Weekend Roundup 3/10


Sara Tierney BBC

Tomorrow, she and I celebrate together (my day is on Saturday) with a dance party at The FireHouse (3rd floor). Tonight, I’ll catch up with her for a drink.

Pre-party, I’m visiting the new Polished location for a mani/pedi and probably another stab at that faux-hawk I was rocking a couple weeks ago for the AACA Wedding Show.

Saturday is reserved for my traditional daytime shopping with Mom, then not sure about the rest of the night.

Sunday I might request brunch if Andy is into it, before leaving for a work trip to Philly.


What are you doing this weekend?


JOIN: SaraBozich.com March Madness Bracket

NCAA March Madness 2016 is upon us and we — or at least I — could not be more excited for the second most exciting time of the annual sports calendar.

The best time is October when playoff baseball is in a fever pitch, the NFL and college football are in full swing and hockey is just about to get underway.

March Madness has given us some of the most exciting experiences in sports. Jim Valvano in ’83, Christian Laettner and who could for get “Dunk City” or Florida Gulf Coast (they are in the big dance again this year).

SB.COM Bracket Graphic

Now, we have the SaraBozich.com March Madness Bracket to make it even more exciting!

You don’t need to know a thing about college basketball. You can pick teams based off of mascots, what state makes the best beer or set your dog loose, and let them pick.

There are a few things you need to know:

  • It’s completely FREE!
  • You could win FREE wings for a year from Arooga’s (Or one of two other prize packages for runners-up).
  • The deadline to sign up is Thursday, March 17 by the tip-off of the first game (don’t worry about the first four.)

If you are interested this is what you need to do:

  1. Visit our bracket’s home page.
  2. Sign-in or create an ESPN account (if you don’t have one already).
  3. Click “Create bracket” and select continue to get into the tournament.

Please email me at jimi@sarabozich.com if you have any questions. We want as many people as possible!

aroogas logo

The full bracket will be released on Sunday, March 13 after the selection show. Again, the deadline for ALL submissions is Thursday, March 17 by tip-off of the first game. The entire bracket needs to be filled out to be eligible to win.

Thursday-Sunday are the four best sports days of the year and Arooga’s dozens of TVs will be tuned in to all of the action so you will be able to keep track of your team all while you enjoy local food and beer–there’s nothing better.

How to choose which races to run?

kelly run

With the turn of the calendar to March, races have gone from rarely there to every weekend.

To some people, I race a lot, to others, hardly ever. I typically run around 1o races a year, give or take.

How do I decide which races make the cut?

  • Cost

    • While on the surface, running appears to be a relatively cheap sport, once you start adding up all the shoes I go through, the socks, the sports bras, the gear, and so forth, it isn’t really all that inexpensive. When I am considering a race, cost is usually the top question in my mind. Is the cost worth the benefits? Every year, I enter to run the lottery to run the NYC Marathon, despite the $11 lotto fee and the $255 price tag if I do get in. I think running the NYC Marathon would be such an awesome experience, that it is worth the cost. But, $40 for a 5K around City Island? No thanks. When it comes down to it, cost is the biggest factor for me. I’d rather have a cheap, no-frills race for less cost than pay extra and leave with a bag full of crap.
  • Swag

    • I don’t really care about swag. I do like getting t-shirts or tech shirts because I wear them. But I don’t think medals are necessary for shorter races. When I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler back in 2012, I really liked that they had different options for swag. You could pay the smallest fee and just get a basic t-shirt, or you could upgrade to a tech shirt, get a medal, etc. for more cost. I stuck with the basic t-shirt. I even slept in it last night.
  • Timing

    • This is an easy one. Does it fit into my schedule? I really wanted to do the Chambersburg Half Marathon this weekend, but I need to get in 20 miles that day. As much as I’d like to somehow finagle a longer warm-up and cool down, I just don’t think it’s feasible.
  • Course

    • I get bored of running the same race routes over and over. I am excited when I see someone has crafted a different, unique one. (That doesn’t mean I skip the same old race routes runs. I just prefer a little variety.)
  • Can I talk anyone else into running with me?

    • I’ve done races alone, and I don’t have a problem with it if it’s a race I really want to do. But, it can be a little lonely waiting around by yourself before a race. Most of the time, I at least try and talk a buddy into showing up with me. “COME ON! FREE T-SHIRT! BANANAS!” (Success rate: Not that high.)

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HAPPY HOUR: The Kitchen at HMAC March 23

SBHH banner

Join us for Happy Hour at The Kitchen at HMAC on Wednesday, March 23.

HAPPY HOUR with SaraBozich.com
Wednesday, March 23 5:30-8 p.m.
The Kitchen at HMAC

This FREE event will feature:

  • $2 off ALL draft beer
  • $5 wine pours
  • $2 off well drinks
  • Free samples from The Kitchen’s menu
  • Samples from Stark Energy
  • MOAR

HMAC will be rolling out offerings from their menu for everyone to sample. If you haven’t had the chance to try their food yet, this is your perfect excuse.

Stay after for the always popular Barcrawler Karaoke at The Stage on Herr.


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