Boiling Springs Pool

by: Sara Bozich
June 26, 2005

I was going to post live from the Boiling Springs Pool yesterday (because you can do that), but I was too busy enjoying Summerfest with Fink’s Constant.

The pool was great and ever-so-refreshing in this hot hot heat. I didn’t test them out (I promise to next time), but the pool has two great-looking waterslides.

Since it was Summerfest, the pool had a bunch of giveaways and even a coin toss, where $200 in coins were thrown into the bottom of the pool and kids (sorted by age group into separate areas) went bobbing for the shiny prizes. After the coin toss, it was adult swim, something I still feel funny about participating in, and some parents tried to pick up what quarters the kids might have missed.

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3 thoughts on “Boiling Springs Pool

  1. Tom on said:

    I am glad you were able to make it out and I hope to see you again. We had a great weekend for the SummerFest and we are thinking about something similar later in the summer. I will keep you posted!
    Tom – BSPool

  2. Jonathan on said:

    Whoah! They are a hotspot? How cool is that?! I’m finding it absolutely amazing that there is a hotspot in Boiling Springs! I’ve walked past the pool so many times, but haven’t visited yet. I think my daughter will have a ton of fun there. We’ll have to check it out.
    Oh man… reggae and ska! I can’t believe I missed it. Thanks for posting Sara.

  3. Jaboobie on said:

    I had a pass last year but I haven’t been there yet this year. I love it because the water is always cool, it never gets warm like som eother public pools, I hate warm pool water.

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