Life List circa 2001

by: Sara Bozich
August 7, 2011

I knew I didn’t throw this away! I finally found the life list I had mentioned in my Beach-bound, baby post last month.

One late night at 5:01 Downtown, my friend, Geoff, and I decidedĀ  to make “Life Lists,” a written compilation of things we wanted to do before we died, known better today as the “Bucket List.” We were inspired by a customer who mentioned she was going to see Elton John and Billy Joel on tour together – we thought that much talent in one concert was “life list” special.

Classicly written on register receipt paper, you can see below what I wanted out of life at age 22.

Life List circa 2001 Life List, circa 2001

I can say I’ve done #3 (though I want to write more than that travel guide); I can count #4 even though Harrisburg isn’t a “big city.” Dirty martinis and margaritas came easily – at the time of this post, I primarily drank beer and thought wine made me “tired.” I knocked out #8 in 2006 when I was published in US Airways Magazine with a feature on Hershey and Harrisburg. Still waiting on #9, but I may get the chance to brew a beer with Artie at Appalachian Brewing Company in time (hopefully) for the next Happy Hour.

All this said, I think it’s time for a Life List update. I’m going to challenge myself (and my contributors) to share our “Life Lists, circa 2011.”

What’s on your Life List? Please share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Life List circa 2001

  1. @mattMilo50 on said:

    Visit Poland and look up my family history. Become a father and grandfather. Run a 5k. All I can think of now! Love the list idea.

  2. L on said:

    1. Have one of my plays produced.
    2. Direct Marat/Sade at a local theatre company.
    3. Lose 100 pounds (any assistance/support from your readers would be appreicated!!!)
    4. Stay true to my values.
    5. Learn new ways to piss off those who I think are bad people (I really just want them to move away from Harrisburg).
    6. Make sense of the world.
    7. Catch a falling star.
    8. Win Powerball.
    9. Get back into teaching theatre on the University level.
    10. Tell my wife 1,000 times and then some how much she means to me.

  3. Sara on said:

    L, these are some tremendous goals! As for weight loss, we have a bunch of runners over here at – You can actually read how Kelly shed her college weight by donning some running shoes. I try to eat pretty healthfully at home, so I’ll try to post some good, healthy recipes when I can. Do you play Powerball? I’d love to win, but I never play. And I love #10 – I’m sure your wife is just as appreciative of you!

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