Brew News – July 2015 Edition

by: Tierney Pomone

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Happy Beer News Friday! It’s been a whirlwind month for Sara and me — between Asheville, camping, and moving for me it’s been a little difficult to stay abreast of what’s happening out there.

I’ve been spending a lot more time enjoying the beer I’m drinking and being present as opposed to Instagramming every moment of my life, but I still found time to read up on the latest and keep you in the loop, too. Here’s what went down in beer for the month of July.

Brewers Association Stats


Again, we have a reason to celebrate! According to the information released by the Brewers Association this week, the number of craft breweries in the US is up to 3,739 the most since pre-prohibition, and there are 1,755 currently in planning. This is an increase of 669 from the previous year. Remember, this may seem like a lot, but there are 10,000 wineries in the US. Also, craft beer sales by volume are up as well. From January through the end of June 2015, approximately 12.2 million barrels of beer were sold by craft brewers, up from 10.6 million barrels during the first half of 2014.

Yards Releases PYNK Early, Benefits Tyanna Foundation

Yards PYNK

Yards Brewing Company’s now-annual seasonal, PYNK, has been released early this year. This saison features 3,300 pound of sour and sweet cheers and raspberries in each batch creating a beautifully pink brew with a tart berry flavor. $1 from each case and five cents from each pint sold of PYNK is donated to breast cancer research and awareness.

Since 2013, $18,000 has been donated to The Tyanna Foundation, which focuses on improving the lives of breast cancer patients as well as increasing awareness and generating money for research, services, education, treatment, and patient care. Ninety percent of the foundation’s funds raised in each state stay in that state to support local breast cancer efforts. Since it released early this year, go get one and feel good about giving back while drinking a delicious brew.

Miller Responds to Blue Moon Lawsuit

In California, a lawsuit was filed against Miller Coors regarding their crafty brand, Blue Moon. A man found that the distinct lack of transparency on the label regarding Miller Coors as the true owner and brewer of Blue Moon to be false advertising and decided to sue Miller Coors. Some time has passed since the initial allegations, and now Miller Coors has responded:

MillerCoors is tremendously proud of Blue Moon and has always embraced our ownership and support of this wonderful brand. The class action filed against MillerCoors in California is without merit and contradicted by Blue Moon Brewing Company’s 20-year history of brewing creative beers of the highest quality. There are countless definitions of “craft,” none of which are legal definitions. We choose to judge beer by the quality, skill and passion that goes into brewing it. Back in 1995, Keith Villa, Blue Moon’s founder and head brewmaster had to work extremely hard to convince people to try his cloudy, Belgian-style beer. Today, MillerCoors is proud that Blue Moon has invited millions of drinkers to try something new, while helping pave the way for the current explosion of creativity in the brewing community.

While I understand where this dude is coming from, I think it’s really important for everyone to understand that the definition of “craft beer” isn’t a legal definition that has government requirements to maintain. Is the idea of these “crafty” beverages pretty shady? Absolutely. But the definition of “craft beer” was put forward by the Brewers Association to serve as a guideline. We, the consumers, industry professionals and advocates, are the ones holding brewers accountable for this and giving value to the term. It will be interesting to see if this case continues to move forward and what the final ruling will be.

New Local Beers: Pizza Boy Brewing Funky Applesauce and Mango Sourer, Zeroday Brewing Phresh Hop

Zeroday Phresh Hop

We’ve got three new beers to try that just released in Harrisburg. Over at Al’s of Hampden you can grab bottles of Funky Applesauce an oak aged ale brewed with honeycrisp apples and Mango Sourer an ale aged in oak barrels with mangoes. Both are available for in-house consumption and according to the Facebook page if you ask real nicely you might be able to get some to-go. Over at Zeroday you can get their Phresh Hop ale brewed with hops and malts fresh from Deer Creek Malts.  Gotta love fresh local brews!

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Weekend Roundup 7/30

by: Sara Bozich

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Hey, a weekend in town — how ’bout that? Still I’m making two nearby day trips — with Intern Jimi today to Hanover for a few brewery stops (research!) and tomorrow to Gettysburg for some wine and cider (more research!). Be sure to check my PennLive column in the following weeks for full recaps.

roadtrip delmonte

Saturday morning, I’m back on the radio co-hosting The Bruce Bond Late Afternoon Show on Saturday Morning. Entertainment attorney Todd Shill joins us. Learn more about him and his ties to the Midtown Cinema here.

