Celebrate 5 years with The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey

by: Sara Bozich
February 22, 2017
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In just five short years, The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey has grown from a small operation in the signature farmhouse to hosting thousands for a national recording act during their 2016 Merlot Release Party.

It’s time to raise a glass and celebrate The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey with their 5th Anniversary Party on Feb. 25.

Come out and celebrate five years of The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey with new releases, local vendors and LIVE music from The Philly Elvis.

Vendors will be selling cigars, cheeses, desserts and more to enjoy while sipping on your choice of wine or beer.


Since the doors opened five years ago, guests have continued to file into the farmhouse for guided wine tastings or to grab a bottle of the latest creation from winemaker, L. Paul Vezzetti. The Vineyard’s first bottling run featured all hands on deck, including Merlot Mike himself.

By the end of year two, The Vineyard had a new look with the addition of the red barn, which has become an icon for the company. While plans for a new barn were always in place, the partners didn’t think they would need it until Year 5.

Now, it’s hard to imagine a day at The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey without the barn as the backdrop or main hangout for the day.

After establishing the barn, the plan to incorporate a brewery came to fruition. Ryan Delutis was hired as the head brewer to incorporate fresh craft beer onto the menu.

In addition to making delicious wine and beer, The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey’s innovative events like Straws and Stripes and the infamous Merlot Release Party — among many other fun activities week after week — keep people coming back for more.

This year, the entire grounds of the vineyard are licensed to sell beer and wine by the glass. Multiple full-service serving stations are going to be set up throughout the grounds so you can grab your drink and head back to your seat for the show.

Don’t miss The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey’s 5-Year Anniversary Party this Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.

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Hosting Our First Meatball Friday

by: Kelly Leighton
February 22, 2017
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The inspiration for Meatball Friday came about a week ago.

I had stumbled upon this article about a couple who decided to host spaghetti and meatball dinners every Friday and open it up to any friends or family who wanted to attend.

I really loved the idea — we have so many friends we don’t see as often as we’d like. And not to get political (that is a whole other post), but I’ve been feeling kind of down about the state of things lately, and I am longing for a sense of community or something. So, I sent the article to my husband, without suggesting we do it, just to see what he thought. As the chef in the family, he loved this idea, and we pretty much simultaneously said, “Let’s do it.”

I was nervous to post it on Facebook. What if no one came? What if people thought it was stupid? Then I realized it really didn’t matter. We were doing something to be active, instead of sitting around being passive, and if people didn’t want to come, that was their loss.

The “likes” trickled in, but the reservations did not. We had a few people confirmed, so we started reaching out to friends we haven’t seen recently, as well as our neighbors. Turns out, a lot of people missed our posts and were more than interested.

Living in a row home in the city means we don’t have a ton of space, so we estimated we could fit about nine other adults at the table (and set up a kids table, if need be). And we were fully booked for our first Meatball Friday!

The funny thing is that neither my husband nor I eat pasta, so we made spaghetti squash for ourselves (or if anyone else wanted some). We provided the meatballs, pasta and a bottle of wine. And friends provided the rest.

Most didn’t know each other and hadn’t met before, but the conversation was never-ending. Friends brought a delicious salad, bread from Alvaro, fudge from Fudge-O-lutely and a boatload of wine. We laughed at first — until we later realized how much wine we actually went through. Perhaps that’s why the conversation was flowing.

Considering my husband was politely asking people to leave after 12:30 a.m., well, we were out of wine by that point, I’d say it was a success.

We already have a nearly full table for this Friday, and we’re taking reservations for all the Fridays through March. We are planning to host pretty much every Friday, as long as we’re in town. We’ve told people they can come as frequently or as infrequently as they’d like. We love having the company, and it’s a nice way to unwind after the workweek.

Sometimes, you just have to put yourself out there and hope people will meet you halfway.

Let me know if you want to come for dinner some Friday. I heard there’s meatballs.

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From Sierra Leone to Lancaster: Last Weekend in Live and Local Music

by: Micah Jacobs
February 21, 2017
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Last weekend was amazing for live music in our area. I spent as much time as I could catching shows and disregarding real life responsibilities for the weekend. Happens.

I ended up going to three live shows from three very different genres. Variety is the spice of life, my friends!

