NYE Parties/New Year’s Day events

by: Sara Bozich
December 29, 2012

My husband works on New Year’s Day, so we’re having a low key dinner at home and may not even be awake to ring in the new year this year. That said, someone recently asked me how many places I’m required to stop on New Year’s Eve, but the reality is I prefer to stay in or go to a party on these big holiday bar nights. I joke that it’s because of all the J.P.s (junior partiers), but I guess when you do what I do for a living, skipping the big parties for something low key is as necessary as skipping bars at the beach – I need a holiday myself.


That said – you are not me, so I’m sure you’re more interested in where to get your free “champagne” at midnight than how I’m planning to prepare the beef for dinner. Therefore, without further adieu:

New¬† Year’s Eve Parties

New Year’s Day

Whether you worked the night before, are chasing down the hair of the dog, or just want to watch football — here’s where to go.

Know of more New Year’s Eve & Day happenings? Send them to me here, and I’ll add them. Or, leave the information in the comments below.

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