Weekend Roundup 10/6

by: Sara Bozich
October 6, 2011

IMG_0092_2 Finally! Was this not the longest week? I’m grateful for some sister time, Pinot (both the wine and my sister’s pooch) and a long weekend.

As I mentioned, my little sis in town this weekend. Our plans include baking cupcakes and making gourmet popcorn for Saturday’s event at Polished, catching Frankie Edgar defend his UFC title, and I’m hoping to wrangle Keri into helping me clear out some clothing clutter. Oh yeah.

This is your personal invitation: Please join us for KIST Boutique at Polished Spa on Saturday. I promise you a fabulous time (And cupcakes. And wine.)

Beyond this party, there is oh so much going on again this weekend. Let’s have a look:





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