Boiling Springs Pool

by: Sara Bozich
June 26, 2005

I was going to post live from the Boiling Springs Pool yesterday (because you can do that), but I was too busy enjoying Summerfest with Fink’s Constant.

The pool was great and ever-so-refreshing in this hot hot heat. I didn’t test them out (I promise to next time), but the pool has two great-looking waterslides.

Since it was Summerfest, the pool had a bunch of giveaways and even a coin toss, where $200 in coins were thrown into the bottom of the pool and kids (sorted by age group into separate areas) went bobbing for the shiny prizes. After the coin toss, it was adult swim, something I still feel funny about participating in, and some parents tried to pick up what quarters the kids might have missed.

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Harrisburg Living

by: Sara Bozich
June 16, 2005

In the post below, “E” asks, “if you were looking for an apartment, and wanted to move downtown, where would you recommend?”

Well, E, I live in Midtown Harrisburg. I have a reasonable river view apartment. I can walk downtown, to the Broad Street Market and to work. I don’t, incidentally, but I could.

As for downtown Harrisburg, I understand there are some fine apartments at Pennsylvania Place and the Executive House, but you’re likely going to pay out the nose for them.


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Lost/Stolen Cell Phone

by: Sara Bozich
June 11, 2005

On Thursday night, I left work 10 minutes early. It had just begun to storm, and I was concerned with water pouring into my apartment. I don’t have air conditioning, and my windows stay open as often as possible in this weather.

I talked to Joe on my way, warning him of the road conditions.

Instead of parking in my allotted space in the adjoining lot, I drove around the block so I could park right in front of the building, hoping to stay drier. Plus, I’d be leaving again soon.

I went upstairs and checked my windows, which thankfully had not allowed much rain inside. I changed my clothes and checked my email and went back downstairs. In the elevator, I noticed I didn’t have my cell phone, but I was already running late for a birthday dinner on the west shore, and surely I could manage without it for a few hours.


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Home Tour Roundup

by: Sara Bozich
May 23, 2005

The HYP Home Tour was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of our many sponsors. The party was great — we had free burgers, dogs and drafts. Darcie Miner opened for us. The Flies and The Martini Bros. were great, and I caught both again at Cronies later that night.

Stacia Zewe, the event organizer, and I were recognized for our efforts, and The Mayor dropped in between engagements and spoke briefly to the crowd.

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