Favorite Childhood Snacks

by: Sara Bozich
February 11, 2007

My dad recently reminded me of a favorite childhood snack – if memory serves, this simple combination was often lunch – along with slices of Granny Smith apples: Ritz Crackers and peanut butter.

I’m talking about the homemade snack, not the pre-assembled, prepackaged version available for sale in the grocery store. This is Ritz Crackers topped with Peter Pan peanut butter (my personal PB choice) by hand. I don’t sandwich them, but leave them open-faced and serve with a glass of milk.

Since my dad mentioned it, I ran out and bought the crackers and a new jar of peanut butter and have re-infused my diet with this semi-healthy treat. Yum.

What are some of your favorite childhood snacks? Do you still eat them as an adult?

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One thought on “Favorite Childhood Snacks

  1. paul on said:

    Oooh, some of my favorites were animal cookies with pink frosting, vanilla wafers, mac & cheese (kraft only!), pb&j (of course), and butter and honey sandwiches (they’re delicious. try it!). I haven’t had one in ages, but it sounds really good.
    Out of what I listed, I still eat mac and cheese and the occasional pb&j.

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