GIVEAWAY: Stark Energy

by: Sara Bozich
May 23, 2016

Stark Energy has been sampling their original energy drink and supplement pills at recent events, and now they have released an all new line-up of energy drink flavors to offer to those in need of that healthy perk throughout the day.

Local and celebrity athletes are loving Stark Energy (see: Crossfit movement).

Stark New Image

Stark’s new flavors include:

  • Stark Energy Red
  • Stark Energy Blue

The big change to the flavors is that both Stark Red and Blue use organic beet juice as sweetener. When you drink a Stark Energy you are not only getting the vitamins and supplements necessary to boost your energy, you are also getting the supplements that help fight inflammation in the body.

So far, I’m a big fan of the new “red” flavor. Beets for the win.

This week, we’re giving away a case of your choice of Stark Energy drink and a t-shirt — 3 winners!

To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below. 

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Beercation in Pennsylvania: A Summer How-To

by: Jimi The Intern
May 21, 2016
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Brewery tourism is at an all-time high. When the boss heads to BBC16 in Tampa this summer, she’ll attend an entire session on the concept.

Where breweries were once an occasional highlight of a trip, they’re now becoming the destinations themselves.

This year, Brewers of Pennsylvania has put together their own Summer Road Trip Tasting Excursion for Pennsylvania beer tourists. The suggested itinerary includes eight breweries from across the Commonwealth, from Philadelphia to Erie.

Zeroday Phresh Hop

The Summer Road Trip also includes stops in Pittston, Wilks-Barre and Harrisburg along the way. BOP’s plan even offers summer beers to try at each location.

Before heading anywhere, you’ll want to gather these beercation essentials:

  • Growlers and growlettes (64 and 32 oz, respectively, if you have them)
  • Coolers to keep to-go beer cold
  • Snacks for the road
  • Water
  • A killer playlist
  • Phone charger to access the BOP app (see below) and Untappd
  • PLUS your favorite drinking buddy

BONUS: Hit as many of these BOP-approved stops along the way, and you can score some sweet PA beer swag. First, be sure to download the BOP app:

If you check-ini to four of the eight featured breweries, you will earn Brewers of Pennsylvania swag.

If you make it to all eight, you’ll get the swag PLUS free entry to PA Flavor in 2017. (That is a $50 value all for supporting PA breweries).

Getting to all eight would be a tall task if you’re basing your road trip out of Harrisburg, but the PA Flavor ticket is a pretty good incentive. Making it to four, however, is extremely feasible. There are four in the list that make it easy to pick up some BOP swag and support your local breweries.

Here are two options on how to go about your trip:

Closest to home: Obviously hitting up ZeroDay for anyone is Harrisburg is no big deal, so the first stop is kind of a gimme one. Next, Susquehanna and Lion’s Head are just a 10 minute drive from one another. The choice now comes down to Funk or Saint Benjamin. My choice would be to check out Saint Benjamin’s brand new taproom and then maybe catch a Phillies game while I’m in town.

The weekender: The real problem with hitting all eight is the five-hour drive to Erie. To make it worth it, you should start there one weekend and work your way to Pittsburgh. After leaving Erie, you’re next stop would be one of my new favorite breweries, North Country. End your trip with a long stay at East End Brewing and take in the rest that The Burgh has to offer.

Road trip stops and beer suggestions:

East End Brewing – Pittsburgh
BOP pick: Monkey Boy – a light hefeweizen brewed in the traditional German style
Intern Jimi pick: Big Hop IPA – Lower ABV with a great hop flavor and balance

North County Brewing – Slippery Rock
BOP pick: Margarita Summer (my summer bucket list beer) – Kettle soured ale with lime and orange added
Intern Jimi pick: The Ol’ Two-Niner DIPA – First, because of the Penguins. And second because it was my favorite beer at PA Flavor this year.

ZeroDay Brewing–  Harrisburg
BOP pick: Mango Hab – the perfect balance of sweet and heat that is perfect for a summer afternoon
Intern Jimi Pick: Midtown Mule – A splash of their ginger beer in the Wit’s End makes this a must-have summer drink

Susquehanna Brewing Company – Pittston
BOP pick: Shady Spot Lemon Shandy – a traditional English-style shandy that marries the tastes of beer and lemonade
Intern Jimi pick: Hopcellerator IPA – a traditional west coast IPA that brings a fresh, crisp hop taste with every sip (Editor’s note: Also what Sara drinks 90% of the time at Millworks)

Saint Benjamin Brewing – Philadelphia
BOP pick: Liaison Saison – lightly hopped, dry saison with notes of peppercorn and lavender finish.
Intern Jimi pick: Junto – a kolsch ale brewed with coffee beans has summer shower/morning beer written all over it

Funk Brewing Company – Emmaus
BOP pick: Double Citrus IPA – imperial IPA brewed with hops that give this IPA a crisp and citrusy flavor
Intern Jimi pick: Citrus IPA – after hanging around for a while grab a sixer of this beer to show off at your next party

The Brewerie – Erie
BOP pick: Uncle Jackson’s Blonde Ale – a crisp blonde ale that is full in body
Intern Jimi pick: Mango-Papaya Wheat Ale – I mean, does anything sound more like summer than that?

The Lion Brewery – Wilkes-Barre
BOP pick: Lion’s Head Light – a light pilsner brewed that is perfect for any hot summer day
Intern Jimi pick: Lion’s Head – The drink of my college day and still holds true as a quality cheap beer alternative

Along with these, you can find even more great breweries (and more) along the way

»» Check out our  interactive brewery, winery, cidery & distillery map!


