My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

by: Sara Bozich
December 30, 2014
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In an effort to annoy all of my contributors (KIDDING!), we’re continuing the tradition of sharing our New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve been doing this for a while, which you can find here.

Worthy read: 20 Things To Let Go Of Before The New Year

This year, I’m keeping things pretty simple. I’m starting to learn what works for me but also the amount of effort it takes to affect change in my life. I’m so different — so much more disciplined — from when I started this blog and sharing these goals, and I believe strongly in a continued effort toward self-improvement. I also believe that involves living life, cherishing experiences and learning when to let go (or say “no”).

Resolving to stay better informed? Try TheSkimm.

Without further adieu, here’s what’s on my goal list for 2015:

combat flex

Fitness: I’m lucky enough to make my own workout schedule and to have a nice group of women who I’ve gotten to know through this. I’d love for us to do some kind of spring team event, if others are interested and we can find a good fit. Outside of that, I’d like to infuse more yoga into my routine (aerial yoga, I’m coming for you!) and …. drumroll … work up to unassisted set of pull-ups (Andy got me the fitness bands for me to practice).

Health: Drink more tea and eat more (wild caught) fish. I’ve been upgrading my habits over the last few years, and overall, I make fairly healthy choices and eat not-so-good stuff in relative moderation. But with the amount of red meat we consume, I should work harder to supplement with safe fishes and other proteins. Don’t tell Andy, but I may start Meatless Monday, just to help balance us a bit. I’m pretty good about water, also, but I think the addition of afternoon tea (something I only now do sporadically) would be a nice and healthful ritual for my workdays.


Time: On Sunday, I took the day off. I said, screw the week in review (I told you guys I was taking time off anyway), and Andy and I hit the couch and ate meat and cheese while watching football all day. It was glorious. And I wasn’t hungover. I don’t remember the last time I did nothing. For a person who believes strongly in moderation, that’s not so good! So, one of my 2015 goals is to figure out at least one day per fortnight where I legitimately take the day off. It will be a tough challenge, but I need to make sure I’m getting my R&R.

Work: Along with that, I resolve to be more efficient. I *finally* upgraded my previously three-plus step process for the Weekend Roundup into something much more manageable, but I should be better utilizing apps like Evernote (which I’ve had for years but use incredibly inconsistently) or find one that works better for me. I also gravely need to organize my massive photo archive.

pot roast

Cooking: I love to cook, and a couple years ago finally graduated beyond Real Simple recipes, but we ate out A LOT in 2014. Granted, much of that is my job, but I do want to work better at using the food we have, cooking at home and saving money in the process.

HobbyBelow, you’ll notice that I resolved last year to get a hobby that gets me away from this computer screen. Well, this Christmas did it for me, it seems. I received a pickling crock and hot water bath canning set, so guess what you’re all getting for Christmas next year?

hot pickled peppers

Sunshine: In 2015, I’d like to spend more time outdoors. We made a good effort last year, but you know what we didn’t do? Enjoy our patio. AT ALL. I think that one night a couple of friends joined me after happy hour, but that was it. I don’t think Andy and I spent one night outside together. For this, I do blame Dexter and Breaking Bad, but still. We also went for a few hikes in the beginning of the season, after which our motivation sputtered. We like hiking — especially when followed by Bloody Marys or brewery tours. To 2015!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Feel free to share in the comments.

Meanwhile, here’s how I did last year:

  • Continue to declutter and minimize. Uh, even if I did, I need to again.
  • Try a Whole30. Nope. I think I tried this for like two days and decided it was stupid. I eat just fine.
  • Run. Eh. I ran a couple 5Ks, I think. Considering I’m on the Harrisburg Marathon Board now, I suppose I should probably hit the pavement again … in the spring. Eff treadmills.
  • Photography. Took a class from Dani Fresh, which helped me tremendously. Used my camera a lot, but funny — haven’t seen it lately! This is a good reminder.
  • Life list. Hmm, do I still care about this? No, I don’t.
  • Optimize my work schedule. Despite the fact that I continue to overbook (and then pull it off, which doesn’t help my problem at all), I definitely have found a work schedule that for the most part pleases me. I just need to schedule days off (see above).
  • Exercise my dog more. Yes, someone has started destroying more household items if he doesn’t feel as though he has proper attention and exercise.
  • Start a new hobby. No, still in the market for this. Or, accept my job is also my hobby so long as I promise to schedule a day or two off every now and then. [No, see above.]
  • Write more. Definitely improved here, post-wise, but have some additional goals to meet.

Jimi’s 2015 Resolutions (or not)

by: Jimi The Intern
December 30, 2014
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I don’t do them. I don’t hate them. I have nothing against them, I just don’t do them.

They are disappointing and full of hard work. They can completely change your life for better or worse. They take away things that you love and have loved for your entire life.

New Year’s resolutions can ruin you your life.

Dramatic? Maybe.

I’ve never made one and for the foreseeable future, I never will.

It’s not that I don’t have anything in my life that I could change, I just don’t really want to change it.

sbhh firehouse

Sure, I could eat better, but just 10 short days after I make my resolution, the Farm Show will be coming in and you better believe I’ll be in line waiting for the milkshakes and fried everything.

