Carley’s Ristorante & Piano Bar

by: Sara Bozich
December 20, 2007

Carley’s Ristorante and Piano Bar opened quietly on Monday. It’s a great new addition to downtown nightlife – a little something for the adults. Nonsmoking. See today’s column for details.

2 thoughts on “Carley’s Ristorante & Piano Bar

  1. Anthony on said:

    I played the piano on Sunday at Carley’s for the VIP reception, and I will be playing there tomorrow night (Friday) and Saturday from 8:30 pm to 1 am, as well as every Friday and Saturday. I anticipate Carley’s being a destination spot for people who enjoy hearing standards and showtunes, which they can sing along to, and like to have lots of fun. An authentic piano bar has been a long time coming for Harrisburg’s downtown, and I applaud Stephen & KJ Weinstock for being visionaries. Hope to see you there you soon!
    Take care.
    Anthony Haubert

  2. brocDRAKE on said:

    Nice place, great idea but wrong people working there. Workers are too clicky with each other especially the barmaids. Dinner staff much better when away from their coworkers and focusing on customer.
    Gave this a few months to level out. Been ther 5 times and everytime get weird vibes from the barmaids. Manager dude a bit clueless with customers but a decent ‘keep it flowing’ manager.
    Suggestion: Bag the barmaids and get some friendly people there. You are looking at a upper’ty target clientel and need to actually make people feel friendly. Got one smile and that was when I gave the folio back, paid of course.
    Don’t fail like Stocks have a great concept.
    Veal Parm excellent. Caesar okay. One guy – veal parm, caesar 3 beers and with a $7, tip spent $50. Good grub but feel like I did not get bang for my buck. Worth a try.
    honest feedback is what you want, right? broccoli…

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