How to throw a theme party

by: Kelly Leighton
July 15, 2011

The upside-down red solo cup went soaring off the stick as the frisbee I threw finally made contact with something other than the ground.


Madmen4 The concept of the game was simple. Knock the cup off the stick by throwing the frisbee at it from a distance. But, I was terrible, and every frisbee I threw left the cup intact. I retired after one round of the game, and retreated to something I actually excel at – drinking.

My ultimate frisbee team first perfected the art of Sunday Funday last summer. We would host an early practice and then troop off to someone's house to spend the afternoon and early evening eating, drinking and playing games.

It's the perfect way to end a summer weekend, and it's a great excuse for team bonding. (Try playing "Never Have I Ever" with your teammates after you've been indulging for a few hours. You may not look at each other the same again.)

It was during one of these Sunday Fundays that we decided we needed to have a real party – as in, devote one of our precious weekend nights to each other.

But, it couldn't just be any old party. It had to be epic.

Abc2 We threw around ideas for a while, and ultimately chose, planned and executed what I feel to be the best theme party I have ever attended.

But, before we get to that, let’s go over a list of the top five best theme parties I've ever graced my presence with.

5. Anything But Clothes

Senior year of college, I opted to dress myself in one yard of My Little Pony fabric and declare it suitable attire for the party, while others arrived in garbage bags, newspapers and bedding foam. Oh, and then I elected to go out to bar after with non-attendees. Without changing.

Madmen2 4. Mad Men

Forget the 80s. Let's take it two decades back even further and go to the 60s – and in a classy way. Complete with martinis and limbo sticks, we traveled back in time to truly embrace this era.

3. Hipster

Hosted on my friends' rooftop deck in Shipoke, we drank PBR pounders, listened to bands you've never heard of and enjoyed cupcakes with chocolate moustaches attached. I didn't eat for two weeks to fit into some skinny jeans.

Librarian 2. Barbarians and Librarians

The girls ditched our typical party wear for an evening and donned our best bookish looks, while the boys ran around half-naked and beat each other with sticks. I'm not really sure why this worked, but it was definitely the most-participated theme party I've ever been to. And for once, the gentlemen had on less clothing than the ladies.

1. Outer Space

This was the Sunday Funday dream team's idea. It took a month of planning, way too much tinfoil and multiple trips to the craft store. The reason this one was so much fun was because everyone really went all out – we had space sluts, aliens and astronauts prepared to blast off. There was even a "lobbyist" in attendance attempting to gather signatures to keep Pluto defined as a planet. Attendees enjoyed Martian munchies and galactic quantities of solar system juice. Unfortunately, we all woke up back on Earth Saturday morning.



While it's been noted that I am a big fan of downtown Harrisburg, sometimes I need a change of scenery. I like to mix it up a bit and take a break from bars. And my favorite way of doing this is theme parties.

So, next time the thought of spending another night on Second Street makes you cringe, make your friends dress in ridiculous outfits and stay in.

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