Thursday night started with Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars at the Rose Lehrman Center at HACC.

For the past 10 years, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars have been traveling the world bringing their Reggae Sound to countless fans. Their uplifting and inspiring music quickly brings the smile to your face and the feeling of positive reggae vibes to your soul.

What I find more important here is their diplomatic role as the voices of millions of refugees across the globe. The violence in the West African country of Sierra Leone forced millions of people to leave everything and flee the country from the attacks of violent rebels. Attacks that actually took the lives of some of the original members of the band.

Through the violence, lost loved ones, and the struggle to even survive day-to-day life, the music remained. Their latest album “Libation” presents a more roots-inspired, stripped-down offering. I recommend putting on that album when you’re feeling blue or the next time you want to surprise your friends while hanging out drinking a few libations yourself!

The performance of Sierra Leone’s All-Stars was an inspirational reminder of the determination, and approaching life with a positive attitude to achieve your goals in life.

Friday night I took the night off however, Saturday was going to be a whirlwind.

See my awesome boss, Sara, got me the perfect gift for music lovers: concert tickets! I have been so excited to see my favorite metal band playing their breakout album, Messengers, in its entirety, marking 10 years since the release of the album.

August Burns Red was coming home to a sellout crowd at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, their hometown.

I’ve been listening to ABR since 2004 when they released their EP, Looks Fragile After All, on the Lancaster-based CI Records. I remember the day a friend came in and said, “You have to hear these kids from Lancaster.” I have been a fan of ABR ever since.

ABR released their last album on Fearless Records last year titled, Found in Far Away Places, an album that introduced their fans to more diverse sounds from the band. The song, “Identity,” stood out the most, and it would eventually be nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

This show was to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the album that really put them on the metal community map, though. Messengers is straightforward and heavy. I needed a fellow metalhead to join me so, my buddy Joel drove us down since Sara was kind enough to get me two tickets to this show.

We enjoyed a few IPAs before the show ($7 for a Troegs Perpetual, REALLY?!), and once ABR took the stage I headed to the front. The guys cranked out song after song, note for note, word for word and only stopped to acknowledge the crowd one time. It was loud, hot and bodies were crammed into the narrow club. It was amazing. I have seen ABR five times now, and this was absolutely the best show I have ever seen them put on. The energy, the technical abilities of the musicians and the sincerity of the lyrics makes ABR one of the best metal bands you can see right now.

While Metal may not be your cup of tea, there is something to be said and be proud of knowing that a group of local boys from Lancaster are touring the world as one of the top metal bands in the industry right now. Oh, and that Grammy nomination I mentioned earlier.

We left the Chameleon Club and headed straight to The Abbey Bar to catch one of my favorite local bands, the very funky and previously written about, Dr. Slothclaw.

Dr. Slothclaw is currently in the studio now, and I cannot wait until they release the new album because the second half of their set that I could catch was pure, freak funk perfection. These guys get better and better every time I see them. Follow their adventures on Facebook and get to one of their shows!

Wow, three shows in 48 hours. But, there is no rest for the wicked because Feb. 23-25 is the Millennium Music Conference throughout the Harrisburg area. I will be out and about all weekend going to show after show live-tweeting all of my adventures.

Follow me on Twitter: @HBGMicah to tag along with me this weekend and get out there and support local music!

GIVEAWAY: Mason-Dixon Wine Trail Tour de Tanks

by: Sara Bozich
February 20, 2017
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The Mason-Dixon Wine Trail’s Tour De Tanks is a four-weekend adventure that gives ticket holders access to 17 different wineries throughout southcentral Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

During all four weekends in March, you have the opportunity to explore all of the vineyards of the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail.


Ticket are $30 each and include:

  • Hand selected wine tastings
  • Special barrel or tank tastings
  • Small food options or pairings
  • A souvenir wine glass
  • 10% off wine purchases at each vineyard

»» Check out ALL 17 vineyards

Tickets are available online or at any of the 17 participating vineyards. When buying your ticket be sure to choose the location where you would like to start your #wineing adventure.

A few nearby participating wineries: 

Get your ticket stamped at eight different wineries for a chance to win an exclusive prize at the end of the four weeks.

This week, we’re giving away a set of four (4) tickets for the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail’s Tour De Tanks.

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