Risky Business Housewarming

by: Kelly Leighton
February 15, 2012

It's easy to think of all the annoying, pain-in-the-ass things about moving to a new house or apartment.

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Packing up your whole life into cardboard boxes and lugging them to a fresh place can be overwhelming, while sorting through your collection of belongings can be heartbreaking, depressing and even rage-inducing (Does my VHS copy of Little Giants make the cut to the new place? For the record, it did. Even though I don't currently own a VHS player).

However, there is one benefit to all that hard work, besides the actual new living space. And that is the housewarming party.

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I moved into a new apartment in January (with my best friend from college), and we finally hosted our housewarming party this past weekend.

I think it's safe to say our apartment is now officially broken in, and while it's taken several days for it to no longer smell like a stale frat house, it was well worth it.

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I've spoken before of my fondness for good theme parties, so this was just another excuse to indulge. Not exactly an original idea, but we channeled the inner 80s child in all of us, and hosted a Risky Business-themed party. (Yes, the movie came out before I was born, and yes, I haven't exactly seen the movie in its entirety, but I just consider those minor details.)

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Being a co-host, I had a very important job, as I was in charge of the punch, which I classily served in a bucket. A concoction of pineapple juice, apple juice and orange juice, as well as some lemon-lime soda and a splash or two of vodka and my duties were done. I deemed it healthy, as you were getting at least a serving of fruit or two with each cup.

Attendees were instructed to dress as Tom Cruise does in the infamous dancing scene, and while some partygoers scoffed at us, refusing to run around in their skivvies, a good chunk of people did participate. And as the night went on, more and more people opted to go pantless – or at least tastefully in short shorts (that's how I rolled). Our flip cup teams were even divided into Team Pants v. Team No Pants at one point.

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We had about 50 guests attend, and luckily, we have hardwood floors, which were perfect for sliding down in tube socks. Also, we had the movie playing on a loop on our television, so it's needless to say that that "Old Time Rock N Roll" scene was not only replayed multiple times, but constantly acted out as well.

Overall? I honestly love my new apartment, and there is no way to make it feel more at home than having all my friends come over and hang out in their underwear. I think we may need to start hosting monthly theme parties.

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And thanks to whoever brought the tequila. I think that helped some attendees get over their shyness and shed some layers. 

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