Hanover: With four breweries, three within walking distance from another, Hanover is a perfect place to spend the day trying different brews in four very different settings. Add a stop to The Winner’s Circle (no not the one in Grantville) to find one of the hidden gems of the area.


Ephrata/Adamstown/Rheemstown: Three breweries that are separated by just a few miles. Start at St. Boniface with Paidiea Pale Ale, head down to Union Barrel Works and end at Stoudt’s Brewery, one of our area’s most historic breweries.


Brewery road trips have been a staple of my summers for the past few years. Whether it’s with the boss, friends or family, some of my best memories have been made during these trips. Keep an eye out for the upcoming field trips that Sara and I will embark on throughout the summer.

Think While You Drink: Trivia Nights are Back!

Trivia is back! Local bars are hopping on this midweek entertainment — from Hershey to New Cumberland — find trivia nights to test your wits while you sip on some great craft beer.

trivia night

Personally, I am partial to the ABC Harrisburg trivia night with the local company Cheaters Never Prosper. They are a company who sends out “callers” to host and give the night a little more personality rather than just using a tablet and a TV to test your knowledge.

If you’re going to a Cheaters Never Prosper night they have pretty much the same setup for every night.

  • Round 1 is a potpourri of general knowledge.
  • Round 2 is the music round.
  • Round 3 is the puzzle round.
  • Round 4 is another general knowledge test.

Another trivia night quickly jumping up my list is Grain + Verse. They have a different way to go about trivia. It’s a lot quicker with themed rounds comprised of one to three questions each. It keeps you constantly thinking.

The other plus for Grain + Verse is the huge selection of more than 300 beers on draft or in a can or bottle. Also, if the Bleu Boli is available, get it. It might be the only thing you don’t have to think about all night.

Check out our list of bars that are currently hosting trivia nights, get a group together and get thinking.






For Lancaster-area trivia, click here.

Know of a great trivia night near you? Share it in the comments, or contact us, and we’ll update the post.

Best Beers to take Camping

by: Tierney Pomone
May 20, 2016
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emergency drinking beer

Vacation season is upon us, and Memorial Day weekend, the official kickoff of summer, is next week. Many will barbecue, some will go to the beach, but we’re going camping.

Regardless of your choice in summer activities, canned beers are the way to go. Canned beer is lightweight, it keeps the harmful sunlight from skunking your beer, and they won’t break if you drop it by the pool. Every day more and more breweries are starting to can their beer which is to your benefit.

So, speaking of camping, here’s what beers I think we’ll take, and will be perfect for all your outdoor adventures.

manayunk belly flop

Fruits in Cans

I am declaring 2016 to be the summer of fruit beers. Be prepared to see me check in a lot of them and talk about them constantly. There are so many ways you can drink fruit beers now from grapefruit infused IPAs to pineapple wheat beers to orange stouts. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a refreshing fruit beer this summer, and here are a few canned ones I recommend:

Refreshing Beers

So maybe it’s hotter than hot on your adventure and you really just need a cool-off beer. Maybe you went for a hike and you’re just spent. Biking, running, Frisbee – whatever the activity sometimes you just need a beer to quench your thirst.

Believe it or not, beer does replenish you after physical activity, but finding the right one can be tough.

  • Victory Brewing just released their brand new Cage Radler and it’s available in cans. Radlers have a hint of lemony flavor that were designed to satiate bicyclists.
  • Oskar Blues Pinner was the official summer brew of 2015 for Sara, Jimi and me because it was the perfect balance of flavor to cool you off on a hot day.
  • Local brewery Sly Fox makes their perfect summer quencher, Grisette. I have definitely drank a lot of this after my yearly trip to Wildwood for my friends’ ultimate Frisbee tournament and can testify that it does its job.

tierney terrapin recreation ale

IPAs for Days

Some of you just aren’t willing to give up your IPA-drinker card no matter the weather. That’s okay, there are plenty of IPAs in cans for you. Whether you want a session, a pale ale, a true IPA, or even a DIPA there is something for everyone.

  • Even Stone Brewing now cans their beers, and their iconic IPA is the perfect go-to for an afternoon of fishing.
  • Terrapin Brewing has a session pale ale specifically designed for outdoor activities; grab a 12 pack of RecreationALE.
  • Brand new to our area, Old Forge Brewing, only cans their beer for distribution. They make an awesome session ale, Under, but I think their Overbite IPA would be perfect.
  • And, Atlanta-native Sweetwater cans their 420 extra pale ale for, you know, doing hippie stuff.

Breakfast Beers

The best, or maybe worst, part of camping is being woken up with the sun, because it’s right in your face. I’m a big fan of sleeping in, so if I have no choice but to wake up because the sun is making me, I hope to find a beer in my hand pretty quickly.

Breakfast beers are awesome, and pair perfectly with all your favorite breakfast foods.

  • The hard-to-find canned stout can be found right in our backyard from Spring House. Did you know they can their Big Gruesome peanut butter stout year-round? I’ll take one of those with my pancakes.
  • If mimosas are your thing, Victory is canning Golden Monkey and they make awesome beermosas.
  • Also, we can’t forget crowlers, which are just overgrown cans anyways. No morning is complete without some Sunny Side Up, and the only way you’re getting it in a can is in a crowler. Leave the coffee in the post and share SSU with friends instead.

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