Fall 2011 Goals

by: Sara Bozich
October 25, 2011

Just found this nugget in my notebook.

Fall 2011 Goals

First item – check! Guess it's time to hit the mall (I do also need sweaters pretty badly. I think I have two.)

What's on your fall 2011 "to do" list?

2 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Goals

  1. Jessica @ Stylish Stealthy and Healthy on said:

    I want the red matchstick cords from J. Crew so bad. If I don’t make that happen one way or another I will be crushed. Crushed!!

  2. Sara on said:

    I wanted red skinny jeans and was shocked I couldn’t find any at the Gap. At least J. Crew has decent sales from time to time – I’m pulling for ya! 🙂

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