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ABC adds new flagship beers

New year, new beer!

Appalachian Brewing Company has added four new brews to their list of flagship (year-round) beers that will be released throughout January and February.

Craft Collection Variety Pack Face

To avid ABC drinkers, some of these beers are favorites that were previously only available a few times a year, plus a new release and an old favorite that has been redesigned.

The brand new beer that will be added to the list is Aero-Head Bock. Outta Focus Double IPA and Chocolate Avenue Stout are the two specialty beers that will now be produced year-round. Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale was tweaked to now become Trail Blaze Maple Brown ale.

Aero-Head Bock (6.7% ABV) is a German-style bock that will be the newest addition to the taps at ABC. It is a lightly hopped, semi-sweet and crisp copper lager that is rich and toasty.

Outta Focus Double IPA (8.1% ABV) has made its way from the specialty beer line-up to the ranks of the flagships. Now, that is not to say this traditional Northern Pacific IPA isn’t special. It is brewed with Pilgrim, Styiran and Cascade hops to give it bitter and floral taste.

Chocolate Avenue Stout (5% ABV) is a dry stout that will also be making a jump to the everyday line-up. A healthy helping of chocolate malt and roasted barley help bring out the sweetness and coffee flavors.

Trail Blaze Maple Brown Ale (5% ABV) has a name that will be familiar with ABC regulars, but the taste will be a bit different. The new Trail Blaze will feature a unique blend of malts to give the beer a smooth carmel flavor and the added maple will give the beer a sweetness to cut through the bitterness of the hops.

All of the flagship beers, including these new additions, will be produced and distributed from the original ABC site in Harrisburg, while the monthly specialty beers will be produced from the newest location on the Carlisle Pike.

The four new beers will be available in their own cases of 24 12- oz. bottles across the Mid-Atlantic region. They also will be available in a special Craft Collection variety back, which will feature a six pack of each.


Giveaway: “A Toast to Four Diamonds”

This event is now SOLD OUT! The only two remaining tickets are available ONLY through this giveaway!

The Capital Area Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association hosts its annual fundraising event to benefit the Four Diamonds Fund, “A Toast to Four Diamonds,” from 6 to 9 p.m.on Jan. 23, at HERSHEY’S Chocolate World.

This special event highlights HERSHEY’S chocolates alongside Pennsylvania craft brews and wines.

Toast to Four Diamonds_SOLD OUT

A cocktail hour featuring chocolate-inspired hors d’oeuvres, The Vineyard at Hershey wines and a variety of local craft beers, kicks off the event.

The heart of the event will focus on speeches from Four Diamonds families; Four Diamonds Fund Director Suzanne Graney; and Norman Horn, organizer of Coast 2 Coast FTK, a recent cross-country journey by foot to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund.Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, which has helped more than 3,300 families fight pediatric cancer since its founding in 1972.

At 8 p.m, guests will participate in one of three separate, simultaneous tastings: guests’ pre-selected choice between craft beer, wine or both, paired with chocolates.

This week, we’re giving away two tickets to “A Toast to Four Diamonds” (your choice of beer, wine or combination tasting). To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Get Organized, HAPPY HOUR, #WOT, New Year’s Gym Newbs, MORE

It’s Jan. 11 — that’s 11 days into New Year’s resolutions, people, and I’ve realized a bunch of stuff I swore I’d do “before the new year” (like clean my office, my house, etc.) isn’t done. In fact, I’ve decided most of my resolutions are a bunch of crap, so I’m going to re-write them this week.

Part of that is electing to work smarter, not harder, and I’m wondering if you guys need/want this “week in review” post every Sunday. I like sharing extra details of my weekend with you and providing a place to find all our work in one spot, but is it working? If you’re reading this, please let me know — leave a comment, send an email or a tweet or a Facebook message. I appreciate it!

Dorky photos: Find previews of WOT before all Midtown Cinema screenings!

Dorky photos: Find previews of WOT before all Midtown Cinema screenings!

