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Pumpkin Beers In July? Here’s Why:

This past weekend, July 12, I had some friends visiting from Yazoo Brewing in Nashville. I took them to Al’s of Hampden/Pizza Boy Brewing, of course, and they were shocked to see stacks of cases of bombers of Southern Tier Pumking. On a hot day in the middle of summer pumpkin beers are already available. While I adore pumpkin beers and would be pleased to drink them year round, not everyone shares the same sentiments.


Many are wondering why so soon? Seasonal beers are becoming, well, less than seasonal each year and many craft beer drinkers are asking why this is happening. There are few factors contributing to the pumpkin beer explosion, especially now more than ever.

Any business owner understands supply and demand. The consumer demand for pumpkin beers increases each year mostly because of their approachable flavor. Many pumpkin beers taste like dessert — pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, allspice, coriander, vanilla, and even marshmallow can be found among the squash-like characteristics of the actual fruit. Also, there is something sentimental about the fall that many people cling to as we gear up for football, crisper air, back-to-school memories and the holidays that accompany. With these factors, the demand has become so high such that each brewery wants to be the first to launch and kick off the season as quickly as possible.



Weekend Roundup 7/17

As you may have seen on Twitter or Instagram (mostly Instagram), we’re hanging in slower lower Delaware this week, so please note that the Weekend Roundup may be somewhat abbreviated.

beach lifeguards

Yesterday was our only rainy day, so not too shabby considering what I’ve heard your weather has been. We’ve been working on our tans, drinking lots of grapefruit crushes (grapefruit is a superfruit!), walking to and from the Inlet daily, discovering new watering holes and of course, reading.

This weekend I’ll return home, though not for long. My plans include hanging out with my husband and dog, laundry, unpacking and re-packing for our next adventure: Chicago.

Please note, there will not be a Weekend Roundup for 7/24.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:10 a.m. to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.” (This week as read by Bob Hauer-as-Sara Bozich.) What are you doing this weekend?


RUN IT: Harrisburg Mile [TONIGHT]

On Wednesday, a mile-long stretch will be shut down along Front Street. Runners and walkers of all ages and abilities will line up throughout the evening to make the journey from the Governor’s mansion to Boas Street.

I love the Harrisburg Mile. In its 33rd year, this event encompasses the definition of community. I wrote about it last year after the fact, and this year, I am writing to encourage you all to come out tonight. Whether you run a five-minute mile or an 11-minute mile, it doesn’t matter. This event is about getting people active, and raising money for the YMCA. It is only one mile, and I guarantee the majority of people reading this can do it.


In the past, temperatures have been in the 90s, with high humidity, but we may get lucky this year. Predictions have temperatures set in the 70s with low humidity. Fingers crossed we have a cooler evening on our hands.

As for me, I can’t imagine skipping it. As much as I dislike short races and the fact that I will never be a fast mile-runner, I enjoy this event, even if it does mean I get smoked. I like to focus on the distance aspect of running, and I’d rather run for three hours than run three miles at an all-out effort. But I will still be there Wednesday, probably in the middle of the pack, maybe in the back of the pack. And I will try to turn these legs over as quickly as they can possibly move, and I will try and be happy with that effort. And then it will be long forgotten by the time I am on my second bottle of water, and crawling into the beer tent.


So, I am encouraging all you reading this right now to come out tonight. You can walk, you can jog, you can run, you can sprint. And hello, there’s a beer tent. What’s better than running and beer? I can’t think of much.

For $22, you’ll get a t-shirt, a bib and the ability to participate in all post-race activities. Come out and support a good cause, and maybe even get a little sweaty.

Registration is from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the East Shore YMCA.  Listed below is the schedule of events.

  • 4 to 5:30 p.m.    Registration and packet pickup at East Shore YMCA
  • 6 p.m.               Fun Run/Half Pint/Mile
  • 6:15 p.m.               15 and under
  • 6:25 p.m.               16 to 19
  • 6:35 p.m.               20 to 29
  • 6:45 p.m.               Corporate Mile Heat #1
  • 6:55 p.m.               Corporate Mile Heat #2
  • 7:05 p.m.               Corporate Mile Heat #3
  • 7:15 p.m.               30 to 39
  • 7:25 p.m.               40 to 49
  • 7:35 p.m.               50 and older
  • 7:45 p.m.               Elite

See you there.

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What’s on Tap: Tara Chickey

In the “People You Should Get To Know If You Already Don’t” category, please meet artist, teacher, curator, herbalist (and sweetheart) – Tara Chickey.

I’ve followed much of Tara’s work from gallery owning (Mantis Collective) with Andrew Guth to her salve-making and ache-curing (Find her stuff at Stash, Yoga Nature), and she’ll soon resume work as curator as the art manager at The Millworks, coming this fall to Midtown.

But that’s enough from me. Watch our chat with the lovely and multi-talented Tara below.

Tara Chickey from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

For more, be sure to “Like” What’s on Tap with Sara on Facebook.

Find more episodes at

Lucero at FEDLIVE July 23

When anyone talks about Memphis music, the conversation inevitably revolves around the city’s legendary blues scene, Sun Studio, Beale Street and of course, The King – Elvis Presley. But over the last 14 years, Memphis-natives Lucero have relentlessly toured the country, released albums almost yearly and have certainly carved out their own niche in the historic Memphis music scene.

With a constantly expanding lineup and evolving sound that includes horns, pianos. accordions and on their 2012 Women & Work album – a gospel choir, Lucero takes influences from just about every corner of the music industry and seamlessly weaves them all into their own unique blend of country punk rock.


And for as good as their eight studio albums are, it’s their epic live shows that the band hangs their hat on. In August, they will release a career-spanning live album recorded over three nights at Atlanta’s Terminal West. The Live From Atlanta album features 32 songs and more than two hours of music.

