Shameless Self-Promotion

It’s time again to begin voting for Harrisburg Magazine’s 2005 Simply the Best Winners. They have some new categories this year, in a nicely streamlined format.

You can purchase a copy of Harrisburg Magazine at many local retailers, including Giant and Barnes & Noble.

Please vote for me, SARA BOZICH, for Best “Columnist/Journalist” under the subtitle, “In the Stars.”

For online directions, follow the link.


Harrisburg Apprentice

If you haven’t already heard, nightclub guru Ron Kamionka is running a “Harrisburg Apprentice” in conjunction with KISS 99.3.

So far, the group is divided into two teams. This week, the contest involves each team running a promotion from concept inception through entertainment, advertisement and finally pulling off the event successfully.

The teams’ events are held this Thursday, December 2, 2004, from 7-10 p.m. One group is at Noma, the other at Mars.

Below is the flyer for the Mars event, “Street of Meet,” based on a Philadelphia singles promotion called “Mile of Meet.” Also, you’ll find information on the Noma event as well.


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