Summertime – 10 “musts” this season

by: Sara Bozich
June 20, 2012

The older I get, the more I wish I could be a kid again.

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As soon as the weather turns warmer, my daydreams are taken back to the long-gone days of free summers.

My memories are filled with images, sounds and smells of our country home — I don’t know why, Mom still lives there, I can go whenever I want to.

To our slumber party guests, the sounds were strange: the morning honking of Canada geese; the boggy calls of serenading bullfrogs by dusk. Every Saturday night, we could hear the distant whir of racecars over the hill and through the woods at Susquehanna  Speedway.

Meanwhile, even after 10 years in Midtown and three next to Route 15, I am still alarmed by the sound of fire trucks and ambulances.

City folk don’t know the fresh, distinct scents of morning dew and sunset like those you find in more lush vegetation. I was pleasantly surprised to discover honeysuckle bushes in my own backyard – for years, my mom would remark on their scent as we took our evening walks through the woods.

Every summer day, my mom took us to the now-closed “outdoor Y,” the massive acre-sized, spring-fed pool. We got there precisely at noon, which often gave us time to take in the buzz of locusts and other wooded insects, chirping birds and the splashes of those in line ahead of us taking their first refreshing leap into the chilly clear water.

By evening, Mom prepared burgers on the grill along with something fresh from the garden – hot corn on the cob (it never tastes better than 5 minutes off the stalk), lettuce, zucchini everything, tomatoes. If we were lucky, we picked enough black raspberries off the bush in the backyard that it would be part of dessert.

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Then there were the two luxurious weeks in north Bethany Beach, just the three of us most of the time. If I had enough vacation time, I could probably still swing this — I try to do at least part of it. Mom lives a pretty good life, huh?

On this first day of summer (ignoring the steamy temps), I feel guilty for sitting inside an office when it’s nice outside. It’s a shame that it’s a bit impractical to work from the beach or outside.

That said, I resolve to make the most of my summers. Since I started running last year, I’m a bit more active overall, and I’m excited to do some outdoors things I would’ve passed off in years prior.

My summer “resolutions” include:

  • Try the adventure experiences at Roundtop.
  • Run a new 5K – I haven’t been into races much lately, but I think a summer one would be good.
  • Harrisburg Mile – same. Not into it for some reason, but I will do it at least to erase last year’s horrific time.
  • Hike one of our many beautiful state parks.
  • Go camping – maybe. My husband and other friends mock my disinterest in camping. Sorry I don’t want to sleep outside. I love the outdoors and nature, I just don’t feel the need to sleep in it. Also, I’m a scaredy cat.
  • Take a day to do Hersheypark. My girlfriend Jamie and I used to talk this up every year. We finally gave up when it never worked out. Maybe this year we can revive it?
  • AYCE crab legs on “Schmack Pappy’s Wharf” (okay, fine, Legends) with the girls, then lots of gabbing around a California fireplace by nightfall.
  • Long weekend to Erie with Andy. We’re planning on doing more low key, long-weekend style vacations rather than one big one this year.
  • Day trip to Baltimore with Andy (he’s never been!) – It’d be great if we could take in a ballgame, visit the Aquarium, then get dinner in Little Italy.
  • Beach with mom and sister (see above).

What are your summer “musts” this year? Vacations, home improvements, sports? I’d love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “Summertime – 10 “musts” this season

  1. Lauren on said:

    Wait Andy has seriously never been to Baltimore?!? Is this by choice. 🙂

  2. Sara Bozich on said:

    Keep in mind he didn’t grow up around here. I haven’t been in years, myself. Always too busy with something or the other. He was supposed to take me the summer we started dating (5 years ago), but it didn’t happen. Hopefully this summer!

  3. Cory on said:

    You know, for the first time last year, some participants dressed up for the Harrisburg Mile. I would assume they would do it again, but who konws. Perhaps if you wanted to make the event a bit enjoyable outside of the post beer tent festivities — wear some type of costume and have a bit more fun with it. That’s just a suggestion. Maybe even make a group thing. Themed running is always interesting…

  4. Sara Bozich on said:

    Thanks for the ideas! I do remember people dressed up last year – I can’t imagine being in a costume in that heat. My husband is going to run it with me this year, so that will be fun. I was contemplating a team, but with our official Runner Girl on the IR, it’s not the time. Next year, perhaps!

  5. Cory on said:

    @Kelly would still finish. She’s got heart.

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