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Weekend Roundup 1/9

Carrot Cake at Devon Seafood Grill Hershey.
by: Sara Bozich
January 1, 2014
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Last night ¬†Andy and I celebrated our three-year anniversary with dinner at Devon. We’re planning on having a slightly more involved celebration with an overnight roadtrip to lovely little Lancaster...

Weekend Roundup 1/24

by: Sara Bozich
January 1, 2013
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I’m not sure what’s happening with the weather, but I do know that tomorrow I’m hosting a small private beer dinner at my home. I may be vague today, but...

Weekend Roundup 2/23

From Doin What's Right 08/07/05
by: Sara Bozich
February 2, 2012
Oh look! It’s our bachelorette with Dennis from The Wing Co. It’s looking like another packed weekend is ahead for me. So far this week, I had brief, work-related meetings...

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