Giveaway: Ladies Night at Excitement Aug. 4

by: Sara Bozich
July 23, 2016
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Ladies Night is back at Excitement.

Get the squad together for a FREE ladies only night full of education, drinking and MORE at Excitement in Camp Hill on Thursday, Aug. 4 for “Beyond Vanilla: Try Something New” with Guest Speaker Ducky DooLittle, Sex Educator, Speaker and Author.

SB Ducky Ad Aug 2016

Join us (yep, I’ll be there) for a fun, FREE, no-guys-allowed evening of raffle prizes, snacks and drinks, games, pleasure tips, Excitement’s money machine and great discounts, too!

»» RSVP on Facebook or at this ticket link

Both will work to secure your spot, but sign up NOW because this event WILL FILL UP FAST! Questions? Just ask!

The event features free food and drink – plus sex tips, shopping deals at Excitement and PRIZES!

Ladies Night at Excitement Camp Hill
Thursday, Aug. 4
6-9 p.m.

Excitement is the one-stop shop for adults. From adult toys and games to non-tobacco products like vapes and E-cigs.

This week, we’re giving away a $100 gift card to Excitement.

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4 Summer Beer Cocktails You’ll Want to Try

by: Tierney Pomone
July 22, 2016
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We’re in for yet another scorching hot weekend, and I’ll be relying heavily on my thirst-quenching beverages to keep me cool. As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes it is just too hot for a stout, porter, or even an IPA. Sometimes I need something lighter to make it through.

That’s when beer cocktails come into play. A perfect blend of beer, booze, and other yummy liquids, hoptails can be the perfect alternative on a hot sunny day. Or, they can be just a fun way to switch up your drinking routine. Try a few of these to really get into the summer mood.

Desserts and drinks

Campground Sunrise

This lovely breakfast cocktail is of my own creation. When we went camping earlier in the summer, I brought along lots of Atwater Whango, their mango wheat beer. As I was in my tent dreaming of mango mimosas, I figured why not try to make my own fruity concoction. The Campground Sunrise was born. I’m not much for measuring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make this drink. In a pint glass, you’ll need 1 oz shot tequila (I use Altos) + 1/3 can of Whango + champagne + orange juice. The champs and orange juice you can do to your preference, but I vote more champs than juice. Gently stir and enjoy!

Herbal Ginny

This hoptail calls for a very specific beer: Dogfish Head Biere de Provence. This is another of my at-home concoctions, so again the measuring is up to your discretion. Biere de Provence is an herbal beer using lavender, marjoram, and bay leaves. The result is an aromatic pleasure with complex flavor reminiscent of running through a garden. This works wonderfully with gin’s already herbal earthy flavors. After consulting with my cocktail mistresses Lauren and Lissa, we recommend Wigle Ginever for this drink, a ratio of 1 oz shot per beer, again stirred gently. Garnish with fresh sage from your garden.

IPA Slushies

The Beeroness nailed summer when she put out her recipe for IPA slushes. Why should wine get to have all the fun? She recommends using a tropical DIPA. Suggestions: Troegs Nimble Giant, Great Lakes Chillwave, or Starr Hill Hopfetti. Follow her full recipe here.

Pina Beerladas

It’s no secret that Sara and I are all about the pineapple/tiki/summer life. The only thing I love as much as a margarita in the summer is a pina colada. Who says we can’t make it into a hoptail? Take the basic pina colada recipe, and substitute out the pineapple juice for Rivertowne’s Hala Kahiki pineapple beer. 3 parts Hala Kahiki Pinapple beer + 1 part white rum + 1 part coconut cream. Blend ice, rum, and coconut until smooth, stir in the beer, core a pineapple, and drink it with an umbrella and straw!

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Weekend Roundup 7/21

by: Sara Bozich
July 21, 2016
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Turn Right Traffic Signal

I’m hitting the road to Pittsburgh for the next few days with my GK Visual coworkers. We’ll be checking out the Steel City before returning Saturday. And at that point, I have no idea what my weekend entails.

Convince Andy to head to River City on Saturday? Brunch at Greystone on Sunday? Yes and yes? We’ll see.


What are you doing this weekend?


The Bacon Brothers return to Whitaker Center 7/30

by: Jimi The Intern
July 20, 2016
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Kevin and Michael Bacon have been making music together ever since they were little kids in Philadelphia. Older brother Michael was playing guitar and invited Kevin to bring in a set of conga drums to bang along for their first  jam session.

Kevin said that banging along on those drums was one of the earliest memories he has of playing music with his brother, and even though the two went their separate ways for a time, they got the band back together in 1995 and have been touring ever since.

The Bacon Brothers will hit the Whitaker Center stage on Saturday, July 30 at 8 p.m. for a one night performance featuring new music from the group, which has been touring the country for more than two decades.

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Kevin said that people who are heading to the concert can expect to hear a mix of a few genres of music throughout the show and even the songs themselves.

“You’ll hear some folk, some rock, some soul and some country,” said Kevin. “FOROSOCO!”

“Forosoco” refers to their self-described sound and also the title of their first studio album. Since then, they have released seven additional albums including a live recording and a greatest hits. Their most recent album, “36¢,” was released in 2014.

The gritty style they have honed and perfected has netted them success over the past decades. While most know Kevin for his many (many, many) popular roles on the screen, it is something else to hear him sing alongside his brother Michael.

Michael, an Emmy-winning composer, lends his talents to the band in a different way.

“I’ve always loved the physical instruments of guitars, cellos, oboes, mandolins, drums,” Michael said. “I wanted them all.”

It’s the combination of the brother’s talents plus their supporting bandmates that make their sound completely different and also ever-changing. The band features piano, mandolin, steel guitar and a variety of other instrumental combinations.

Even if you have seen the Bacon Brothers in concert before or their performance on “Live at Daryl’s,” Kevin says that the great thing about their music is how it changes every night.

“It’s that sweet spot of your voice, your instrument, the band and the audience,” Kevin said.

Michael noted to listen for “Shade” and “Don’t Lose Me Boy,” as examples — along with any song he has the chance to pick up the cello, which are his favorites to perform.

The Bacon Brothers have been working on a new single to be released on 45s later this month. The song is “Driver,” and it is all about memories.

Being on the road constantly can be a drag on some bands, but both brothers really seem to enjoy the touring aspect of show business.

Michael said that he loves seeing all of the small towns that they pass through with the quirky breakfast spots, maybe a guitar store and some rivers.

“The live show is the fun part,” Kevin said. “Everything else is just in service of that.”

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