Molly Brannigans giveaway winner!

by: Sara Bozich
January 17, 2010

Last week, I asked you what you call the classic combination of Guinness and cider. As many of you noted, Molly's does call the combination a "Snakebite" (confusing those of who always knew that to be the bitter blend of bad decisions composed of Yukon Jack and lime), according to Irish tradition.

Apparently, this cocktail was created after Irish apple crops were destroyed in the 1800s due to "a plague of hungry snakes." With too few apples, cider rations were boosted with Guinness. Turned out, this tasted pretty dang good together. And so, the "Snakebite" was born! 

Prior to this new knowledge, I was taught that drink to be called a "Smoothie" – and while equally confusing (really, like a fruit smoothie?) – I swear I was taught that by bartenders at McGrath's. Given the comments, they must have re-named it a Snakebite as well.

My favorite, however, has to be the "Bruised Apple". Love it. For more Guinness blends, click here.

Congrats to Shannelle of Bliss Bakery, who is this week's winner of $25 gift card to Molly Brannigans!

I'll have a new giveaway next week – and more from Molly's in the coming months. Thanks Molly's and to all who participated!

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