Foo Fighters trump Eagles in showmanship

by: Jeff Cavanaugh
September 27, 2011

DSCN2044 If you think that there is a better live show right now than the Foo Fighters, you are sadly mistaken.

Friday night, Dave Grohl brought his second most famous band to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh and mesmerized the packed house for nearly three hours.

They played the old stuff ("This is a Call," "Stacked Actors"), the new stuff ("Rope," "Arlandria"), the hits ("My Hero," "Everlong") and even some covers (Pink Floyd’s "In the Flesh" and Tom Petty’s "Breakdown") in the blistering 25 song set.

It is amazing to me that Dave Grohl is able to scream chrouses every night without missing a beat. My voice was scratchy Saturday morning from just attempting to sing along to screamers, "Monkey Wrench" and "White Limo."

Always the showman, Grohl even found time in the set to take a few not-so-subtle shots at U2 and their prominent use of computers in concert.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s earth-shattering Nevermind album, I was certain that Grohl and company would dust off "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for an encore, but my theory was unfortunately debunked.

It was a very minor disappointment in the grand scheme of things. Even if you aren't a Foo Fighters fan, there is no way you wouldn't enjoy their live show. It is not a marathon, its a three-hour sprint and everyone leaves exhausted.

The Foo Fighters will return to Pennsylvania when the play the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Thursday, Nov. 10. Do yourself a favor and try to get to a Foo Fighters show while they are still on the top of their game.

(Of course, the Happy Hour at the ABC on Nov. 10 is probably a better option.)

Have the itch to catch some live music this week? Rusted Root makes a return to the Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company this coming Sunday, Oct. 2. Tickets are still available online. Rumor has it that the show will be recorded for an upcoming release.

DVR alert for my fellow, suffering Eagles fans: Thursday night at 10 p.m. NFL Network will air a documentary on legendary Eagles’ defensive linemen Reggie White and Jerome Brown.

"Reggie White and Jerome Brown: A Football Life" will be a nice diversion from an awful start by the so-called "Dream Team" (now known as the "Dreaming Team"), but it will surely pull at the heartstrings, especially when former Eagles teammates are forced to relive Jerome Brown’s tragic car crash at the height of his career.

Speaking of my hapless Eagles, they play at home again this coming Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers while the now 2-1 Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Houston to face the Texans.

More importantly, conference play opens up this week in the NCAA. I'm sure I wasn't the only one getting fed up with Big Ten teams playing non-conference cupcakes week in and week out. At least it keeps adding wins to JoePa's record.

Penn State opens their Big Ten schedule at Indiana on Saturday at noon. The Hoosiers are not world beaters by any stretch of the imagination, but even the offensively-challenged Nittany Lions should pull out the victory.

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