While I’m at it, here are some other places to follow some of the stuff I’m up to:

Meanwhile, here’s all we wrote this week (and beyond, since I’ve skipped this the past few weeks):

Via PennLive:

Other stuff we’re reading:

On the Airwaves:

Upcoming Events:


Craft Beer 101: Basic Craft Beer Lingo

If one of your 2015 resolutions was to learn new things or get into craft beer then this post is for you. Class is in session, and this week we’re going to discuss basic craft beer lingo for the beginning craft beer lover. At one point I know I had to Google a few of these terms, so don’t feel ashamed if any of them are new to you. I want you to be able to talk the talk while you walk the walk.

Sample trays at Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farms.

Sample trays at Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farms.

Let’s start with the most basic of basic. What is craft beer anyways? By definition of the Brewers Association, an American Craft Brewery is “a brewery producing 6 million barrels of beer or less per year, with no more than 25% of the brewery being owned by someone besides themselves, whose flavor derives from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation.” Craft beer would be the product created by said breweries.



Weekend Roundup 1/8

Hey hey — Happy 4th wedding anniversary to my husband! Tonight we’re doing a mini-progressive dinner to celebrate.



And if he smashes cake in my face again there is going to be serious trouble.

We’re planning cocktails and appetizer at Suba Cork & Fork, entrees at Note and dessert at Cafe Fresco.

However, I’m spending the day brewing with Ryan, brewmaster at Brewery at Hershey, for our March 12 Maibock. Ryan and I share a birthday, and he’d kindly included me once again on the creation of his birthday beer.

The rest of the weekend is pretty up in the air. Of course, Saturday morning, I’m on air with Bruce in the morning (listen in! The web player works now.), and by evening we’re the lucky recipients of a Dashing Rogue beer dinner. In-between, the plan is to see Wild at Midtown Cinema (I loved the book), and Sunday is for laundry and Harrisburg Beer Week meetings.

Need more inspiration? Tune in tomorrow morning during the 7  o’clock hour to Glenn & Bob on The River 97.3 for “Sara’s Weekend Picks.”

What are you doing this weekend? 


Being a New Year’s Resolutioner

I was never a New Years resolutioner at the gym.

Having grown up a swimmer, I was used to being in and out of gyms. When I moved over to the “other” side of the gym, directly to the elliptical, it was in my parents’ basement. When I went back to college that year, I was just like everyone else back at the gym.

Since then, I’ve belonged to a few gyms, and I’ve been a pretty active goer. If I am not outside running, chances are I am in the pool, taking a spin class, wondering around the weight room or, gulp, running on the treadmill because its just too darn cold outside.

So, this time of year, I get it. It’s super frustrating to show up to an overcrowded gym. It’s annoying to walk into spinning class and realize someone new is on “your” bike … or in “your” lane in the pool … or on “your” treadmill. I’ve always tried to not become too disgruntled. Truthfully, most people give up resolutions within a few weeks, and if not, great for them! Welcome to life as a regular.

However, this year, I am a newbie somewhere else. And it’s scary!


Last week, Tim (my fiancé) and I saw a great deal on groupon for a yoga studio. It’s something we’ve talked about doing for ages, but we always have a million excuses. It’s too expensive, too inconvenient, I’d rather go running or watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the couch, etc.

We’ve both sporadically gone to a yoga class (one of our first dates was to one actually!), but it’s nothing that has stuck. Our new-found commitment has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions, but the groupon just so happens to fall during this time period.

So, on Monday night, we bundled up and climbed the stairs to our first real yoga class in quite some time. And we were the newbies. Everyone was gracious and kind, but I still felt like the awkward kid. Where are the bathrooms? Where do I change? What class should I go to?

Naturally, I decided we should do the harder of the two classes Hatha 2 & 3 rather than Hatha 1. And it was tough. I thought I was in shape, until I realized I can’t reach my toes without bending my knees or have my butt touch my feet during child’s pose.

But, just like running and everything else, it will come with time. I am excited to be a newbie at something else this year.

So, let’s be a little kinder to those New Year’s resolutioners … it may be you next year.


What’s on Tap: Harrisburg

Each month, the talented team at GK Visual puts together a new episode of What’s on Tap, a locally centered web series with yours truly as the host.

