ChocolateBall: Reach For The Stars {GIVEAWAY}

by: Sara Bozich
January 15, 2018

Keystone Human Services’ Chocolatefest Weekend kicks off in style with ChocolateBall: Reach For The Stars on Saturday, Jan. 27 at Hershey Lodge.


ChocolateBall is a black-tie event featuring a four-course dinner with chocolate incorporated into every dish. Reservations for ChocolateBall can be made by the table or individually and with an option to attend the V.I.P Reception, which features hors d’oeuvres from Bonefish Grill and wine from Waltz Vineyards.

Make your reservations now! 

ChocolateBall menu:

Soup – White Chocolate Butternut Squash Bisque with fine herbs and brandy cream

Salad – Cocoa Cashew Salad with radicchio, romaine, curly endive, carissin, crispy shallots, and a maple Sherry dressing

Entree –  Chocolate Braised Short Ribs and Chili Rubbed Prawns with Manchego cheese grits, savory kale, and chocolate braising jus

Dessert – Dark Chocolate Torte with a cherry compote, white chocolate ganache, and brandy cream

ChocolateBall also features live music, silent and live auctions, and more!

ChocolateBall is part of Keystone Human Services’ Chocolatefest Weekend, which also includes Chocolatefest on Sunday, Jan 28. Proceeds from the weekend’s events go to the programs Keystone Human Services provides to people with disabilities, autism, and mental illness.

This week, we’re giving away TWO (2) VIP All-Access tickets to Keystone Human Services’ Chocolatefest!

To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below. 

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Going For 2: Episode 11 — All the Sports Opinions You Never Wanted

by: Jimi The Intern
January 12, 2018

Going For 2: Episode 11 is LIVE!

going for 2 sport podcast

We start with college football and discuss the crazy game we witnessed in the National Championship between Alabama and Georgia. Jimi thinks it was one of the best games in a while, but Andy doesn’t necessarily agree. Next, we look at the bowl season as a whole and how these final games could carry over to 2018. Who are the teams to watch next out for next year?

After closing the book on this college football season, we move on to our hockey talk. It looks like the Penguins are starting to figure out how to win games again, and that spells bad news for the rest of the league. Listen to see what we think will happen with the Penguins after their league-mandated bye week.

We wrap up our hockey portion with a brief discussion about the NHL staying out of the Winter Olympics.

With the NFL playoffs in full swing, we take a lot of time to break down Wild Card weekend and look ahead to the four games in the Divisional Round. We rattle off our game picks, and Jimi tries to make the case for how Tennessee could pull an upset in Foxboro this weekend.

Finally, now that 2017 is in the rearview, we share our favorite sports moments from the past year. What was your top sporting moment of 2017?

Be sure to subscribe to Going For 2 on iTunes, GooglePlay, and TuneIn.


Game Notes

College Football

NHL Hockey

NFL Playoffs

2017 Sports Memories

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Know Your Brewer: Tim Myers at The Vegetable Hunter

by: Jimi The Intern
January 11, 2018

As local breweries go, The Vegetable Hunter on Second St. in Harrisburg, is one of a kind.

Not only do they offer a completely vegetarian and vegan menu, but their boutique brewery, at 9.5 ft by 9.5 ft, might be the smallest brewhouse in Pennsylvania.

Derek Markel, a local homebrewer, got the brewing program off the ground last April but has since passed the torch to another local homebrewer in Tim Myers.

the vegetable hunter

Myers and Markel brewed together in All Grain Gangsters, a local homebrew club, and when Markel was stepping down he put in a good word for Myers.

Myers is not alone in the brewing process at The Vegetable Hunter. Jeff Thompson, a local homebrewer, is also brewing exciting and creative beers to add to The Vegetable Hunter’s lineup.

Thompson and Myers split the brewing duties, and both lend their own twists to the tap list at The Vegetable Hunter.

Myers has now been at the boutique brewery for six months and seems to relish the fact that he can be as creative as he wants to with his brews.

Brewing with creativity

the vegetable hunter

Since he can only brew essentially one keg at a time on the small system, Myers has the opportunity to come up with some more off-the-wall creations.

“I like the creative nature of it all,” said Myers. “I’ve always been a creative person. When I’m not doing something creative, I always get this bug to get out and do something. That’s one of the reasons I started brewing in the first place.”

