Grocery Store Junkie

Of course I had to go to the new Giant in Camp Hill on opening day, not just because it was like the West Shore getting a Macaroni Grill, but because I am a freak who loves grocery shopping. I don’t know if Giant realizes it, as no one I know received the marketing materials that folks in Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg did, but the Trindle Rd. Giant is the supermarket of choice for much of Midtown Harrisburg.

I managed to get a few photos before a woman in plastic gloves yelled at me. I told her that I had passed many other employees who had seen me and not said anything. Do you really think I’m scouting for Weis? You’re open. Anyone can walk in here and see what you’ve got.

Incidentally, they did seem to have at least one Giant employee per every five customers. Around 2 in the afternoon, it was cart-to-cart.


Romantic Football Weekend

I’m leaving in about an hour for a weekend trip to Ohio and western PA.

I’m attending a wedding with a friend somewhere in eastern Ohio, and I was promised a trip to The Lube.

Quaker Steak & Lube was a favorite of mine in college, as its original location in Sharon, Pa. — where we’ll be very near — was regular stomping grounds for all WC students. I’m not a big “wing” person, but I’ll always eat them at the Lube.

On our way back east, we’ll be making a pitstop at Heinz Field for the Pittsburgh Steelers v. New England Patriots game! Don’t worry, I’ll have my Terrible Towel on hand for this one. Go Steelers!

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For Hire

Okay, I’m going to be honest. I’m a little hungover today. I was laid off yesterday, and I subsequently went out with my very recent ex-coworkers for a night of debauchery. Ouch.

The layoff was a little bit shocking, but not entirely unexpected. Our company was acquired by another a few months ago and my job became, as I was told, “redundant.”

So, here I am, temporarily unemployed. For those of you familiar with
my column, that is a freelance gig and not a full-time job, unfortunately (wouldn’t that be the life?). I am interested in getting more involved with media or finally writing that novel, so I’m definitely more inspired by this change than anything.

That said, if you hear of any opportunities that seem up my alley – or have a need for any kind of freelance work – please contact me. Thanks!

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