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Foo Fighters trump Eagles in showmanship

DSCN2044 If you think that there is a better live show right now than the Foo Fighters, you are sadly mistaken.

Friday night, Dave Grohl brought his second most famous band to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh and mesmerized the packed house for nearly three hours.

They played the old stuff ("This is a Call," "Stacked Actors"), the new stuff ("Rope," "Arlandria"), the hits ("My Hero," "Everlong") and even some covers (Pink Floyd’s "In the Flesh" and Tom Petty’s "Breakdown") in the blistering 25 song set.

It is amazing to me that Dave Grohl is able to scream chrouses every night without missing a beat. My voice was scratchy Saturday morning from just attempting to sing along to screamers, "Monkey Wrench" and "White Limo."

Always the showman, Grohl even found time in the set to take a few not-so-subtle shots at U2 and their prominent use of computers in concert.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s earth-shattering Nevermind album, I was certain that Grohl and company would dust off "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for an encore, but my theory was unfortunately debunked.

It was a very minor disappointment in the grand scheme of things. Even if you aren't a Foo Fighters fan, there is no way you wouldn't enjoy their live show. It is not a marathon, its a three-hour sprint and everyone leaves exhausted.

The Foo Fighters will return to Pennsylvania when the play the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Thursday, Nov. 10. Do yourself a favor and try to get to a Foo Fighters show while they are still on the top of their game.

(Of course, the Happy Hour at the ABC on Nov. 10 is probably a better option.)


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Giveaway: Arooga’s

image from **Congrats to Jim S., who will get to watch a little extra football at Arooga’s this season with his $35 gift card!**

Just in time for football season, Arooga’s, easily one of the area’s fastest growing, locally owned chains, is your answer for where to catch all the NFL action (and beyond).

With two locations on each shore – plus Hanover – Arooga’s boasts countless TVs, a huge menu and its own draft beer (Arooga’s Light). They have specials for nearly every event, plus they carry special Pay-Per-View events like UFC and boxing.

This week, Arooga’s is giving away a $35 Arooga’s gift card, 1 growler (unfilled) and an Arooga’s t-shirt to one lucky reader.

To enter to win the Arooga’s prize pack, leave a comment below telling us your favorite sporting event.

For extra entries (you must leave a separate comment for each extra entry in order for each to count), you can:

Enter early and often. A winner will be selected at random at the end of the week.


This week on

DSCN4594 It’s officially the first day of fall!

If you’re signed up for my “Out (Early) with Sara” newsletter through The Patriot-News, you already have seen the special Autumn Appreciation cocktail recipe I included this week. If you didn’t get it, sign-up here and check “Out Early with Sara” so you’re on the weekly list.

You still have time to enter to win a Paintball 4-pack to Roundtop Mountain Resort. Didn’t know Roundtop did paintball? They also have a ropes course, vertical trek and so much more.

Tierney shared her Life List. What’s on yours? That leaves me to complete mine finally.

Jeff has some tailgating tips. Plus, don’t forget to follow him on Twitter for updates on the Pitt game this weekend.

The Weekend Roundup: Read, share, repeat.

Kelly celebrated her 26th birthday this week! Wish her a happy birthday — and read about how she celebrated.

Today’s “Out with Sara” column (see above on how to read this a day early) talks about Mulligan’s East Shore (now open!) and YWCA’s Fall Fest, a beer tasting benefit event happening next Saturday – buy tickets early for discounts.

Coming up: Patio renovation (no, really), the perfect morning treat for fall (healthy and delicious, I promise) and more.

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Birthday Week Recap

Bff When I moved here three years ago, I knew no one. Not even "a friend of a cousin" or "roommate of a friend's brother."

I dove in blindly and talked a lot of trash on this town. It wasn't home to me, and I wasn't familiar with the ins and outs. I missed my friends, my bars and what I knew.

I can't pinpoint when it happened as it was more of a gradual change, but eventually Harrisburg started to feel more like "mine."

This was evident as I turned 26 this week.

Yeah, I'm not really sure how it happened either. It seems like just yesterday I was a premature colicky baby with jaundice and webbed toes and now I'm trying to find the forms for AARP (kidding).


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Weekend Roundup 9/22

IMG_1722 Fall is just around the corner, friends. What are you doing to celebrate?

Tonight, I’m heading to Zia’s at Red Door for their weekly Wine Tasting Happy Hour with none other than Alexis. Friday takes us out of town for a family wedding, and then I’m wrapping up festivities with a “sprinkle” for one of my girlfriends Saturday morning. Overall, loveliness planned all around.

