JOIN: NFL Football Pool

by: Jimi The Intern
August 17, 2015
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Most people say that to get more into football you should join a fantasy league.

Now, for some people that is great and healthy. But for some people it could start a downward spiral that ends with your family finding you in a corner with spreadsheets of who your flex player that week should be.


Not that I am speaking from experience one-way or the other.

If this is you, or if you want to make watching a random NFL game more interesting, Sara and I have you covered with the NFL Football Pool.

This is a Pick Em’ League, and if you’re not familiar with them, are so simple. You simply pick who you think will win each game that week.

Simple, fun and easy is what were all about here at

There are three quick things you need to know.

  • It’s completely free.
  • You could win free wings for a year from Arooga’s (Or one of two sweet prize packages for runners-up)
  • The deadline to sign up is Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day)

If you are interested this is what you need to do:

  1. Visit:
  2. Sign-in or create a CBS Sports account (Don’t worry they wont spam you or show up at your house unannounced)
  3. Enter pool password: Aroogas

aroogas logo

Make sure to look around the site to find out these things:

  • How do I make my picks every week?
  • When is the deadline to make my picks?
  • General rules and regulations for the league?
  • How do I trash talk?

The rules will come up on how to run the league, but a few days before your first pick is due, which will be Sept. 10 — the NFL kickoff and the Steelers first game — we will send you an email to remind you of everything.


Arooga’s — our local wing and all sports all the time destination — has generously provided some great prizes for those of you who don’t get too discouraged when an Intern is kicking your ass up and down the field (let the trash talking begin).

  • 1st place: Free wings for a year*
  • 2nd place: Arooga’s Swag Basket with $25 gift card, Arooga’s branded t-shirt, 2 bottles of award winning wing sauces
  • 3rd place: Arooga’s Swag Basket with $20 gift card, Arooga’s branded cocktail mason jar, Arooga’s branded pint glass, and 1 bottle of award winning wing sauce.

Until then, check the scouting reports, watch the preseason and set your watches for 8 p.m. Sept. 10 and tune into NBC to watch the Steelers pummel The Patriots (or so Sara and I hope).

Oh, and keep reading

*5 free wings per week for one year. Other restrictions apply.

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Hop Harvesting with Troegs at Sunny Brae Hops

by: Sara Bozich
August 14, 2015
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In May, I was invited to join the Troegs brewing team at Sunny Brae Hops in rural Carlisle.

Last week, we got word it was time to harvest the crop we had planted. Troegs dispatched a bigger crew of volunteers, led by John Trogner — including many of their Tasting Room crew, who you interact with regularly when you visit — to hand-pick Comet, Chinook and Cascade hops for use in a new Scratch Series brew.

sunny brae hops

The Troegs crew arrived around 9 a.m., and we grabbed buckets and got to picking mature hops from the bines. It was amazing to see how much they had grown in such a short time. We used ladders to reach some of the higher climbing bines and an even larger contraption John climbed up to reach the tallest of them all.

sunny brae hops

Hop picking is easy, and Adam Dellinger of Sunny Brae even describes it as soothing (hops are closing related to cannabis). Any hop lover would be happy here, as the aroma from the hops wafts under your nose, and your hands take on a stickiness from the oils. We joked about making it into a perfume or cologne.

sunny brae hops

The group chatted amicably through rows of Comet and then Chinook hops. Soon, catering manager Alicia and Chef Christian DeLutis arrived with picnic tables, a whole pig (well, it was once a whole pig), smoked turkey legs — and beer.

sunny brae hops

Adam led a toast as we chowed down on the delicious grub, also including watermelon compressed in DreamWeaver wheat, and drank bottles of HopKnife and cans of Sunshine Pils.

sunny brae hops

The post-lunch picking crowd finished the Chinook crop at decidedly a bit louder volume, and all told, the crew picked a total of 91 lbs of hops.

sunny brae hops

Hops were transported back to Troegs that evening and incorporated into what I’m told will be a session pale ale, which we can look for in 3-4 weeks.

sunny brae hops

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4 Online Resources for Craft Beer Lovers

by: Tierney Pomone
August 14, 2015
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Being knowledgeable and credible about your passion about doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. I will never pretend to know it all about craft beer, and I’m happy to fact-check resources to make sure I’m providing accurate information. Maybe it’s the former teacher in me, maybe it’s my desire to seek credibility, but either way you should strive for accuracy as well.

Here are my favorite sources of information about craft beer, all of which are well-respected within the industry.

craft beer dot com is my number one go-to spot for everything craft beer. Here you can find everything from proper glassware suggestions for your brew to recipe ideas and pairing suggestions. They also feature a lot of the latest beer news. Some of my favorite information comes from the science aspect of some of their posts like how a beer on nitro works or why it’s important to have clean glassware. I tend to geek out a lot on this site and truly enjoy their information. They are all about education and advancing craft beer: two things I can definitely get behind.


If you have ever considered brewing at home, American Homebrewer’s Association is the best place to start your research. The American Homebrewer’s Association’s website has everything you need related to homebrewing. We’re talking recipes, local competition listings, guides to finding off flavors in your beer and how to fix it – this is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the coolest things about this site is that they have information for all levels of homebrewers from ‘I’ve never done this before’ to ‘Come check out my crazy brew-shed’ and everything in between.


Are you traveling soon? Are you curious about a particular beer style? Beer Advocate has had you covered since the 90s. I love getting their magazine — it makes for a great coffee table display — but the content is great both there and online. Their app launched within the past year and the coolest part about it is the ability to find somewhere to go nearby. Imagine driving down 81 seriously forever and wanting to stop somewhere but you don’t know where you are in the middle of Virginia but at the same time you want a great beer. Beer Advocate will let you search either by City + State or your GPS to find listed breweries, brewpubs, notable beer bars, and bottle shops near your location. This has found me plenty of spots when on a beercation. While I’m not huge on the forums, the majority of the site is very educational, I recommend checking it out.


I love stats, graphs, charts, and figures when it comes to craft beer. I love being able to show you the empirical data that supports the growth of craft beer in America as well as how it effects our economy and the ancillary businesses that profit. Where do I get information like this? From the Brewers Association. They work with economists to do research on how craft beer is effecting everything from our GDP to local business. They work with lawyers and lobbyists to help pass legislation from the local level all the way to the federal level to help our craft breweries. They make pretty graphs that help me show you the things I’m passionate about.

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Weekend Roundup 8/13

by: Sara Bozich
August 13, 2015
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What a week. Yesterday, I spent my morning with the Troegs team harvesting comet and chinook hops that we planted in May at Sunny Brae Hops. (Read more about that here.)


Tonight, I’m schedule for some long-overdue BFF QT, but not too late because Friday morning I’m hitting the airwaves double-time with a return to #27daybreak in the 6 o’clock hour and I’m *finally* heading back on The River in the 7 o’clock hour. Friday night prediction: asleep on the couch by 9:30 p.m.


Saturday morning, it’s more LIVE radio as I cohost The Bruce Bond Late Afternoon Show on Saturday Morning. By night, I’m in State College pouring beer for Finch’s.

What are you doing this weekend? 


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