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by: Sara Bozich
June 16, 2005

In the post below, “E” asks, “if you were looking for an apartment, and wanted to move downtown, where would you recommend?”

Well, E, I live in Midtown Harrisburg. I have a reasonable river view apartment. I can walk downtown, to the Broad Street Market and to work. I don’t, incidentally, but I could.

As for downtown Harrisburg, I understand there are some fine apartments at Pennsylvania Place and the Executive House, but you’re likely going to pay out the nose for them.


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Lost/Stolen Cell Phone

by: Sara Bozich
June 11, 2005

On Thursday night, I left work 10 minutes early. It had just begun to storm, and I was concerned with water pouring into my apartment. I don’t have air conditioning, and my windows stay open as often as possible in this weather.

I talked to Joe on my way, warning him of the road conditions.

Instead of parking in my allotted space in the adjoining lot, I drove around the block so I could park right in front of the building, hoping to stay drier. Plus, I’d be leaving again soon.

I went upstairs and checked my windows, which thankfully had not allowed much rain inside. I changed my clothes and checked my email and went back downstairs. In the elevator, I noticed I didn’t have my cell phone, but I was already running late for a birthday dinner on the west shore, and surely I could manage without it for a few hours.


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Home Tour Roundup

by: Sara Bozich
May 23, 2005

The HYP Home Tour was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of our many sponsors. The party was great — we had free burgers, dogs and drafts. Darcie Miner opened for us. The Flies and The Martini Bros. were great, and I caught both again at Cronies later that night.

Stacia Zewe, the event organizer, and I were recognized for our efforts, and The Mayor dropped in between engagements and spoke briefly to the crowd.

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