Outside of that, we have minimal plans, but will probably help Tierney move, maybe find a swimming pool or check out some wineries.

Here are some other recent stories, ICYMI:

What are you doing this weekend?


Summer Beer Mile 2015

by: Kelly Leighton

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Ah, a new season, time for a new beer mile.

beer mile

If you are unfamiliar with a beer mile, it is pretty simple. You drink a beer, run a quarter mile, drink another beer, run another quarter mile, drink a third beer, run a quarter mile, drink your last beer, finish your mile. I completed my first beer mile last spring, finishing around 9 minutes. This past spring, I ran another, finishing in 8:48. I was ready for my third this past weekend.

As usual, some friends and I met at the same house in midtown. A lap around the block is exactly a quarter mile, which makes it the perfect location. And just like last time, I stuck with the Omission Pale Ale, which is 5.8 percent (The official beer mile rules state a beer has to be 5 percent or higher to count). This is not my favorite beer by any means, but it gets the job done.

It was a beautiful summer night on Friday, but only five us were ready to tackle the challenge. In fact, there were more far more spectators than runners this time.

Around 7:15, we said our cheers and were off. The first one is always the hardest for me. I finished my drink as quickly as possible and took off around the block, landing pretty easily in second.

I came in under the 2-minute mark for the first lap, which surprised me, but I didn’t question the official timer. Instead, I focused on getting the second beer down as quick as I could before embarking on my second loop. I came in just shy of four minutes. The third beer/loop is always the hardest in my opinion. You’re more than halfway done, but still have enough in front of you to make it seem daunting.

Regardless, I chose this fate, and off I went. I looped around the block, and pulled in for my final drink and final lap.

Although I could feel the beer swishing around in my stomach, I tried to forget about it, and tried to focus on maintaining a decent pace. “You’re so close to being done,” I reminded myself.

And 8 minutes and 4 seconds after I began, my third beer mile was finished. And a new PR to boot!

beer mile

I know it’s a silly game to play, and some say it cheapens the sport, but I think it’s all in good fun.


Roosevelt Dime at HMAC this Friday

by: Becky Chan

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Roosevelt Dime, with opening band Matt Wheeler and the Vintage Heart, are playing at our very own HMAC this Friday. Doors will open at 7 p.m., and the show starts around 9 p.m.


Roosevelt Dime

Matt Wheeler and the Vintage Heart is poetry come to life with music. This singer/songwriter is based in Lancaster, PA, this brings a folksy feel to the local indie band music scene. If you haven’t already seen this act, it’s a must see. If you can’t make it to this show and still want to see this act, they will be playing at Dickinson College on August 31.

The dime, the 10-cent piece American currency holds so much history and tells a story of American pride and perseverance. Roosevelt Dime embodies just that. Digging deep into American culture and native music genres that leave a feeling of nostalgia while simultaneously being an every-day, live in your pocket kind of current.

The band describes their music as “Mardi-Grass”, a mix of that traditional N’Awlins Dixieland band sound with the bluegrass sounds that are making a come back in popular music, thanks to musical acts from Dolly Parton to Mumford and Sons. The upside to this is the revival of and popularization of music that tells the story and themes of the struggle and celebration of the birth of the post-war American dream.

Harmonizing vocals, cut-throat raw sounds mixed with brassy jubilant melodies that make up this band originate from a place with deep roots. Roosevelt Dime sings about community, positivity and freedom.

The band consists of Andres Green, who plays the five string banjo and sings lead vocals; Eban Pariser, who plays electric guitar, harmonica, and also sings lead vocals; Tony Montalbano, who plays drums and backup vocals; and Craig Akin who plays upright bass.

Check out their music video for their song “Should I Be Leaving” recorded during the 2015 Pinball Sessions.

At their upcoming show at HMAC, you can expect contagious energy, uncontrollable foot stomping and the ability to sing along even if you haven’t listened to them before.

Also, there is a sweet deal involved. The New Deal, if you will. If you buy your tickets in advance here, you will receive a download code that will give you free access to Roosevelt Dime’s full online music catalog. So buy your tickets and start listening to them now.

Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Roosevelt Dime is currently touring the OH, NY and PA area.

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