday’s event is the Fairways Fore Kids Gold Scramble at Manada Golf Course. Here, your $80 donation gets you a round of golf, cat, cigars, snack, food, drinks, raffle ticket, plus a buffet dinner after the round. Shotgun start at 1:30 p.m.

This week, we’re giving away four (4) tickets to Cigars for Good Auction ($100 value) . To enter, leave a comment below.

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Summer Beers, #WOT, Camping Recap, Taste of Pa. & MORE

by: Sara Bozich

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It’s been a lovely weekend so far. Friday night, we hosted dinner for one of my best friends and her family, visiting from out of town. We made what is becoming my new go-to dish, sausage and peppers, only the sausage is homemade (literally, here in our home) by Andy, and in this case, the tomatoes for the sauce were homegrown, thawed from last year’s batch. We also snacked on meats and cheese and had some fine Italian bread from Mussoline’s to sop up the goodness (and garlic olive oil). Also, there was ample red wine. A delightful night.

Lazy Sunday bird watching.

Lazy Sunday bird watching.

My in-laws came in to town on Saturday, and craving Greek food, we cheated the festival and went straight to the source: gyros and baklava ice cream at Hellenic Kouzina. Next, it was on to Ashcombe, where I bought — among other things — a Calamondin Orange tree, called “the other lime”! Wish me luck.

Later, my mother-in-law and I went to the movies, while Andy and his dad went to the World of Outlaws race at Williams Grove.

Today’s agenda includes breakfast at Ressler’s (I’ve been craving a good bagel), then I need to get my vegetables in my garden, deliver yard sale fliers to the neighborhood and tonight, Cross the Globe at Channels Food Rescue. Whew.

Meanwhile, this is what we wrote this week:

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What’s on Tap: Shea Quinn

by: Sara Bozich

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You know him from The Sharks, or The Luv Gods or maybe just from his acoustic sets at various local bars — This month’s What’s on Tap with Sara Bozich features local musician, Shea Quinn, as he talks about his start, life after MTV and the state of the current local music scene. 

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Shea Quinn from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

5 Must-Try Summer Beers

by: Tierney Pomone


If the past few days are any indication sunny days and hot weather are here. There’s nothing better than a refreshing cool beer on a hot day. This summer, whether you branch out and try a few newbies, or stick with the classics, I’ve got a few suggestions that are sure to hit the spot.

The Brewery at Hershey’s Pom Beach

brewery at hershey

While I’m normally a stout drinker 100 percent, in the summer you need something lighter. Meet Pom Beach, a wheat beer with pomegranate and blueberry. Don’t be scared of a little fruit in your beer ladies and gentlemen, sometimes fruit is exactly what is needed to balance out the other flavors in a beer. In this case you’ll find exactly that – a well balanced match of spiced wheat beer flavor with hints of sweetness from the fruit. I picture Pom Beach poolside with a crisp salad topped with strawberry.

Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

Summer beer

While this beer isn’t entirely new, it may be new to you. Deschutes has been in our area for almost two months with the official launch just a month ago. This West Coast brew isn’t a typical IPA of their region. Instead of finding a hop bomb, expect flavors perfect for summer: citrus hops, lemon, and herbs. Chainbreaker will be perfectly matched for your fish tacos all summer.

Lancaster Brewing Kolsch

Tierney and Nick Kolsch

Nothing screams summer than a can of kolsch. I had completely forgotten about this beer until we went to Lancaster Brewing Co. last weekend to celebrate my brother’s college graduation. It was a hot day, I was sunburned and sweaty, and debated not even getting a beer. Then the waitress told me that they had the Kolsch available in cans and there was no question about it. Kolsches, by design, are mild in alcohol and flavor and meant to be enjoyed on such a day. Don’t expect to find anything crazy with this beer, which is what makes it in my opinion. Just a solid and refreshing example of a fine German beer. I paired this beer with grilled salmon.

Pizza Boy Straight Up Hefe (with or without watermelon)

beer on deck

Needless to say there are plenty of rotating options at Al’s of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing to keep your palate entertained all summer year long. This brew, however, jumped out to me during a recent visit. I remember a few months back watching this hefe swirl around in the tanks while being brewed knowing that hefes and all wheat beers really hold a special spot in my heart. This beer doesn’t disappoint and certainly makes for a fine stylistic example. Right now, Al has the Watermelon version of this beer on tap, which I found to be surprisingly delicious. Watermelon beers aren’t always wonderful – it takes a skilled brewer to balance the flavor with the beer itself. Expect to find a beer that tastes exactly like biting into a fresh piece of watermelon. That may or may not be your jam, but I fully anticipate drinking this with homemade summer pizzas at home. As with all Pizza Boy beers, get in there and get it while it lasts.

Big Hill Ciderworks Summer Scrumpy

big hill summer scrumpy

While technically not a beer this is not to say that this couldn’t become the drink of the summer. Sara shared with us recently news of the growing cider market in our area, particularly those from Adams County, and this is no exception. I discovered this cider just a few weeks ago at The Sturges Speakeasy and found it to be inviting. I shy away from many ciders for two reasons, some are too sweet, and some are too carbonated. Summer Scrumpy has neither of those characteristics. I found it to be a perfect balance between sweet and dry much like a semi-dry wine with just enough carbonation to remind you that it’s a cider. This paired perfectly with charcuterie, especially extra sharp cheddar cheese.

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