From the opening notes of 2006′s “I Can Get Us Out of Here” through the final note of 2002′s “Fistful of Tears,” Live From Atlanta is a whirlwind tour of Lucero’s catalog that effortlessly shifts from rock to country to punk rock with the raspy vocals of frontman Ben Nichols. Filled with beer-soaked sing-alongs about guitars, girls and whiskey, the album is as good of a live album as any — and it will certainly make you want to rush out to a live Lucero show. (To listen to the live album version of “Sweet Little Thing” off of 2002′s Tennessee album, click here.)


While the live album won’t be released until August 12 (they are now accepting pre-orders for the double CD or 4 LP album), Lucero is still on the road touring the country and playing shows nearly every night. Their latest tour will bring them to central Pennsylvania on Wednesday, July 23 to FEDLIVE at the Federal Taphouse in downtown Harrisburg.

If the FEDLIVE show is even half as good as the Live From Atlanta album, local music fans are not going to want to be anywhere else next week. The show at FEDLIVE starts at 8 p.m. and Harrisburg-natives The Give Take will serve as the opening act. Tickets are only $20 and are still available online.

For more information on Lucero, visit or follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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Giveaway: Corks & Candies {AMT Shows}

**Congrats to Tony!**

On July 25, American Music Theatre presents its second annual Corks & Candies — A Wine and Chocolate Event.

Guests can enjoy wines from local vineyards, including The Vineyard at Hershey and Tamanend Winery, alongside chocolate samples from Miesse Candies, hors d’oeuvres and local vendors.

Read more about Corks & Candies at American Music Theatre here.


This week, we’re giving away two (2) tickets to Corks & Candies July 25 at American Music Theatre. To enter, leave a comment below.

For extra entries (you must leave a separate comment for each extra entry in order for each to count), you can:

Enter early and often. A winner will be selected at random at the end of the week.

Please note: You may complete each of these items only once per giveaway. All repeat entries will be discarded.

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BEACH, Giveaways, Barleywines, Cider & Dry Reds, #sbhh, MORE

Greetings from Slower Lower Delaware! I’m enjoying day 2 of my vacation — and looking forward to watching the Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket launch, which is scheduled for 12:52 p.m. EST today!

I follow NASA on Instagram (@NASA), but the Ocean View Police had issued a release about it before our trip. We learned that the rocket is carrying 3,000 lb f supplies for the International Space Station. Way cool.

We got in much of a full beach day yesterday, then had dinner at nearby Matt’s Fish Camp, a Sol Del Concepts restaurant (Matt Haley rules, ask Troegs, whose beer is in all of his restaurants). Keri and I then headed to Bethany and found fun at Mango’s.

Anyway, let’s get to it so I can get to the beach.

From PennLive:

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Upcoming Events:

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Craft Beer 101: Barleywines

While it may be the middle of summer and a boozy, heavier beer may not be at the forefront of your mind, there’s no reason for us not to explore barleywines.

Believe it or not, barleywines aren’t wine, and the majority of them that you’ll come across neither look, smell or taste like wine. The only similarity to its namesake is that they can be aged in a cellar much like a fine wine. In this edition of my Craft Beer 101 series we’ll dive into a brief history of where they came from, what they even are and a few tasting recommendations.


The barleywine, also labeled as barley wine, old ale, stock ale, or even strong ale originated in England, but its name can be traced back further to the ancient Greeks who called their fermented grain beverage krithinos oinos, translating to barley wine.

Depending on whom you ask, its development and popularity over time is said to have come from 18th century European aristocrats’ craving for a stronger beverage with prestige. Others say it was a result of brewers’ attempts to lure in wine-lovers with suggestion of its strength, nutrition and quality.  Whichever story you accept, what we know to be true is that the first commercially launched Barley Wine was in 1903 by Bass and its introduction in America can be credited to Anchor Brewing’s Old Foghorn in 1975.



HAPPY HOUR: Cafe 1500 July 30

Join us on Wednesday, July 30 at CAFE 1500, the first-level bar and restaurant at the 1500 Condominium at 6th & Reilly Streets in Midtown Harrisburg.

Bourbon Smash at Cafe 1500.

Bourbon Smash at Cafe 1500. Happy Hour #sbhh
Cafe 1500
1500 N. Sixth Street, Harrisburg
Wednesday, July 30
5:30-8 p.m.
RSVP appreciated but not mandatory.

Check out this gem of the City, their new city-themed cocktail menu, pizzas and much more.

Of course, we’ll also offer the usual treats, including beer and liquor samples — Stay tuned for updates on the specifics!

This event is FREE and open to the PUBLIC. See you there!


Weekend Roundup 7/10

This weekend I’m beach-bound.


I himmed and hawed about whether to go, felt guilty about leaving my pup, my responsibilities, etc. But you know what? We all work too much. It’s a silly thing, really. Plus, laptops are portable. So, I’m heading to my favorite place with my mom and sister for a week of soaking in the sun, sand and fresh ocean water, reading and drinking beer on the beach at 10:30 a.m. Is there a better time for a beer than after your first ocean dip of the day? I think not.

Don’t expect much of a break, however. I’ll be posting and editing from slower lower Delaware. However, if you’re trying to reach me, please be patient. I’ll be checking email daily, but it IS vacation.

So, tomorrow, mi hermana comes to town, and we’ll depart Saturday just before sunrise. Until then, it’s work, work, work.

But don’t mind me — These weekend is PACKED with events, many I’m sad to be missing, including The Garlic Poet’s Chef’s Table with Roy-Pitz Brewing Co. on Saturday (read my earlier reviews here and here).

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning at 7:10 a.m. to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.” What are you doing this weekend?


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