Sunday School: Porter and Tempranillo

by: Sara Bozich

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The following is a part of a guest series authored by Lauren Gutshall on discovering new wines and beers. 

I have always gravitated towards dark beers and hearty red wines. I’ve come to appreciate white wine and lighter ales – particularly during the spring and summer months – but I will always be most at home drinking in the richness and depth of darker, heavier libations.

As the weather gets warmer it’s natural for me to gravitate towards the lighter, sweeter drinks that help quench the thirst and break the sweat, but there are still days I want to partake of something a bit heavier. Those cabs and stouts that I talked about several weeks ago are too much for a hot day, but luckily, we have porters and tempranillos that perfectly fit the bill.


Porters and tempranillos are the gentler relatives of stouts and cabs. They rely on their suppleness rather than their bite. And they are delicious.

Most people recognize porters and stouts as styles of beer, but what’s the difference?


This week on

by: Sara Bozich

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So, my birthday surprise for my mom was importing my sister from the other side of the state. Keri’s been here barely 40 hours and has already overtaken my Facebook wall.

Yesterday, we hit golf balls with my dad at the driving range, then I took her out to The Vineyard at Hershey for an afternoon wine tasting — she had never done one before! Then, we cooked dinner at home. Keri and I both fell asleep on the couch not even halfway through Silver Linings Playbook (um, hello, downer), and it was nice to not be the only one for once.

Today, I’m headed to the gym to pre-work-off all the deliciousness that will be PA FLAVOR this afternoon. I’d love to hit a Derby Day event in the evening, but we’ll see how things go.

The Beer + Granola Pairing brunch is tomorrow at The Sturges Speakeasy. You can buy tickets here.

Meanwhile, here’s what else has been going on:

Lastly — the 2nd annual BOOZE CRUISE is just a month away! Get your tickets (just $15) here.

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Cinco de Mayo Derby Weekend Drinks

Hello May!

There are two great party-worthy events that happen during the first weekend in May: Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby.


I have always loved the Derby and someday hope to don a giant Derby Day hat and attend with Kentucky Bourbon in hand. In college, Cinco de Mayo always signified the end of the semester with my friends and I throwing a big barbecue banger with everyone we knew.

There’s no reason we can’t celebrate both this weekend! To do so we’re going to need some great beverages so let’s get inspired:

Breckenridge Agave Wheat. Follow me on this thought process: Tequila, of Mexican origin, is made from agave. This lovely beer from Breckenridge, CO is made with agave as well. There are way better beer options than just the old Corona, and a beer made with agave just seems quite appropriate. While not overly sweet, the agave definitely brings a little something extra to the table.

Also, did you know that Mexican beer originated when it was introduced by German brewers in the 1800s? Drop some knowledge on your friends while drinking a Vienna Lager such as one from Iron Hill, Abita’s Amber, and even Sam Adam’s Boston Lager counts! (more…)

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Weekend Roundup 5/2

by: Sara Bozich


Happy Birthday to my mama! We’re starting the weekend with a mini Happy Hour at the Brewhouse to celebrate her … And there may be a little surprise involved.


There’s nothing on my calendar for Friday which is either good or poor planning because there is so much going on this weekend that I’ll never fit it all in.

Saturday, Andy and I are heading to PA Flavor — along with whomever ends up winning this week’s giveaway. But if you don’t win, fear not, there’s a ton going on Saturday. For instance, Cinco de Mayo events and The Hello Strangers at ABC. And that’s just stuff I’ve already written about. It’s also the Kentucky Derby!

When in doubt, swing by the new location of Al’s of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Co. Plus, a newbie’s guide and 5 thing to do there if you’re the D.D. Plus, PHOTOS from the grand opening here.

We’re capping the weekend with the Granola + Beer Pairing Brunch at The Speakeasy. Join us!

What are you doing this weekend?


Spring Challenge: Road Biking

When I first bought a road bike in summer 2010, I had no idea what I was doing. And today, I’m still learning. Road riding is much different than taking your old mountain bike out of your parents’ garage and going for a spin around the neighborhood. Road biking involves following rules and learning to ride with traffic.


Safety is the most important aspect of riding on the road. If it’s you vs. a car, it’s pretty evident who is going to win. However, once you learn the ropes of riding in traffic, the next question is – Where can I ride? Typically, I strive to find a route that has biker-friendly roads without too much traffic.

My biking friends and I assembled a few safe, local destinations for road riding.


TO DO: The Hello Strangers at the Abbey

by: Sara Bozich

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Pennsylvania-based sisters, The Hello Strangers, return to the Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Co. this Saturday for a FREE show.

The Hello Strangers at the Lake

Hailing from Mercersburg, Pa., — via Austin, Texas — Larissa and Brechyn Chace return for their third performance at the Abbey, with the accompaniment of long-time bassist Dave Holzwarth, with Spencer Pheil on guitar and Trent Renshaw on drums.

The Hello Strangers perform original music written by the Chace sisters with nods to Americana folk traditions, modern indie rock, Texas country-folk, and roots rock, all tied together with lilting harmonies that only sisters can create.


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