Steelers Week 4: Cheers, Jeers & Fears

by: Jimi The Intern
September 30, 2015
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Injuries happen to everyone. That’s just the nature of the NFL.

For a few hours on Sunday, though, it looked like the Steelers 2015 season was laying on the field holding its leg in a heap at the 40-yard line.

Then, news broke that lifted the spirits of Steel City. Until you realize who is up next on the schedule.

Baltimore. The team we all love to hate.

There’s not much more on the minds of Steelers fans other than this injury so I’m dedicating my cheers, jeers and fears to one man’s knee.



I gave a fist pump when I heard that Ben was only facing an MCL sprain, as opposed to what looked like a sure-fire season ending ACL tear. Now, it’s only 4-6 weeks without our potential MVP candidate instead of completely washing out this year.

Ben should be back in five games. With this injury it’s about playing through the pain, and we all know that Big Ben has the pain threshold of King Leonidas.

There is one problem. During the stretch the Steelers face Baltimore, San Diego, Arizona and Kansas City with the possible come back date set for the first match-up with Cincinnati.


I know it’s not fair to put this injury on the offensive line, but even before the injury they were floundering. Le’Veon Bell came back with a touchdown but didn’t do much else behind the line (he did have 70 receiving yards).

Who knows, maybe Ben is still out there with better protection?

Again, that’s unfair blame, but they will need to be better if they want to get a few wins while Ben is on the mend.


I think it’s obvious, right?

Having Michael Vick as a QB just doesn’t sit right with me. Not because of off-field actions, but because of on-the-field production.

In the last two season Vick has only played 11 games and has managed only three wins. He also is prone to injury because of the hits he takes when outside of the pocket.

Vick is on the back end of his career, but I would rather have him taking snaps than Bruce Gradkowski or Landry Jones.

Also, he did say that this is what he was born to do.

Let’s hope so.


You can still find hope and optimism in this mess. Bell is back and will have a more increased role and Antonio Brown has seemed almost uncoverable thus far. With three other quality receivers teams will still have a lot to worry about when the offense hits the field.

Vick needs to move the pocket to allow some room for his playmakers to get open. I would like to see a few read-options thrown in as well to keep the defenses off balance.

Baltimore is not good this year and an improved Steelers defense, hopefully with the services of Ryan Shazier, could win this game with a pick-six in the fourth quarter.

With the keyword being optimism I’m going to say Steelers pull-out an ugly game at home.

Steelers win 20-13

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Running: Race Day Mishaps

by: Kelly Leighton
September 30, 2015
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After reading about Eliud Kipchoge’s victory in the Berlin Marathon this weekend, despite having both of the insoles in his shoes come loose, leaving him bloodied and battered, I couldn’t help but be wildly impressed, but I also started to think about my own race day mishaps.

During the summer of 2010, I decided to do a sprint triathlon. I knew I could swim, I knew I could run a couple miles, and sure, I could ride a bike. I borrowed a very old, squeaky mountain bike from a friend, and off I went to the race. I was very surprised to arrive and be surrounded by very nice, expensive road bikes. I was the only one on a mountain bike, and it wasn’t even a good mountain bike. Ruh-oh. I ended up having a strong swim, a decent run and got absolutely smoked on the bike. Oh well, you live, you learn?


On things beyond my  control, I think one of the hardest races I have completed was the Manhattan Half Marathon in 2011. Why I thought signing up for a half marathon in New York in mid-January was a good idea, I will never know. It was so, so cold. My teeth were chattering before we started, despite layers and layers of clothes. All of the water at the aid stations had frozen solid. However, I think the cold motivated me to pick it up, because I ran a then-PR that day. After crossing the finish line, all of my sweat turned to frost, and my friend Bill and I took an expensive cab ride back because we were so frozen.


Another tough race day was the Capital Ten Miler in 2014. I was unknowingly “severely anemic” at the time, so I went into the race hoping for a solid training run. In addition to my health conditions, the race day weather gods were not on our side, as hail, sleet and freezing rain greeted us that morning and stayed with us the entire race. I was 17 minutes off of my PR, and spent most of the rest of the day in bed trying to feel my limbs again.


Similarly, I went into the Boston Marathon three weeks later, this time knowing I was severely anemic. I held on for, I don’t know, three miles, before I fell apart. I had no energy, and I so distinctly remember hitting the 10K mark and thinking, “How the $&% am I going to make it 20 more miles?” I did somehow, stumbled across the finish line and was wheeled directly to the med tent.


Finally, during the Pittsburgh Marathon this past May, it was much warmer than anticipated, and I lost so much sweat, I chafed pretty much everywhere on my body. I literally screamed every time I showered for about three days. Lesson learned to buy more quality garments for these types of conditions!

Tell me about your race day mishaps.

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Beauty Pill to play at HMAC Oct. 12

by: Becky Chan
September 29, 2015
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After a long and hard 10 year wait, Beauty Pill is touring to promote their second album “Describes Things As They Are” and will be playing at the HMAC on Oct. 12.

Beauty Pill is a DC-based, semi-electronic band led by producer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Chad Clark. The band includes Basla Andolun, Jean Cook, Drew Doucette and Devin  Ocampo.

The reason why the album is long awaited is because front singer Chad Clark fell ill with a rare virus that seriously affected his heart. While this prolonged the release of a sophomore album, Clark continued to work on music in any way he could. His condition kept him from being able to lift a guitar, which is how he got into electronic music, which you can hear is a big influence in their new album.

Listen to their new album “Describes Things As They Are” on soundcloud:

SoundCloud – via Iframely

The band’s effort to come back resulted in a project called “Immersive Ideal”, where the band worked together to create their album publicly. They worked together in the Artisphere, a Washington, D.C. art museum, and people could come observe the band as they wrote their music. They did this as an “exercise in radical transparency.” They did not rehearse before meeting at the museum to work on the album so the observers were seeing the real process. (Does this remind anyone else of when Cartel did the much-less-dignified version of this called “Band in a Bubble”? Lol, you guys.)

As you can imagine, their lyrics touch on some real stuff. The title of the album is a direct quote from a stranger that Clark overheard on the DC metro. Their music reactionary to what they are experiencing, whether it’s a life-threatening condition or a commute through a city. They are reacting to their lives and they want their listeners to react to the music.

I highly suggest listening to their story on NPR to hear all about this from their perspective. In true NPR fashion, it’s informative, chalk full of great stories, and will develop your empathy and admiration for the band.

The show is Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8, and the show is 21 and over.

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Giveaway: YWCA Fall Fest Oct. 3

by: Sara Bozich
September 28, 2015
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This week, we’re giving away 2 tickets to the YWCA Harrisburg Junior Board’s 6th annual Fall Fest ($50 value).

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