‘No Meat Athlete’ Running Group Begins in Harrisburg

by: Kelly Leighton
October 8, 2014
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Hey! Are you a vegetarian or quasi-vegetarian or thinking-about-becoming-a-vegetarian runner?

Well, do I have the group for you! The No Meat Athlete-Harrisburg chapter is meeting tomorrow (Thursday) to run, talk and eat. We’re taking off from Front and Forester Streets in Harrisburg, near the Harvey Taylor Bridge at 6 p.m. We plan to do a quick run of three to five miles, depending on preference, and then we are going for brews after at The Speakeasy. Come join us!

This is the first official run of the No Meat Athlete running club in Harrisburg. Come be a part of history.


But, how did this get started?

No Meat Athlete was one of the first running blogs I stumbled upon back when I first fell in love with running. Matt Frazier’s site is very well-written and informative, and I kept (and still do!) coming back to learn more. As a vegetarian for 15+ years, I knew I could stand to eat better and that it would ultimately help me as a runner. Frazier offers many realistic ideas for healthy living and also understands a plant-based diet isn’t for everyone. But he encourages people to at least try.

Recently, Matt brought up the idea of starting No Meat Athlete running groups throughout the country, and I immediately signed up and volunteered to be a leader, if needed, in Harrisburg. Luckily, I wasn’t the only central Pennsylvanian interested. I met with Wade, my co-leader, last week, and I think it’s safe to say we are both super excited about this. We’re a tiny group but would love to add more runners, of all abilities.

Frazier is big on accepting everyone and their lifestyles. This is a judgment-free zone, and we plan to have our group be laid-back and fun, and a chance to meet new friends.

We aspire to hold weekly runs on Thursday nights in different places, with plans to hang out after.

So, feel free to join us tomorrow night! To learn more, join our No Meat Athlete – Harrisburg Facebook Group.

Sara’s Real Life, No-Bullshit Guide to Hangovers

by: Sara Bozich
October 7, 2014

Hangovers suck. There’s no two ways about it, and they happen to the best of us. Sadly, they rear their ugly heads more often as we age, caused by much less.

Intoxication Nation: How we are drinking and dealing with our hangovers.

In my much-younger years, drinking bad cheap beer and tequila (read: college), I was rarely hungover. And certainly not in the way it occurs now. I’ve never been good at sleeping in, but I recall that some mornings-after called for a trip to Isaly’s for eggs, sausage and pancakes. All of the food! This cured anything that was off.

Fun fact: Pennsylvania is the 24th most hungover state in the nation.

For a time, toast and tomato juice from the Casa Cafe was commonplace (this sounds delicious to me, even now). My coworkers and I were all rediscovering Harrisburg in its then-revitalization, so some mornings we would all gather across the street from the office to cure what ailed us.

By my mid-20s, drinking a new blend of crap like cheap wine and Red Bull (stuff of the devil) — and smoking 10 million cigarettes — I went through a variety of hangover “cures” to quell my next-morning not-awesomeness.

Some weekend mornings, a nice cool glass of chocolate milk was all I needed to feel better. Or maybe a cold can of V-8. Oh, my 20s. If only.

And the really odd thing is that these were the days before I properly hydrated myself ANY of the time. I probably still stocked Diet Coke in my fridge and ate processed snacks.

You'll want this for tomorrow morning.

You’ll want this for tomorrow morning.

(Discuss: Are hangovers worse now that I’m healthier? Might it not be age?)

I’ve written many posts and columns on hangovers and potential cures. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll remind you: the only foolproof way to avoid a hangover is to abstain from alcohol.

Without further adieu, here is Sara’s Real Life No Bullshit Guide to Hangovers*:


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Giveaway: Spring Gate Vineyard Wine Bucket

by: Sara Bozich
October 6, 2014

Newest winery on the block, Spring Gate Vineyard is already making quite the impression on the greater Harrisburg area.

Hidden just off of Devonshire Road, you’d never think to find such rustic charm within spitting distance of mega-stores. Spring Gate’s beautiful tasting room and added extras (fire pits, blankets for cool nights; special-release ciders each week) is quickly putting the winery, cidery and farm on the map.

If you haven’t visited yet, grab a friend and go. Spring Gate is often releasing new wines — its own, along with those from sister winery in Virginia — plus the aforementioned ciders. They also work with local vendors to supply on-site snacks, whether it’s Sunday brunch with Mountainside Supper Club or a Italian treats from nearby Zia’s.

This week, we’re giving away a Spring Gate Vineyard Wine Bucket. The Wine Bucket includes Spring Gate’s best selling sweet wines, Susquehanna Sweet Red and Susquehanna Sweet White,  along with two (2) Spring Gate wine glasses and a box of four (4) of our delectable chocolate truffles — all tucked in an ice bucket.  A $60 value!

spring gate vineyard

Complete your entries by using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Craft Beer, Cider + Bourbon, NFL Sunday, Brewfests & MORE

by: Sara Bozich
October 5, 2014
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What a night! Actually — what a day I had yesterday: Morning radio show co-hosting duties with Bruce Bond, then a baby shower for a dear friend expecting twins (!). Afterwards, we had an absolutely amazing Chef’s Table beer dinner at The Garlic Poet with Finch’s Beer Co. I shall detail this later in full, but it was incredible.

Here’s a quick look using my new favorite app, Flipagram.

After that wonderful dinner — where I left feeling full but not overstuffed (so crucial) — I rested at home for a bit before meeting a gaggle of gay friends in Midtown for some pre-bar tour wine and laughs. We eventually headed out with stops at Harrisburg’s three gay bars: The Brownstone Lounge, 704 and of course, Stallions. I’ll be documenting later this week in PennLive. I’m hopeful the gents will host me again — it was a blast.

While out, I learned of the engagement of one of my best friends! Congrats to Jamie and Steve — Andy and I are thrilled for them.

Today, we’re heading out to Quaker Steak and Lube (Dad’s choice) for wings during the Steelers game.

It’s late, so let’s get into it:

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