Mulligan’s East Shore opens tonight. If you can’t make it, be sure to check my column tomorrow for the scoop. It’s another venue for your NFL and UFC needs, if nothing else.

What are you doing this weekend?


Tailgating Tips

image from One of the biggest voids in the Capital City is its absence of any professional sports teams (apologies to the Harrisburg Senators) or even a watchable college program. That said, being located less than two hours from Philadelphia, Baltimore and State College (and not a bad ride from Pittsburgh), there are still plenty of opportunities to pick a home team and tailgate before a big game.

For some fans, a tailgate party is the main attraction of a live sporting event – they couldn't care less who is playing, who won or if they even make it into the stadium (this is especially true at Penn State).

I've found that a lot of times when people talk about "tailgating," they usually mean three cases of Keystone Light and a couple bags of potato chips. Sure, I have just as much fun at those tailgates as the next guy, but it's not a real tailgate to me.



Tierney’s Life List

It seems I'm the last on the site to complete my life list.* It's much more difficult to create one of these than you think. Creating goals, remembering thoughts and forming it all into a list isn't exactly my forte. Alas, after much contemplation (we're talking over a week), here is my life list:

  • Party with Ke$ha.
  • Attend the Great American Beer Fest.
  • Visit the West Coast.
  • Own a house.
  • Attend New York Fashion Week.
  • Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks.
  • Scuba dive.
  • Obtain my Master's Degree.
  • Go zip lining.
  • Drink Italian wine in Italy, preferably while researching my family's roots.
  • Be published.
  • Do something completely random and gutsy that completely changes the rest of my life. I'm not sure what this is yet, but I'll let you know when I do.
  • Figure out what I "want to be when I grow up."

*[Ed. note: Tierney's is not the last of the Life Lists. Sara's updated Life List is still pending.]


Giveaway: Roundtop Mountain Resort

**Congratulations to Max Power, winner of the Paintball 4-pack from Roundtop!**

If you are still under the impression that Roundtop Mountain Resort (nee Ski Roundtop) is just for snow-related sports, prepare to be wowed.

image from Roundtop Mountain Resort (you’ll soon get the name change) offers year-round activities via a ropes course, Adventure Camps, Paintball, Vertical Trek, Mountain Adventure, plus food and music at Mountain View Food & Spirits. It’s not just for ski club anymore!

To prove it to you, Roundtop Mountain Resort is giving away a 4-pack Seargeant Package for Paintball (good for 1 group of 4). The package includes everything each player needs to play Paintball – field fees, marker rental, goggles/facemask and 500 rounds of paint.

Roundtop prides itself on hosting a field geared toward the recreational player, rather than aggressive play. They’re popular with both pre-teen birthday parties (you can be as young as 10 years old to play, so this is a great family activity) and bachelor parties! They offer 10 different fields for themed play, including two new fields added this year.

To enter to win a Paintball Seargeant Package for 4, visit Roundtop’s website and leave a comment below.

For extra entries (you must leave a separate comment for each extra entry in order for each to count), you can:

I’ll select a winner at random at the end of the week.


This week on

Hi! A natural disaster-free week! Huzzah!

Need a quick and tasty recipe to sate hungry football viewers? Try my Hot Ham Sandwiches.

You have a few hours left to enter to win two sets of tickets from Greenbelt Events – a pair to see the Avett Brothers, and a pair to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops. All you have to do is comment on the post!

Jeff highlights the grandstand at the York Fair.

Brittany waves goodbye – she's headed to the Big Apple. But first, she shares her favorite parts of the Harrisburg area.

See those drool-worthy tweets of mine from last Saturday's Farm to Table Dinner? I have a full post on the event here.

The Weekend Roundup: Now Flood-Free!


Lessons from Training

Mile It's getting down to the wire here.

The marathon is a measly three weeks away. When I registered for the race in May, October 9 seemed eons away. Now? Not so much.

Training for a marathon has been … interesting. While I am running this marathon (and the NYRR 18 miler) with my high school friend, Bill, he lives in New York City, so I've done all my training solo. I've had some rough miles, definitely suffered heat-related sickness and have spent some of those long runs overanalyzing every aspect of my life. But, for the most part, I have been not-so-secretly enjoying it and actually having fun. I've even gained some important knowledge that I'd like to share.

Long runs justify the embarrassing music on my iPod. I used to pride myself on listening to mostly "underground" and "respectable" music. Anymore, my iPod consists of some really terrible songs. The great thing is that I can defend myself with, "I just need it to run to! I can't run to (insert super-secret indie band). It's not running music."



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