I could say that I am going to start working out more but there’s no doubt in my mind that I will find an excuse to stay at home. Whether that be the Penguins playing a game or there’s a documentary about bugs on the Discovery Channel that I haven’t seen before.

Some people say they will watch less TV but as you can see by the previous paragraph, I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

No, for me if I make any sort of resolution it will be to stay the same.

This past year was one of my best.

I graduated from Penn State. I made lifelong friends and had an absolute blast. I started to brew my own beer and it hasn’t turned out terrible. I grew closer with friends and family, while still maintaining my independence.

And not to mention I landed a great internship, which has helped me more than I could have imagined (brownie points!).

I didn’t make any prophetic statement to do these things, I just did them.

But, if you do make a resolution, stick to it. Own it and then when you don’t meet your goal always remember, you’re not alone.

Do you make resolutions? If so, then what? If not, then why?

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Kelly’s 2015 Resolutions

by: Kelly Leighton
December 30, 2014
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I love that Sara has us write these every year because it’s fun to look back and see what I resolved to do for this year … and whether I succeeded. I honestly had no recollection of what I had written last year, so I just pulled it up today to go over.  For 2014, I resolved to …

1. Make it to the starting line (and the finish line) of the Boston Marathon.

Uhh. Yes, I did. Not well, but I did!

2. Clean up my diet.

Actually, yes. I have been on a doctor-ordered gluten-free diet for the past six weeks, so I’ve had no choice but to eat healthier. I sure miss real pizza and my mom’s cookies though.

3. Stop sleeping in my contacts.

NOPE. Still so bad about this!

4. Watch more TV.

Yes! Tim and I watch New GirlBrooklyn 9-9, Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones. I also watch The Following on my own because someone I live with thinks it’s dumb (Spoiler Alert: It is, but I’m addicted).

5. Stay in touch better.

I think so. I haven’t been great about visiting others, but I am really good at texting.

So, for 2015, I resolve to:

1. Do another whole30.


I cringe typing that, because I know how hard it is to say no to so many delicious food. And while I remember that it’s 30 really hard days, I also remember I felt so good at the end and for the months after. I drink too much diet coke, I enjoy cocktails more than I should, and I probably should walk away from the cheese plates. I really want to reset my mind about food and feel better, both mentally and physically. January 2, I am both dreading you and ready for you.

2. Lift more.


For a few months, I was really good about lifting two to three times a week. But with the holidays and a new job, I usually had to choose between lifting and running … and well, I think you can guess what won.

3. Continue to love running.


I know, “continue” is sort of cheating, but I was going to write “Set a PR.” However, over the past few years, I have stopped fretting about PRs and mile splits, and I have never loved running more. So, for 2015, I hope to spend the next 12 months running happily and injury-free.

4. Slow down.


Hopefully, not in running! — but in life. I hope to stop and smell the roses sometimes, and instead of constantly checking things off of my to-do list, maybe tossing the to-do list sometimes and enjoying spontaneity (sometimes!).

5. Work on not falling.

kelly blood

I am getting married in August, and the two things keeping my mother awake at night are my small bladder and my tendency to trip. I can’t control my bladder, but I am going to work really hard to not faceplant down the aisle.

Good thing I plan to wear running shoes on my wedding day. But don’t tell my mom that.

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Tierney’s 2015 Resolutions

by: Tierney Pomone
December 30, 2014
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I remember when I was younger my grandmother telling me that as you get older time passes faster and faster and she was right. I feel like I just rang in 2014, and now it’s time to get ready for 2015.

I don’t want to be all introspective and sentimental, but it’s been a great year, and I’m really lucky to have such amazing people in my life. 2015 is going to be awesome, too. It took me days to come up with these resolutions as planning and goal setting really aren’t my thing, but I feel confident that these are the best plans I’ve had in a long time.

Find a hobby – beyond drinking.

tierney brandalynn 5k

As you can tell I really enjoy going to breweries and brew pubs as well as sampling beers. I also want try harder to be a multi-faceted person and expanding beyond just drinking is a natural progression that I’m ready to make. I’m not sure what my new hobby will be yet, but I’m looking forward to trying new things to see where I fit in. On the list are yoga and crafting, but I’ll be open to trying anything that comes up this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll even read the book for book club for once. Well, let’s not set the bar too high for 2015, but seriously I just want to do all of the things.

Be more responsible.

So, it’s a pretty well-known fact that responsibility isn’t my middle name. With 2015 brings my 10-year high school reunion and turning 28. While I’m super pumped to meet up with the class of 2005, this was a quick reminder that I’m an adult and I should probably try a little harder to act like it. So, for 2015, I’m going to try making a few changes to be more responsible. The top of my list: be more prompt with laundry, utilize my savings account, try to eat more vegetables, and get some sleep.

But When It Comes to Craft Beer …


Don’t think I’m not still going to be rocking out my favorite brews! I really want to focus in on my favorite brews and let the whales keep swimming next year. I want to plan more local brewery visits, especially all of the brand new breweries expected to open in the next few months. Plus, I’ve got some big beer plans for 2015 including more home brewing, continuing to bring you great craft beer posts, and the first ever Harrisburg Beer Week (along with my partners, including Sara!). More on that later, but be sure to join our mailing list and get all the insider information.

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