Hersheypark Happy

I wrote a post about a great trip to Hersheypark I took opening weekend with a handful of friends, but it was lost. Computer – 1; Sara – 0.

We ate at Fuddruckers first, which I LOVE, on a perfect, cloudless Sunday. Temps were in the high 60s – not too hot, not too cold. Opening weekend of the park wasn't packed, and we only waited in short lines for the really good rides like the Great Bear and Storm Runner.

We had a blast of a day – skipping around the park like young kids, enjoying the ducks and carp like old folks and whipping around, laughing so hard on the rides. I'm really looking forward to the opening of the waterpark, The Boardwalk, on May 25. I'm hoping to make it to the press opening on the 22nd, which I will (hopefully) consequently blog about.

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The Rat Pack

Some people say the jukebox at Garrason’s is the best in town. It’s based heavily in old school music, with the likes of Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, Patsy Cline, Ray Charles, Frank, Dean and more. The selection isn’t vast, but the songs are classic. If you spend any amount of time there, even in one night, it’s likely you’ll hear the same song played more than once – it’s just how it goes. For some, this serves as a point of irritation – but for me, I rarely get tired of hearing the classics, especially The Rat Pack.

I’ve often remarked to other friends – even those in my near-30 age group – that it’s such a shame that we can’t hear music like this anymore. I figure I’m a sucker for horns (see: my obsession with EWF), but if it were a possibility to visit a nightspot on Saturday night, dressed well, and listen to Sinatra croon to The Count Basie Orchestra – well, there are few things that could top that.

And so, when I was able to get tickets to The Rat Pack at Hershey Theatre, I jumped on it. The Patriot covered the show twice, so this won’t appear in my column. Read on for more.


Beyond Second Relaunch

BeyondSecond.com, a Harrisburg-specific photography website begun by Dave Robertson and Rich Hauck recently relaunched with a new site design.

A personal side project for the pair, the new version boasts the following updates:

  • A fresh, new look for 2007
  • Discussion Forums
  • RSS Feeds
  • Tags
  • Photo Sets
  • Events
  • Improved photo-submission process
  • and more!

I’ve been a participant since the beginning (or very near it), but never put in the effort I probably should have. Check it out.

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