We talk to the people who make an impact in the community, names you’ve likely heard but perhaps don’t know well. Our goal is a great conversation, to learn more about these people and hear their stories — the sort of conversations you get over a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

We recently dropped the latest episode, a talk with the Vartan Group’s Ralph Vartan.

Ralph Vartan from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

And, in case you missed the last two, we also recently caught up with the talented Rebecca Marie Miller while she was visiting her hometown (she’ll always love Harrisburg, she confesses; she’ll be back) to talk about her music career and more.

Rebecca Marie Miller from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

We also visited the newly redesigned Stock’s on Second to chat with Andy Enders, who you may know for his active community work, the lawyer-turned-insurance agent and Midtown staple.

Andy Enders from What’s On Tap with Sara Bozich on Vimeo.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook — and Instagram (@sarabozich, @gkvisual) for teasers of upcoming episodes!

Giveaway: Suba Tapas Bar

As many of you know, a trifecta of romance restaurants — Mangia Qui (Italian), Suba (Spanish) and now Rubicon (French) — sits on North Street in the shadow of the capitol.


Suba, the cozy upstairs neighbor to the other two, is best known for the best cocktails in town and its incredible fish tacos.

If somehow you’ve yet to go, I hope you’ve added it to your New Year’s resolutions. I raved about their handcrafted drinks long before “craft” was cool, and — in case you didn’t know — they also host free live music every Friday and Saturday night.



Their Firefly cocktail is a consistent favorite, but they’re regularly changing up the menus to showcase new concoctions. Find more mouth-watering selections here.

They also recently added a full vegetarian taco to the menu (along with a few other items), in addition to the heralded “Suba Taco” (tilapia), El Ranchero (beef), Taco 47 (chicken) and El Pastor (pork). The El Jardinero features marinated and grilled tofu, carrot, corn and lime, topped with grilled tomatillo sauce.

Hungry/thirsty yet? This week, we’re giving away a $50 gift card to Suba. To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below.

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2014: Year in Review

Before we forge full-speed into the new year, let’s take a quick look back.


In 2014, we wrote 396 blog posts. This included 62 Giveaways, the most popular of which were tickets to the Poconos 400 and a gift pack to Al’s of Hampden & Pizza Boy Brewing Co.

You also loved our posts on Fun Board Games for Adults, Best Brunch in Harrisburg and How to Dress for BrewFests.

Here are some of the year’s highlights:


Brewery at Hershey brewmaster Ryan DeLutis and I brewed a batch of March 12 Maibock — he and I share the same birthday. We’re on schedule to brew again this week. Stay tuned for our birthday release!

millbock chef's garlic poet

The Garlic Poet started hosting regular Chef’s Table dinners married with local craft breweries. This was the first (I think) with Millbock Brewing Co.

Dani Lissa photo

Took a photography class with the one and only Dani Fresh to help me re-learn some basics.

sara beth indiana

Visited one of my longest and best friends in her new home in Indiana (the state). While there, we dined at The Cerulean, and I did this write-up on it.

2014-03-12 17.29.59

I turned 35. We drank this.

jersey mike

We (RunPositive) hosted the 2nd annual Jersey Mike 5K. Look for the announcements for the 2015 race.


Rivalry Renewed: Steelers v. Ravens, Playoff Edition

For the Steelers and Ravens, it’s déjà vu all over again. For the third time this year they will face one another and renew the NLF’s best rivalry — but this time, there’s much more at stake.

New Here We Go Steelers fight song updated for 2015.

The teams have met in the playoffs three times previously, and the Steelers have won every meeting. The most recent was in 2011 in the divisional round, and before that it was the AFC Championship game in 2009. Both times the Steelers went on to the Super Bowl.

Those games however were all about staunch defense and hard hits, and this game will look a whole lot different. This time it could come down to who has the ball last and have very little to do with defense. In the two games this year the teams put up almost a combined 100 points, not your typical Ravens-Steelers game.

Before this year, seven of the last nine games were decided by three points or less, but again this isn’t the rivalry we are used to.

Both teams are struggling on defense and have a lot of weapons to use on offense.

The Steelers, however, could be without one of the best weapons in the league, Le’Veon Bell.


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