Owners Kristin Messner-Baker and John Baker gave Myers free reign over the brewing, and his creativity shows in his recent offerings.

Some of his recent brews include a Jalapeno Lime Kolsch and a Cara Cara Orange Saison.

“I’m not afraid to brew something that might be a good idea but hasn’t been done before,” said Myers. “I’m always talking with people and tasting new things to come up with what’s next.”

During my visit, he had a few brews on deck that are definitely out of the ordinary.

the vegetable hunter

Ever try a Grodziskie?

Well, I hadn’t, until Myers poured me a sample of his version of this traditional Polish smoked wheat ale that apparently is making a comeback. Myers put his own twist on the beer by laying it on a Scorpion pepper for just a day.

Yes, a scorpion pepper Polish beer in a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Harrisburg. Again, he’s not afraid to get creative.

Myers also has a Kiwi Kolsch and Chocolate Bourbon Stout coming up once a few of the current beers on tap kick.

Thompson also exercises his creativity in his is recent brews, including Strawberry Rye of The Tiger, Lust for Life Euro lager, and Cat Under The Stars Red Ale.

A perfect fit

the vegetable hunter

The brew system at The Vegetable Hunter is small. It’s basically a homebrew system on steroids.

For Myers, this was the perfect foray into professional brewing.

“It’s been a pretty easy transition,” said Myers. “This is basically a glorified homebrewing system, but you also have all of the bells and whistles that you get at larger breweries.”

He said he had thought about professional brewing before, but that it never seemed to be the right fit.

“It was a lot about the time commitment,” said Myers. “It’s perfect here, though. I brew about every two weeks, and then come in from time to time to check up on everything.”

Along with brewing, Myers also has a full-time job with Jack and Jill Ice Cream, and a few days a week he has to pull double-duty between the two.

Myers’s brewing philosophy and style also complement The Vegetable Hunter’s menu. Myers said that for years he has been putting vegetables and fruits into a lot of his homebrew recipes, so this felt like a great fit with the vegetarian fare.

“I love putting peppers into beers,” said Myers. “That’s always been kind of my thing, but I also love adding fruit like I do with my Raspberry Saison, and I plan to do a Lemon Pepper Saison as well.”

Myers said that his Jalapeno Lime Kolsch is probably the beer he is most known for, and it was the first beer he brewed at The Vegetable Hunter.

A background in homebrewing

the vegetable hunter

Like Markel, Myers also has a background solely based in homebrewing.

He said he got into homebrewing after spending a lot of time exploring craft beer at places like Market Cross Pub & Brewery and Al’s of Hampden (Pizza Boy Brewing Co.).

“I would sit at the breweries and try a lot and check in on Untappd,” said Myers. “I saw other people homebrewing, and it got me thinking and researching if I could do the same.”

He bought his first homebrew kit and was hooked. He started to enter homebrew competitions almost immediately.

“I stupidly entered the Brewery at Hershey’s homebrew competition shortly after I started with some not-so-great beers,” said Myers. “Even though the first time wasn’t great, I’m competitive, so that kept me coming back and made me keep brewing.”

Myers continued to enter local competitions and went on to win some awards including a few for his Jalapeno Lime Kolsch.

Growing the brewery

Right now, the brewery at The Vegetable Hunter is only a 30-gallon system, which means Myers is only able to produce 15 gallons, or three sixtels, at a time.

“It’s a tricky situation because it is so small,” said Myers. “We were actually over-brewing at one point, and almost we almost ran out of room down here.”

Myers said the current brew system has the capabilities to handle another two fermenters, and he thinks he can squeeze those into the current space when the time comes to expand.

The next time you’re downtown, be sure stop by The Vegetable Hunter to grab one of their delicious black bean burgers and check out what new creation Myers and Thompson have on tap.

The Vegetable Hunter is open Monday-Tuesday 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Wednesday-Thursday 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday-Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

This story has been updated for accuracy since its intital posting. 

Weekend Roundup 1/11

by: Sara Bozich
January 11, 2018

Happy Weekend!

How ’bout I totally thought my out of office message was still on, and I just realized the other day that it isn’t. Oh well, I gotta get back to it sometime, right? This weekend will be — shocker — low key. It’s about football, baby. Playoff football. #HereWeGo

weekend roundup

What are you doing this weekend?


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