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by: Sara Bozich

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I bought a Neti pot today. Aren’t those supposed to work? And furthermore, who gets a cold that is only a stuffy nose/sneezing?

Anyway. We did part of 3rd in the Burg on Friday, but unfortunately I didn’t plan well enough for dinner at Pastorante, so we had to think fast. Home 231 (P.S. LOVE the new site design!) was kind to make space for our party of five on Friday and generously shared some of their terrific appetizers, including the artisan cheese plate and deviled eggs trio.

Artisan cheese plate, deviled eggs trio at Home 231.

Artisan cheese plate, deviled eggs trio at Home 231.

Yesterday we attended a beautiful wedding of two of our dear friends at the Cameron Estate Inn in Mount Joy. It was a gorgeous afternoon and evening for it, and the dance floor was busy all night.

Today, I’m off to the gym, then a coffee date, then ironing? Who knows, I’m wild. Let’s just get to the meat of this:

From PennLive:

Elsewhere on the Internet:

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4 Go To Craft Beers for Beginners

by: Tierney Pomone

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This post goes out to those of you who are learning, reading and ready to make the plunge into craft beer. This also goes out to the faithful who love what they love but are considering moving on.

While I’ve talked about tips for picking beer, stylistic guides through Craft Beer 101, and even new beers each season, something I haven’t talked about are quick go-to beers to ease the decision-making process.

A go-to beer, in my mind, is a beer that is consistently awesome regardless of where you get it, easy-to-find, usually decently priced and a solid representation of its style. Here are my top 4 go-to beers:

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

bells two hearted

Believe it or not, it was about two years into my exploration of craft beer before I ever gave this beer a shot. My first ever was in the September of 2012 with Sara at Shady McGrady’s and ever since my life has been changed. This beer is easy to find throughout our area and is always my go-to when I can’t decide. In this beer, expect to find an incredibly drinkable flavor of hops, very little malt and a more textured mouthfeel. It’s hop-heavy but not bitter, a bit of sweet with citrus but not syrupy, and a perfect 7% ABV.


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Weekend Roundup 3/20

by: Sara Bozich

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Happy spring! It’s really here!

You should register for this: www.jerseymikerun.com

You should register for this: www.jerseymikerun.com

Earlier this week, we wished good friends bon voyage, while other friends’ dream came one step closer. Today, another friend will welcome her second daughter on this first day of spring, and this Saturday we’ll celebrate another two friends’ marriage. How ’bout that for new beginnings? I’m thrilled for all this welcome change and happiness for those I love.

Tonight’s events are still TBD, but tomorrow I’m to get on my 3rd in the Burg and check out the st@art-up-iversary and perhaps dinner at Pastorante (finally).

Of course, there are four days’ worth of events below for you to peruse to help plan your own weekend.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:10 a.m. to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend?


5 Ways to Deal with “Run-ger”

by: Kelly Leighton

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If you have a spring race, chances are you’re (hopefully) pretty far along in your training. And perhaps you’ve noticed something. A little something I’ve heard referred to as “run-ger.” By increasing your mileage, you’re burning more calories, and thus your body requires more fuel. However, it becomes quite easy to overdo it, I know because I fall victim to it nearly every time I up my miles.

tired runner source: http://www.123rf.com

“But I am SO huuuuuuungry,” I whined. “I ran 16 miles, I NEED FRENCH FRIES AND FROZEN YOGURT WITH SPRINKLES. Please help me.”

Yes, this was me on Sunday after I flung myself on the couch because my legs were just too tired to move anymore. Needless to say, french fries and frozen yogurt are a fine occasional treat, but not necessarily the best fuel or healthiest choices. I did not get my french fries or frozen yogurt. Instead, I had one of those small single-serving ice creams and we roasted some potatoes. I’m learning, and trying to be better because I gain weight every time I train for a marathon. Even though I act confused, I know the reasoning behind it. Runger. And not making good choices because of it.

Here’s how I am trying (and sometimes succeeding) in keeping my appetite (and the extra pounds off) under control.


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