Non-Smoking Bars In and Around Harrisburg

by: Sara Bozich
April 5, 2005

I have an assignment for you (I mean “you,” of course, in the collective sense.)

A reader of my column wrote to me seeking the names of area bars (that is, taverns or pubs or clubs) that are non-smoking. Off the top of my head I can only think of Fisaga Cafe in Camp Hill, and that is not currently open.

We are not looking for BYOB restaurants, but for places that serve alcoholic beverages but do not permit smoking of any kind. An exception may be a spot that has a smoking section that truly works.

I intend to make this the focus of a future column. Your help in identifiying these locations is appreciated.

Please post your information in the Comments section below, or email me.

A list of non-smoking restaurants in Harrisburg.

However, still not what we’re looking for.

*2nd Update*
Fisaga Cafe would actually be another BYOB restaurant. I forgot that this location will not have a liquor license.

9 thoughts on “Non-Smoking Bars In and Around Harrisburg

  1. Jonathan on said:

    Good topic Sara! I visited the link but it only shows restaurant, not bars. I’m not a drinker anyways, but the big thing that keeps me from going to any of the popular places downtown is because I hate coming home smelling like an ash tray. Yuck!
    I don’t think any of the bars will become smoke-free for the simple fact that they would lose a lot of business. Until they pass a law that makes it illegal to smoke in public places such as bars and restaurants. God I miss California for that simple fact.

  2. andrew on said:

    Yes! Make your readers think!
    P.S. Ask NYC residents what they think of non-smoking bars/restaurants.

  3. Richard Hauck on said:

    I’m from Harrisburg but living in the NYC area, and I must say that non-smoking bars RULE! Of course, now if drafts weren’t $5.50…

  4. Mary Pratt on said:

    I definitely would rather go to a non-smoking bar to eat/drink and be merry.. but I don’t know how well it would go over in harrisburg. Honestly, there are always a ton of smokers at the bars downtown, I think that the bar owners would be afraid of losing business.

  5. Dave on said:

    I would certainly love to see some non-smoking bars in Harrisburg, and many of my friends would too. When we go out, we leave knowing that swimming in smoke and wearing it home is the main drawback to enjoying a night on the town.
    If “loss of business” by smokers is the fear, then perhaps we need to consider the patronage that’s being missed, and not being gained, by having no non-smoking options in town.
    I suspect many people would go to a bar/etc more often, knowing they wouldn’t have the usual annoyances and health risks of smoke to put up with… and if it was COOL enough, I don’t think all smokers would avoid these places, either.
    Despite all downtown has to offer; options are still pretty limited. In general I’d love to see more choices; less cookie-cutter.

  6. Sara on said:

    From a reader email:
    “The Wedge at the Liberty Forge Golf course in Lower Allen Township is non-smoking. Beautiful atmosphere as well. Sedate right now until the golf crowd picks up a bit. It has a bar and restaurant both of which are non-smoking.”

  7. Josette on said:

    I agree…great topic. If I find any smokeless bars, I’ll let you know. Also, glad to have found your blog!

  8. Cheryl Gratson on said:

    Another list that would be great would be byob restaurants. We like the advantage of taking our own wine. Often I have to think hard which restaurants are byob or not. A list to refer to would be so helpful.

  9. Sara on said:

    Cheryl, great idea! I’ll work on a list to post in my column.

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